Westin Lake Las Vegas resort. More billionaires are walking around with millionaires helping ramp up firms, and in between, than anywhere on earth. The world’s largest small business lobby voice, the largest Small Business Community globally serving 140 nations – is setting multi year records for SOCIAL CAPITAL on site right now LIVE this week.

CEO’s are pouring in from all over the world. From EU, Asia, Island Nations, Africa, South America, Canada, and all across the USA. Everyone is SUPER NETWORKING. Every business owner is helping every other business owner with their circle, their expertise, their own resources and their teams. HELP like you have never seen CEO TO CEO.

We call SOCIAL CAPITAL. The real elevator to the penthouse floor for business fast trips to the TOP. Acceleration is our product. Our only product.

CEO SPACE ( as promised ) is setting all time multi year attendance records in 2016. The Teen Entrepreneur program is FULL and parents are beyond PROUD thier young adults are receiving the most advanced skills educaiton possible.

CEO SPACE fosters the revolution of COOPERATIVE CAPITALSIM in the work space ( read PEOPLE VERSUS PROFIT global best seller on Cooperative Capitalism theory or a more in depth read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION By Berny Dohrmann on Amazon for both ). Buy five and give them to your best customers.

To PIVOT your own life into CEO SPACE read Adam Markel’s PIVOT global best seller out now. Another life changing read for leadership.

IF you missed CEO SPACE this week going forward till next Tuesday – noting our members may enroll at the door ( FOR FREE ) and join us anytime they arrive and get the part they need and deserve.

Which means hundreds will be arriving and swelling the SOCIAL CAPITAL value of this week all week long.

For new members wishing to join the next one:

  1. Orlando
  2. Tuesday to Sunday at 2:00 PM
  3. Last Tuesday of September into October first week.

Register on and your IN. Take $ 2000 dollars US off the price if your a blog reader – tell them in the notes. Lifetime membership is a TAX DEDUCTION reducing your year end taxes in 2016 and repurposing your tax outlay for a lifetime asset in business that allows YOU and your firm to access FIVE BUSINESS TRADE PROGRAMS EVERY 12 MONTHS. FOR LIFE.

Every 60 days you get:

  1. More customers – lots more customers – make money faster
  2. More alliances and affiliates – powerful social capital
  3. Deals done on site
  4. Access to investors and ripples to new investor circles world wide
  5. Mentorship at the tippy top from the best OF the best alive today

Unlike seminars which are GENERAL information – CEO SPACE is tools and tactics 30%. If your not using what we convey in skill transfer to the boss – elevating boss skill dramatically- in 180 days back in your business – we simply don’t teach it. WE ARE # 1 for a REASON world wide.

Most improtant 70% of your TIME is direct deal making and customized business acceleration planning with the best mentor advisers – one on one – the entire week you share with us Tuesday to the weekend only four days off work.

As the boss reviews KNOW BEFORE YOU GO no nonsence films on our web site designed for every industry catagory or profession ( find youts ) you determine:

  1. It never costs money to join.
  2. CEO SPACE returns profit on investment to acquire a lifetime membership in value that increases returns over time.
  3. Testimonials on line from thousands of busnesss ownes in 140 nations tell our story – play them in the background while you do email it will astound you with PROOF POSITIVE.
  4. You get your money back versus your money’s worth program.
  5. You accelerate with advanced new IP imposssible in any other progrm as comparison.

When you do the math that you put up a tax dollar to enjoy en dollars back with money back warranty on OUR PEFROMANCE with a 30 year track record…you discover for small business owners you know and share this blog with or copy my blog to your close in circle – everyone joins. It is a financial choice to buy a lifetime membership business ASSET inside the only ACCELERATOR of it’s quality in the market today. The industry leader in busness acceleration.

We exist to help our small busness clients up to 5000 employee’s become Fortune companies of tomorrow. WE ramp up solo entrepreneurs to larger firms to owner goal attainment.

WE shrink TIME and we substantially lower costs to acheiver the owner acceelration goals. If you want to REALLY grow faster your already a member. Invest in your own success.

This item found YOU for a REASON as their are no accidents. CEO SPACE is a divine appointment in your own law of attraction.

How proud am I to host the largest richest CEO SPACE in YEARS at the mid year?

October and December are the IDEAL year end busy final quarter ramp up programs assuring MOMENTUM in any market world wide for your 2016 and 2017.

Simply because you so DESERVE THE added help and support.

YOU DESERVE CEO SPACE right about now don’t you think?

Berny Dohrmann – YOUR INVITED to ORLANDO join us