Forward this item to your Chinese friends. So the word gets OUT.

In the past five years, China has resumed black out to all news that is not state provided. Today FREE PRESS is dead in China. Real news is dead in China. The only news is state propogranda.

With 12% party membership – and 88% not members of the PARTY the party control is maintained through brute force, secret spys in every village, massive police and military, and complete control over media.

As the Communist Economy fails utterly and a SUPER CRASH is coming  and China growth will never be what it was. The decline over five years is permanet.

The leadership of SHAME lies to the people and fails to tell them any truth on what is really happening in their economy. The sun has risen in China for 25 years. Now the sun is setting in China for 25 years.

China lacks internal consumption and Communist economics can not generate sufficient internal consumption to maintain a healthy economy. Its historic. Proven. Known.

The customer base that fueld China growth is now leaving communist China. It is too hard to costly to do business when quality is dropping and results are not reliable.

Customer’s have left China and are leaving like a run on the national bank. Investment is leaving by the billions. Capital is fleeing. Customers are going to India and 11 other Asian nations who forever take those clients from China. Apple treated so badly by China has moved to INTEL with their global plants OUTSIDE CHINA biggest Appel shift from China in 20 years. Others following their lead. A Trillion dollars is forever leaving China.

Today the China Leadership shut down any free press – exercised old revolution control over the IRON FIREWALL and the DIAMOND DOME on information. Nothing can get through to Chinese people.

The Chinese do not know that the INTERNATIONAL COURT in the rule of law body CHINA SIGNED TREATIES to ABIDE BY AND SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO – ruled UNANIMOUSLY that the expanded South China Sea fiction, that China had historical “rights” to move from 25 miles to 3,000 miles off thier coasts – is ILLEGAL and that CHINA IS VIOLATED WORLD INTERNATIONAL 400 year old laws of the sea.

China has used its lies and its deciet press to WHIP THEIR POPULATION to believe the USA is violating China soverign rights. Rights they have extended like an imperalist they so culturally report against – they have become. They are whipping their population to prepare for miltiary action and regional wars. Why?

Because that war will distract the population from the utter complete failure of COMMUNISM and COMMUNIST ECONOMICS. Their system is imploding. Their unemployment is soaring. Their economics is melting down. All the central communist manipulation and control is failing and a SUPER CRASH is about to occur in China effecting the world. The leaders want to avoid a revolution and being killed. Because the revolution has actually failed.

As communism always does as an economic model. Always.

The small group at the top want to hold on to absolute wealth privilage and power against the many who lack full partnership and real futures. China is going backwards financially. The people even lied to can feel the truth. They know. They KNOW.

The leadership of SHAME and LIARS is now manipulating the people to rally up for war. This really up provides total unity and distraction from the melt down in the economy. Spending unlimited money on the miltiary while China earnings go down – is the only way to create a phony economy of weapon making – jobs – and military economics inside China.

This policy will further undermine the economy. The Chinese Currency already a funny money with no real sustainable value economically – is being infalted to German levels per World War II

The currency is worthless. Now with the war machine in full effect the currency will crash along with banks the entire economy and when it does crash there will be a China REVOLUTION.

The people of China want and deserve:

  1. Honesty
  2. Truth
  3. Open free press
  4. Celebration of diversity opinions and views
  5. And open versus a closed control society

The people of China deserve access to the world through open internet versus IRON FIREWALLS to control what the people of China are even allowed to see about the world. They see filters. They do not have access to the truth.

They see lies.

Their reality is not real.

They are being manipuated controlled lied to and managed. This form of governement is against the people, supressing the people, and elite managed on top of the people. There is nothing FOR or OF the people. Not by this gang at the top of lies.

Folks – China is in crises and the people are being lied to.

The South China sea is now a 100% of all nations abide by the rule of law decision – unanimously expressed by the impartial third party world court -that CHINA has violated in utter disregard all 400 years of maritime law and tradition. China alone has made a move to thousands upon thousands of miles that has been owned forever by its neighbor nations without contest. China wants to own it all and control it all.


China is setting up a situaton of war – to take the people’s mind off the economic decline that is irreverasable. The world is selling OUT OF CHINA and their is a run on the bank – run on cash – run on investment – run on clients and customers OUT OF CHINA and that is forever.

There are fifty miles of ships without a load to the world.

China is economically TOAST.

Until they have a REVOLUTION and reform thier nation to join the modern world where people are open free and have access to the truth – China is turning into the DARK AGES.

The dirction of CHINA robs CHINA Of authority to assocaite with aligned nations because they are lacking integrity in government.

China communisim is a system of FAILED ECONOMICS failed goverment failed modeling for how to organize humans a utterly failed system. Built on lies and shame and deciet.

The Chinese People will independantly and sufficently go around the IRON FIREWALL today and become increasingly outraged at thier censorship and control. The People will insist on a better form of government.

Because in a world of open informaiton and options who would chose a failed model against a more open propserous model. The People of China deserve a REVOLUTION and historically the world can count that one day they will be lifted up by their form of REVOLUTION to the future.

The Dark Ages is today. Sorry China.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE