For twenty years the Central Banks of the world have failed to produce successful policies. The result has wiped out more opportunity for stability and growth than all the bodies of government combined. More wealth has evaporated than due to any other actor – 2 trillion just last Friday because the Central Banks have no clue and no plan. As we can all so clearly see by their lack of results.

Keep in your mind that the Central Banks are private companies, under a contract charter with their host nations. They are not agencies of government. They want to hide that from you. But that is the fact. Look it up on line and get really SMART. Central banks are private firms like Tony Soprano’s bank but we can call them the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD. They issue stock – have private shareholders – non of which are accountable to their host nations. They operate in secret. The ultiamte elite group controlling the policy of money and the money supply accountable to NO ONE. By contract . They are not part of the goverment. They are not reporting to the government. Their reports are shams without financial information to their own account. They are also liars. They have failed to produce a single success in 20 years.

They are responsible for all the failures each getting worse. They make fortunes on the blood baths. Don’t call them Fed anyting. Call them TONY SAPPRANO’S BANK – the ultimage rigging of capitalism . Legal theft by legal theives.

Central banks were inventions during the era of the telegraph. We did not have telephones in homes when Central Bank ideas were born. The notions we  need in 2016 to have outside MONEY  contractors – regulate the financial money supply and banks – with third party non political entities – a kind of FIRST NONGOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION or an earlly 1900 NGO. This privately owned firm, would never be audited – never be accountable ( to anyone ever ) and no one would KNOW who even owned its shares of stock. Which is NOT the way we wish to run money supplies in 2017.

Today we are in a digital world. The Central bank methods rules and processes have failed to keep up with digital market space. The result is that in the late 1970’s they ( all of them world wide ) lost control. Today they have lost all confidence. The digitl market has left the central banks behind. They have no relevence save to do us harm versus good. They just are obsolete folks and need to be merged into Treasury of nations.

Their systems no longer are up to date and work. Their brains are behind. In 2017 all nations in a DIGITAL REAL TIME TRANSPARENT WORLD – need to PRINT THIER OWN MONEY without interest fee’s or charges – and MERGE CENTRAL BANKS back to Treasury by a simple act of  a legislature . Nothing resets a nation financially toward the good – like that one step. Its so simple. But the GREED MACHINE will fight such a step for the people versus the elites.

FEDEXIT is the salvation of the world folks. The old model is a death spiral into depression and world war.

The Central banks:

  1. Failed to prevent the DOT bomb super crash.
  2. The Crash of 1987 before that.
  3. The 9/11 recession and after math into recession.
  4. The sub prime bubble they made fortunes off of. The SUPER CRASH of 2008.
  5. The Debt Bomb bubble taking place now due to free money failed policy for ten years. The biggest SUPER CRASH is yet to come. All because of THEM – the Central Bank handful of elites from Brussles to DC.

And last week the BRITT EXIT none of them ( central banks ) had a clue about – WHAT PLAN they have NO PLAN folks. Merge them into Treasury with the real brains. Stop the legal theft and fraud. We need currency – regulated accountable management of money supplies where there is a plan versus no plan save SELF ENRICHMENT of elites.

EXIT CENTRAL BANKS into our  treasury.

Paying interest to third party criminal’s to print our money is insane. Stopping that insanity  by merging CENTRAL BANKS back into their treasuries IS SANE. Its why the EU is a failed model. Merge the FED into TREASURY. Pay off their obligations all at once with 200 year SUPER BONDS a new class of bond making retirement of the bond effortless against the economics two hundred’s years from now – time takes the national debt and unfunded liabilities including social security OUT TODAY – paid in full today – and paid forever  off 200 years from now. New money costs nothing to print in 2017  and inflation is market controlled not failed FED controlled.

WE DO NOT NEED CENTRAL BANK CONTRACTORS IN A TRANSPARENT REAL TIME DIGITAL WORLD folks. The Fed is an antique. Obsolete technology. Out of synch with the modern world. The FED IS DEAD as a policy body and 20 years of failure is enough with each FED at # 1 on the misery creation index in all nations – they just need to GOOOO !

The professor with the chalk line from the upper left-hand corner of the blackboard  making a huge  down graph that goes actually  off the board – to the floor –  breaking the chalk itself as he draws – that line – as he is now  facing you all and saying – Children can you see this TREND ? Children do you follow the 20 year trend for all the world – with billions starving to death with more than enough food to save them all? Do you see it children? Do you WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR MODEL?

Yes Yes they all say.

Why continue THIS TREND?

THE CAUSE OF THE RIGGED MARKET is the Central Banks folks – they are the cause and everyone else is a  symptom. Reform this failed model – this failed obsolete system – this insider system of click elite wealthy band of old boys. Its time.


It is time for all of us to KNOW.

In one act you rebalance all accounts and stability is restored globally.

FEDEXIT the Central Banks into Treasury.

The Storm before the CALM with Britt EXIT pales to insignificance against the Calm before the STORM with FED FAILED ON GOING policy and the rising DEBT BOMB threatening the world order entirely.

What is the tipping point?

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: Google History of the Federal Reserve Board you’ll see it – google the BIGGEST SCAM  IN USA HISTORY. Click this film: proof …..




So lets look at the data. What has changed next week? Answer. Nothing. So consider:


  1. The Trade impact to the USA of the BRITEXIT is next to nothing on GNP a fraction so as to mean NOTHING.
  2. The Brits import so much MORE from the EU than the EU buys  from the British so WHO HAS THE POWER in trade deals. They ( the EU ) are not about to cut off their own EU income.
  3. The exit doesn’t occur for two years. Nothing changes in July or in August. Nothing. This market is children playing with their computer bets in casino capitalism. The SEC should investigate market manipulations and greedy profit taking.
  4. The Brits do not have to pay the 100 TRILLION of BAD DEBT the EU can’t pay and will break up over. The Britts just saved their future and their economy. That is all that took place. Yeah for the BRITISH who have been so lied to.
  5. Scottland is not stupid. They are not joining a breaking UP EU they make so much more staying in the UK. Scottland is not about to join a firestorm in the EU when their terms of engagement are about to get so much better – so much better. THE EU is a FAILED MODEL for the WEAKEST OF NATIONS the strong nations have cost without offsetting gain to remain in the failed model.
  6. The POUND will rebound because the drop was speculation and computer rigged casino capitalism. Traders spook the markets and step in on the other side of the trade making fortunes. They should go to prison. The Pound is stronger today by far than it was earlier this week – by FAR – the real value seekers will wake up.
  7. The BRITS will prosper, be so much stronger, be so much more stable and their economics will SOAR seen just sixty months  from now – there will be NO EU and the BRITTS will rival Germany on GNP. WATCH. Today will be British ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE day for SURE.

This is the most historic Day for Britan since it WON WORLD WAR II and the only market reaction – which is nuts – based on nothing at all – is greedy profit taking from a totally rigged market place of legal theives. THAT IS THE ONLY REAL THING you need to know.

The CALM will return with a WHOOSH as everyone see’s the bargain steals they can get after next week – trust me on that.

The SMART MONEY was BUYING TODAY. Noting there was no liquidity problem – plenty of buyers who see the truth.

So the Storm before the CALM – on idiot rallys on the way up and on the way down and idiot suckers profit manipulation in a totally rigged market. Also the blood bath is going to be in Gold down the road watch that prediction.

Tip: If monday goes down sharply watch HEDGE FUND margin calls on the wrong side of this casino bet – that could be a wild car to the idiots.

Meanwhile there is only ONE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY the doom sayers are also IDIOTS and remain all wrong – on timing – on data – on the realities.  They just are missing so much of the picture. Hence they are WRONG WRONG WRONG.  Warren Buffet said it correctly – betting against the USA is insanity behavior in this century.

Now China is going to implode that is the real item to watch.

Berny Dohrmann – Sane today and sane tomorrow

Germany and France are TOAST



As I told you since last February and again early this week – and for long time blog trackers waiting for me to make a prediction and it will turn out to be in error – you still have to wait – as the Britexit was not all that close. A MILLION PEOPLE more than stay. That’s a MILLION MORE which is decisive in a democracy seeking a clear majority.

England has avoided having to pay – 100 Trillion dollars US – in non-performing bad loans from nations like Spain, Italy, Greece, and more than 14 others. Now Germany and France the only two solid nations economically remaining in the failed EU will have to pay these debts without UK? Could not be done with the UK and now is FOR SURE an exit for the – soon to break up entire EU.

We have reported to you for 15 years – that the EU is economically – a building totally burning to the ground – without any fire escapes. The UK built its own fire escape. Thank God for the British unborn generation.

So what happens now. The manipulated phony markets will process one person’s  computer trading against another person’s computer ( look ma no human’s involved” ) gyrate like a drunken sailor. What really happens is NOTHING. To get OUT of the EU will take Britan two to four years. Until then its trading as usual. So nothing happens. So why is the market going to spin around like a meth pipe inhale?

Because the market’s are unregulated, speculatively rigged, and in “casino capitalism” versus real capitalism that IS RESPONSIBLY REGULATED – there is no there THERE. We are on a roulette table. Better to place your life savings on a table bet in Vegas.

Which is why I told you all – to GET OUT OF THE MARKETS – all of them late last year and early this year. I suggested you PARK your entire resource bag into diversified insurance investing. Those guys have superior software. Let them run your money with guaranteed principle and guaranteed principle compounding your returns. Stay on the GOLF COURSE while you watch your neighbors hair burning off. Like today.

But NOOOOOOOO you listen to other drummers and now you may lose principle and hard value in money – thinking you were smart in THE MARKET when there is NO MARKET – there is only a rigged casino. Why are you playing again?

So we have told you what IS coming.

We have told you about WHEN.

We have told you HOW.

We have told you options on options to protect yourself.

We have told you to be safe you have to MAKE A DECISIION.

We have told you that the DEBT BOMB is the economic bubble in the system in the EU and in ASIA. We have told you China is next. Watch. They recently had the IMF – the WORLD BANK and our own Treasury warn on their unsustainable debt bomb that could sink the entire world system. They just said – this week – in reply – WHAT? Are you all crazy we got this. While they moved to issue more debt. Meanwhile record bakruptcies unheard of in China are taking place – kind of – as they keep bankrupt firms going to preserve jobs that have no prupose. Soon or later the eonomics will destroy the Chinese currency and economy. Remember you heard it first here.

So in summery:


  1. The EU “IS” going to break up entirely and the EU is going to be worthless.
  2. The Asia market is going to go through very hard times due to DEBT BOMBS in China, Indonesia, Japan, and India. It is already started.
  3. The world market is going to SUPER CRASH in response to entrenched Global DEFLATION spun into an economic death spiral by failed central bank policies for 30 years.
  4. The Super crash is going to advance serious regional conflict escalations.
  5. The risk of WORLD WAR to follow is extreme.

That was our prediction as our readers know and we continue to hold that prediction. WHEN does the SUPER CRASH COME. Answer – no one knows. Our deep flutter is rocking our boats this October and again next March if we dodge the bullet in October. Or now depending how bad the computer trading wars today and next week become but we think as “nothing really changes from the BRITT EXIT vote right now – the markets will bounce around and SUPER CRASH is still a ways out – but it could trigger …we’ll have to see. We think 2018 is about as far as it can stretch.

Keep in mind we are CONSISTENT. We don’t predict our economic opinion and then change our data pools. We simply are looking at charts and data and then we report our conclusions including all the data given to our CEO readers world wide in this popular blog barmoter leaders check in on – often.

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The MID year with the BRIT EXIT is a new landscape. Come get the information the BIG FORTUNE FIRMS have access to exclusively.

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If you decide you ride.

Walking in this market is a bitch.

So today and next week enjoy the market ROLLER COASTER we told you to avoid buying a ticket for. If you stayed in the market – folks – its all on you. Your smarter than then data.

Where data always – and that IS ALWAYS – wins.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for ya …




North Korean attempting to launch another long-range cigar tube blew it up as they enjoy the fireworks at millions a throw. They are too odd for words. We assume some one is always  killed probably their entire family line  for the failure each and every time. How odd is that compared to ISIS. Same insanity?

Mean-while the world is not paying any attention. The attention is on Great Britan and the historic vote to save the British from paying 100 Trillion in bad non performing EU debt – is in cue.

We bless the voters for saying EXIT.

Berny Dohrmann –




The markets love certainty. They have little. the BRITT EXIT is uncertain. Fed policy globally is uncertain – hurting markets all moving to negative interest rates versus helping them.

  • Unemployment in the USA is rising 664,000 in the long term unemployed added this year and 97 million in that category – they no longer look for work – largest since 1977.
  • Employment tanked – it went for -3 % to over 10% on Friday last week – that is a disaster for Fed policy. Experts are now saying they will never raise interest rates and must now ease and seriously stimulate.
  • The Britt is to close to call on exit. As you all know I have predicted an exit and I stick with it – as the vote saves the UK from paying the 100 trillion in EU bad non performing debt. The EU can’t survive in either case economically. Its a bad frame work. They don’t want regional issues to duke it all out – but really they are already doing THAT and its soon going to be politics reflects the economics. If politics drive economics everyone looses. If economics drive politics everyone wins. That is always the REAL ISSUE.

Now children what else.

  • Manufacturing fell – again in the USA.
  • Home sales on new starts fell again in May.
  • Everything fell except for consumer spending or we would BE in a recession following earnings recession of all year.

Economics again. You can’t have half a year of earnings recession – and declines and not see employment fall too. We are IN a recession and soon the politics with their PHONY MATH REPORTING will be overwhelmed by the REAL  economics.

We have been telling you all – get ready. Invest in momentum now before the worst washes ashore. Develop bigger cooperative trading communities and that means REGISTER INTO CEO SPACE July 24th for the peace of mind planning out the second half of this year will bring you and the MUCH LARGER TRADING COMMUNITY you are forging in July at CEO SPACE – its only a tax investment in a long term business asset – lifetime membership in the worlds most important CEO Club Community. Life insurance for your wallet everyone.

And share this blog with those that need to make a favorite and stay up on the TRUTH if the truth is important to your planning better.

Thats my weekend report for the HAPPY FATHER’S DAY we wish you all.

Berny Dohrmann – home with the children