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Notice we were first to discuss the coup minutes after the news broke. What causes these activities? Answer: follow the money. It is always economic. Always.

So who stands to gain? If the mitliary coup was successful?

Who backed and put the coup together?

Answer. Putin.

Does any one recall ancient history when Turkey earlier this year after countless warnings shot down an invading Russian war plane? Does any remember when Putin said Turkey will pay a huge consequence.

Putin working with long time Russian military advisers to Turkey, sought to pay, give miltiary equipment support, and disrupt the American bond with Turkey and NATO, while helping SYRIA long time foe of Turkey? Do you remember?


Russia planned and executed the COUP and then sought to blame it as Russia always will upon AMERICA which no one was fooled by.

Every leader at the top knows it was RUSSIA.

But once again Putin failed. Now he is more isolated. And Turkey who well knows what happened, with countless PUTIN STOOL PIGEONS signing like canaries inside the Turkey TORTURE FACTORIES this week – are spilling all the beans.

Turkey will not work to extract billions from Russia. Balancing advantage financially from WINNING with Iran, Russia, and the USA and the EU. To the victor go the spoils of war.

Russia tried to assinate the leader. This of course will be forever a carpet under future meetings between the nations.

Imagin the leverage the USA and Turkey now have on PUTIN who does not want two things:

  1. To ever be identified of pay back to Turkey – Russia style.
  2. Of yet once again miscaluculating ending in utter failure.

Putin is a cost to Russia of a trillion dollars a year.

Putin is a rising embarrassment for Russia to the world community.

Putin is costing decades to Russia growth prosperity and well being for their people.

Putin is makng Russia marginalized to world affairs as their stature and trust drop to their lowest level in 50 years.

This last embarrasment may be the tipping point in which Putin disappears RUSSIA Style. As the Elites are no longer amuesed.

So the unfolding fall out from Turkey has a long way to go. Its all good from here for Turkey itself. It is all good for the USA. It is all good for the world economically.

Except for Russia.

Mark my words….as YOU….begin to follow the MONEY.



The casino markets are speculation driven, by elite greed machines, in fully unregulated global manipulation. There is not REAL market place remaining. Financial reports are foolish and manipulated data.

The world as we have reported is suffering 10 long years of 2008 forward DEFLATION. With Central Bank failed policy for 30 years- the only reason markets are UP is FREE MONEY leveraged from central banks. Negative interest nations pay money to have FREE MONEY taken into circulation to leverage in never ending speculation spirals.

None of the trillions in free money has created plant equipment and job growth normally seen in real market recoveries. We are in new history. New economics. A bubble built on debt that is so large the system itself must fail to correct itself.

The only question is when?

We have cautioned to stay away from equities. Use the math formula of never considering how much you would have made short term. Invest long term. Consider how much you DID NOT LOOSE in the coming SUPER CRASH – just that. Let the idiots invest in casino economics. The smart money is not doing it.

How do we KNOW THAT?

Because cash – for institution and individuals is at an all time record not seen since 2001 and soon to pass even that. The % of CASH or mattress money  held on the side – and NOT IN CIRCULATION AND INVESTMENT is a record. Smart money is piling up cash. Watching. Waiting.

They know. They sense it. Instinct just knows.

Now then on board the economic titanic in recent numbers:

  1. Consumer spending in the weak summer was 06% UP when they thought it would be .02% – strong.
  2. Manufacturing led by auto’s soared. Strong.
  3. Real estate is cranking along. Too. Not weak.

So we sail into 2017 unless a third party event happens. We have suggested our enemies may economically create just such a financial melt down event during the election period from November to January before the new team takes power. The TIME OF OPPORTUNITY highest for half a decade. Will they sieze the moment? That is the risk is it not?

If not they will test the new team early in – as they have each new administraiton starting with Bush when they fired the first digital attack upon global markets. They won we lost. Financial pearl harbor.

We have encouraged business OWNERS to:

  1. Invest in their own growth.
  2. Adverstise and market more.
  3. Invest in momentum while there is still time.

That is your best investment in 2016. Period.

Follow the money.

Berny Dohrmann

Keeping a light on all over the world  ….just for you?

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