I wish you call could be here. Powerful business leaders reported in from 18 years ago. They shared that CEO SPACE is the Super Bowl of human potential work on the planet today. They shared results that had the entire room in tears. And we don’t even start till Tuesday. This is a bonus optional weekend free for everyone.

The energy of accelerating business where billionaires and millionaires as leaders coach one another without coondition. Where talent at the top coaches start up’s just launching. It is holy ground.

Unlike a Seminar which is GENERAL the CEO SPACE format is customized. Individual development of each business one on one. The level of CUSTOMIZED mentorship and help is unmatched anywhere – and why CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 in the world.

We wish you where all registering at the door on Tuesday. The next event is late September in Orlando.

Tomorrow we’ll recomence with financial news.

As a tid bit – the head of China at the G 20 summit just said today- the policy of nations and central banks has reached a theshold of NO LONGER WORKING.

Now that is ominious. Still the largest FOOLS RALLY is yet to come before the bubble of all bubble’s moves into SUPER CRASH. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you well informed.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Democratic Party just RESIGNED today due to the 20,000 email leaks hitting the on line markets. The party already having big trouble is now having major disaray and the Convention is a mess already.

Presidnet Obama said today that Hillary is not some one he goes on vacation with and that she has made plenty of mistakes – but that is ok for the future President. We’ll see how that helps or hurts. It is not a concruent messsage for Hillary.

Its all business NOT AS USUAL and we will just have to see. All of us. The leading nation’s election is unlike any in history.

We are all watching and waiting.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE