Change. The voters are like the old movie – mad as hell and they are NOT going to take it ANY MORE. That is the message.

Elections as usual. Out the window.

Politics as usual. Out the window.

Executing old antique models – which is all HIllary knows HOW to do – and it is failing utterly – Trump is going to win.

Already 90 days from the critical out period Hillary owning a 14 point lead has lost that lead entirely. Now the two candidates are in a dead even heat.

But Trump with all his momentum and political capital has not gone out and about much since the Republican convention. As he does – now the OFFICIAL CANDIDATE NOMINATED – he will focus on Hillary to obessession.

It is likey the point spread will widen only this time to Trumps side as he has upseated everyone who has raised up against him – Hillary being the last and perhaps the easiest. Why?

He is using new never seen before campagne tactics tools and technology. His adaption to market is enormously advanced. Hilllary is doing what she has always done. What always worked.

Only what she has always done is NOT working now.

It is not projected to win.

Hillary is failing to secure voter’s to trust her.

Hillary is failing to present change equal or exceeding Trump Change.

The voter see’s Hillary as business as usual.

That is not going to win this election.

Trump is sending our shock waves of HILLARY DOUBT.

That is working.

Hillary is sending out voter exhaustion messages on Trump. Nothing new.

Nothing new Hilllary loses. She is desparate for new. Big new.

Now consider Trump wins. No really. Think about the change.

Financial change.

Energy policy change.

World alliance change.

World trade change.

Economic change.

Real estate policy.

There will be more change from Health Care to home care than you have seen in your lifetime.

The market will ride around like a drunken sailor until the change stabilizes.

We see Trump leading and winning.

Change is coming and the change will be gynormous.

Watch and see if we are right.

Berny Dohrmann

Predicting the future