I’ve written so much about the CASINO that your investing into the market of MANIPULATION and SPECULATION is simply on “you”. If you think you can win against the house – the GREED MACHINE – have at it. The Super Money working against you include:

  • Trillions in speculative ETF side bets manipualting which way future prices will go. All unregulated.
  • Trillions of shadow banking and in dark pools are working in thier own speculations to manipulate market prices.
  • Sovereign nation funds are using software to buy into speculation side bets in the market space of the casino.
  • Central banks are attempting to control speculation excess without much success each trying to protect thier own positon.
  • Governments and their treasuries are adding trillions more into the forces of the rip tides of the casion seeking to stablize their currencies inside global rising trade wars.
  • Banks Hedge Funds and Private Equity and elite super funds are adding trillions with investment banks at leverage and borrowing made possible by free money in the wildest speculative bubble ever known.
  • Super money in private hands direcly plays in the casino by the hundreds of billions of dollars.
  • Cities and municiple treasuries play in the casino globally.

None of these investments add value to jobs, plant, equipment and the economy.

These investments are speculations – side bets – stock buy backs and manipualtions of pricing. These investments add no value to the economy and bubble up prices until SUPER CRASH destroys the powers making the manipulation.

You wish to personally gamble in between all these forces and their are so many more?

Don’t you believe the bubble must burst before we return to a REAL  market?

I do.

My cautions and opinions provided in early blogs on what to do- still apply.

Good luck in the casino. You will need it.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you