So lets look at the data. What has changed next week? Answer. Nothing. So consider:


  1. The Trade impact to the USA of the BRITEXIT is next to nothing on GNP a fraction so as to mean NOTHING.
  2. The Brits import so much MORE from the EU than the EU buys  from the British so WHO HAS THE POWER in trade deals. They ( the EU ) are not about to cut off their own EU income.
  3. The exit doesn’t occur for two years. Nothing changes in July or in August. Nothing. This market is children playing with their computer bets in casino capitalism. The SEC should investigate market manipulations and greedy profit taking.
  4. The Brits do not have to pay the 100 TRILLION of BAD DEBT the EU can’t pay and will break up over. The Britts just saved their future and their economy. That is all that took place. Yeah for the BRITISH who have been so lied to.
  5. Scottland is not stupid. They are not joining a breaking UP EU they make so much more staying in the UK. Scottland is not about to join a firestorm in the EU when their terms of engagement are about to get so much better – so much better. THE EU is a FAILED MODEL for the WEAKEST OF NATIONS the strong nations have cost without offsetting gain to remain in the failed model.
  6. The POUND will rebound because the drop was speculation and computer rigged casino capitalism. Traders spook the markets and step in on the other side of the trade making fortunes. They should go to prison. The Pound is stronger today by far than it was earlier this week – by FAR – the real value seekers will wake up.
  7. The BRITS will prosper, be so much stronger, be so much more stable and their economics will SOAR seen just sixty months  from now – there will be NO EU and the BRITTS will rival Germany on GNP. WATCH. Today will be British ECONOMIC INDEPENDENCE day for SURE.

This is the most historic Day for Britan since it WON WORLD WAR II and the only market reaction – which is nuts – based on nothing at all – is greedy profit taking from a totally rigged market place of legal theives. THAT IS THE ONLY REAL THING you need to know.

The CALM will return with a WHOOSH as everyone see’s the bargain steals they can get after next week – trust me on that.

The SMART MONEY was BUYING TODAY. Noting there was no liquidity problem – plenty of buyers who see the truth.

So the Storm before the CALM – on idiot rallys on the way up and on the way down and idiot suckers profit manipulation in a totally rigged market. Also the blood bath is going to be in Gold down the road watch that prediction.

Tip: If monday goes down sharply watch HEDGE FUND margin calls on the wrong side of this casino bet – that could be a wild car to the idiots.

Meanwhile there is only ONE WORLD RESERVE CURRENCY the doom sayers are also IDIOTS and remain all wrong – on timing – on data – on the realities.  They just are missing so much of the picture. Hence they are WRONG WRONG WRONG.  Warren Buffet said it correctly – betting against the USA is insanity behavior in this century.

Now China is going to implode that is the real item to watch.

Berny Dohrmann – Sane today and sane tomorrow