As I told you since last February and again early this week – and for long time blog trackers waiting for me to make a prediction and it will turn out to be in error – you still have to wait – as the Britexit was not all that close. A MILLION PEOPLE more than stay. That’s a MILLION MORE which is decisive in a democracy seeking a clear majority.

England has avoided having to pay – 100 Trillion dollars US – in non-performing bad loans from nations like Spain, Italy, Greece, and more than 14 others. Now Germany and France the only two solid nations economically remaining in the failed EU will have to pay these debts without UK? Could not be done with the UK and now is FOR SURE an exit for the – soon to break up entire EU.

We have reported to you for 15 years – that the EU is economically – a building totally burning to the ground – without any fire escapes. The UK built its own fire escape. Thank God for the British unborn generation.

So what happens now. The manipulated phony markets will process one person’s ¬†computer trading against another person’s computer ( look ma no human’s involved” ) gyrate like a drunken sailor. What really happens is NOTHING. To get OUT of the EU will take Britan two to four years. Until then its trading as usual. So nothing happens. So why is the market going to spin around like a meth pipe inhale?

Because the market’s are unregulated, speculatively rigged, and in “casino capitalism” versus real capitalism that IS RESPONSIBLY REGULATED – there is no there THERE. We are on a roulette table. Better to place your life savings on a table bet in Vegas.

Which is why I told you all Рto GET OUT OF THE MARKETS Рall of them late last year and early this year. I suggested you PARK your entire resource bag into diversified insurance investing. Those guys have superior software. Let them run your money with guaranteed principle and guaranteed principle compounding your returns. Stay on the GOLF COURSE while you watch your neighbors hair burning off. Like today.

But NOOOOOOOO you listen to other drummers and now you may lose principle and hard value in money – thinking you were smart in THE MARKET when there is NO MARKET – there is only a rigged casino. Why are you playing again?

So we have told you what IS coming.

We have told you about WHEN.

We have told you HOW.

We have told you options on options to protect yourself.

We have told you to be safe you have to MAKE A DECISIION.

We have told you that the DEBT BOMB is the economic bubble in the system in the EU and in ASIA. We have told you China is next. Watch. They recently had the IMF – the WORLD BANK and our own Treasury warn on their unsustainable debt bomb that could sink the entire world system. They just said – this week – in reply – WHAT? Are you all crazy we got this. While they moved to issue more debt. Meanwhile record bakruptcies unheard of in China are taking place – kind of – as they keep bankrupt firms going to preserve jobs that have no prupose. Soon or later the eonomics will destroy the Chinese currency and economy. Remember you heard it first here.

So in summery:


  1. The EU “IS” going to break up entirely and the EU is going to be worthless.
  2. The Asia market is going to go through very hard times due to DEBT BOMBS in China, Indonesia, Japan, and India. It is already started.
  3. The world market is going to SUPER CRASH in response to entrenched Global DEFLATION spun into an economic death spiral by failed central bank policies for 30 years.
  4. The Super crash is going to advance serious regional conflict escalations.
  5. The risk of WORLD WAR to follow is extreme.

That was our prediction as our readers know and we continue to hold that prediction. WHEN does the SUPER CRASH COME. Answer – no one knows. Our deep flutter is rocking our boats this October and again next March if we dodge the bullet in October. Or now depending how bad the computer trading wars today and next week become but we think as “nothing really changes from the BRITT EXIT vote right now – the markets will bounce around and SUPER CRASH is still a ways out – but it could trigger …we’ll have to see. We think 2018 is about as far as it can stretch.

Keep in mind we are CONSISTENT. We don’t predict our economic opinion and then change our data pools. We simply are looking at charts and data and then we report our conclusions including all the data given to our CEO readers world wide in this popular blog barmoter leaders check in on – often.

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The MID year with the BRIT EXIT is a new landscape. Come get the information the BIG FORTUNE FIRMS have access to exclusively.

CEO SPACE an not hurt you – but it may be essential to help protect you. Information is KING folks. Encourage your circle to come get solutions using a tax dollar at CEO SPACE in this critical mid year – and build your own SAFE HARBOR to prosper in any future market. If you don’t you won’t.

If you decide you ride.

Walking in this market is a bitch.

So today and next week enjoy the market ROLLER COASTER we told you to avoid buying a ticket for. If you stayed in the market – folks – its all on you. Your smarter than then data.

Where data always – and that IS ALWAYS – wins.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for ya …