The leading program parents who own business’s wait an entire YEAR to bring their teens into. The # 1 Young Entrpreneur Program we call YEP in the world. Almost 100% of our gradutes over 30 years OWN a business versus work in one once they graduate.

Our own Preston age 15 and Daniel Age 18 are in this program.

The teen campus was packed wall to wall with CEO’s who now will see thier children grow up around the children of other CEO’s creating social capital in these young leaders of tomorrow.

We will pour self esteem, adult leadership, and decision making skills into their lives along with entrepnruer tools and tactics we all wish we could go back and receive the REAL WEALTH ‘of” at that critical age.

Life enriching.

A fok in the future.

A life UP RAMP for all families.

The opening was SO SWEET parents had no words. The standing ovations said it all led by the TEENS themslves. Eve Hogan the foremost teen instructor alive in todays world – is leading her 26th year of consecutive Teen Advanced Training she conducts exclusively inside CEO SPACE.

I teach the teens as do the best of our best of our best all week – myself on Tuesday.

The honor of my lifetime.

Parents who raise millions and do deals in the tens of millions tell us by Friday that all those wins – pale to insignifigance against what has taken place in their family – what has transformed their children – that they have no price they can put to what gifts they have seen poured into their child. CEO SPACE subsidizes life time membership for children paying 90% of the cost for every teen from our own profit accounts. Our way of tithing to the next generation.

When I speak on national television and they ask about my legacy life and my multiplex of contributions from a lifespan of companies what my greatest pride in this work and life is.

My instant and always identical reply is: my highest work in this life is my joy for each every TEEN FEAST program we gift unto the parents of the world – themselves planet shifters. THAT is my HIGHEST WORK as parents send us their precious babies and we return home to them …the leaders of tomorrow.

I’ll never top THAT.

They asked us in circles what we were most proud of.

I said and meant it – TEEN FEAST.

All over again. One more time.

Changing the world….one life at a time.

Berny Dohrmann – PROUD of our Teen Generation