So lets look at Putin. Who has a policy and world vision.

Versus say Asia the EU and USA who have only a basket of failed policy for ten years.

First Russia seeing the USA break its agreement that NATO will NOT move EAST – acts. And after warning and receiving only lies – from the EU and USA – acts and moves in Ukraine. Saying RUSSIA IS NOT FOOLING AROUND. You break your agreement there will be consequence.

Next Russia helps Greece get enormous new loans so when they default he can make Greece a Social Satellite and disrupt Nato. Long view policy. It is working. When Greece Defaults – it tips Italy Span and EU collapse contagion and real panic world wide. Russiia Policy wins. Think of Russia in the heart of Nato ( Greece ) with all those new bases and access points. Forever rewriting world geo politics.

Next Russia invades Euroke through Syria. He sends what will become ten million into Europe with untol numbers of destablizing insane radical muslims. Without fireing a shot he has bankrupt the EU, made the EU fall apart financially in a slow burn into impotence and oblivion memory, and destablized NATO and marginalized Nato.

Next he seeing China sided with the USA on Sanctions against Russia – fired their DIGITAL WEAPON on the China Economy and almost sank the world again Jan through March before China made the 3 Billion Dollar Gas deal and they “game to terms” on the USA and South China Sea Policy – which Russia now umbrella’s support for with its military.

Next Russia fires the Digital weapon ( to warm Chna up further ) against Japan and manipualtes their currency marginaling the China Economy. Making all his sanction money back in market trades from a market he manipulates using Chinese war fare.

Next he hacks all our agencies. And the White hosue. And the DNC most recenlty.

Who is winning he Policy war? The digital war? The World War Three trade wars? That Russia stared by filing its difital financial warfare weapon ( read THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN BY KEVIN FREEMAN to get smart on all this ). Russia is making a trillion dollars in destablizing the world order. Seeking to:

  1. Have a Russia China currency dominate the world trade reserve currency markets.
  2. Removng the US dollar as a world reserve currency mandated by 87 nations after world war II.

Russia policy in World War III they started is winning all the early battles…so far.



The rest of the world is lining up behind a perception the USA is maginalized and week on policy where Russia is winning and winnin. Everyone aligns to the winner. The USA is seen more and more as a loser. Perception is more important than reality. Perception can become reality.

So who is winning?

Do you think I’m alone knowing these facts? The truth. The real facts. What is really going on.

No sir ree bobbie. Everyone at the top knows what I’m writing.

What is missing is clear compelling policy.

What is needed is NEW LEADERSHIP. A team. A leadership with new and decisve policy.

Either Hillary or Trump will do better.


The change can’t come early enough.

Today Russia may inspire a FOOLS RALLY against the current massive bubble of FREE MONEY. They will help with their digital weapons to instigae the biggest rally in modern times. A SUPER BUBBLE.

Then they will intiate with thier same digital weapons fired by North Korea their proxy – their final game plan – SUPER CRASH globally. They will move at that point to initiate a new WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY which if succesful will diminish the USA for 100 years. Our focus will become internal and not external. For generations.

This month Russia failed. Putin intiated the COUP in Turkey. This coup failed miserably. Now his entire plan is exposed. Digital precautions are being taken. Can they be undertaken in time against failure of an INTEGRATED GLOBAL POLICY?

In World War III it is unpredictable. It could become a shooting war.

Our way to late installation of missle defense in South Korea is a threat to Russia in so many ways. A threat to China military attacks against the USA and a limit to Russia as an attack threat. For this reason the wild card of China between the USA and financal wealth from the USA and the pressure from RUSSIA its next biggest trading alliance – is in play. WIll China escalate and economically in the financial wars attack SOUTH KOREA. We think Russia will force them to do something. Watch for it.

However the failure in Turkey is having consequences for Russia.

Russia has a POLICY and it is succesful over all.

We do NOT have a policy and we have failed over all.

The media seems unable to report what is really taking place. Reporting this DIGITAL WORLD WAR III and the PUTIN policy would do much to temper the POLICY of Russia – as illumination turns world perception back to our side and against Russia. The TRUTH is not negotiable.

The problem is the TRUTH is out to lunch in media today.

Perhaps that is why this blog is adding over 1000 subscribers a week and passing 20,000 world wide with a growing Romania and Russia Former States reading like a bright light. These readers KNOW RUSSIA and understand the threat and policy.

They cherish the truth.

Thank you for spreading the word.

The next danager point for economics is October. If we SUPER BUBBLE through this year the danger for Super Crash is March/April testing the new Administration.

In our opinion as investment banker economist experts.

We like you are watching. We are reporting policy as we are not asked to help make the policy.

At least not YET.

We’ll keep you posted on the TRUTH as we see it.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: A growing number in Russia want Putin out. That may happen RUSSIA style. Another wild card.