The markets love certainty. They have little. the BRITT EXIT is uncertain. Fed policy globally is uncertain – hurting markets all moving to negative interest rates versus helping them.

  • Unemployment in the USA is rising 664,000 in the long term unemployed added this year and 97 million in that category – they no longer look for work – largest since 1977.
  • Employment tanked – it went for -3 % to over 10% on Friday last week – that is a disaster for Fed policy. Experts are now saying they will never raise interest rates and must now ease and seriously stimulate.
  • The Britt is to close to call on exit. As you all know I have predicted an exit and I stick with it – as the vote saves the UK from paying the 100 trillion in EU bad non performing debt. The EU can’t survive in either case economically. Its a bad frame work. They don’t want regional issues to duke it all out – but really they are already doing THAT and its soon going to be politics reflects the economics. If politics drive economics everyone looses. If economics drive politics everyone wins. That is always the REAL ISSUE.

Now children what else.

  • Manufacturing fell – again in the USA.
  • Home sales on new starts fell again in May.
  • Everything fell except for consumer spending or we would BE in a recession following earnings recession of all year.

Economics again. You can’t have half a year of earnings recession – and declines and not see employment fall too. We are IN a recession and soon the politics with their PHONY MATH REPORTING will be overwhelmed by the REAL  economics.

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And share this blog with those that need to make a favorite and stay up on the TRUTH if the truth is important to your planning better.

Thats my weekend report for the HAPPY FATHER’S DAY we wish you all.

Berny Dohrmann – home with the children