The G 20 meet and I reflect how my book Redemption is prophetic economics as is this blog. To read G 20 Speak you have to use Google Translate under DOHRMANN. Here let me help you:

  1. China says we can’t stimulate the world economy as we did last time in 2008. No kidding they are facing their own 2008 which may sink the world due to fiscal criminal’s called communist and a debt balloon of bad non paying debt the like of which the world has never seen in historically. The thing that drove China up ( massive debt and free money ) is now coming home to roast in bad loands. China economcially is a “total” as a car wreck.
  2. China says the world must stop looking at its phony silly money the IMF included ( which was a criminal act against all nations in its soveriegn nation currency basket ) – as it moves down. Meaning – we are in TRADE WAR – we are devaluing our currency for unfair trade advantages on our own goods and services against the rest of the world – fuck ya all – what can you do it about it. Plus we are putting ever more of our GNP in Military spending because we must whip our folks up into feeling threat – and start some regional wars to keep their minds off the economic failure – revolution – and killing all of us with only 12% party membership in nation in 2016.
  3. USA says – we must get SHARED ECONOMICS as globalization ( a failed policy entirely – working only to weaken the USA as we help the axis of evil strengthen. Failed policy. Translation – money for 30 years has only in failed competitive capialism moved UP to elites who own 99% of all wealth versus 1% by everyone else – which is unstable and can not continue. Money must be shared for economics to floruish. The time has come.

To the line is drawn in the sand. As we have written about in this blog – the 1 to 5 milestone event cycles competitive capitalism ALWAYS leads to – so that today it is now…..

EVERY NATION FOR ITSELF and the all out digital and economic trade war – is fully ON – behind polite language saying – leave us alone and let us win the trade war ass holes.

The 11th commandment now applies before SUPER CRASH and World War:

Thou shald screw unto others before thy are screwed unto….

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