Ever see dominoes falling. Those complex models where one little dominos fells a city of dominoes? See them in your mind all falling and it can’t be stopped or slow down once the first one goes……see it ?

Now apply that to the world financial order and system. Consider DEBT as a DEBT BOMB. The Domino’s economically.  Now consider by inter nation agreement in banking syndicates the DEBT is in POOLS and is sold and resold in these pools globally by all banks who rather than hold their own debt share risk in a POOL  of debt and invest in the pools. Again the idiot digital notion of recent years has been there is a way to construct DISKLESS RISK Taking.

Now consider the bigger domino’s are economically speaking – pools of debt pools and then SUPER POOLS of debt pools that hide bad non performing debt and then SUPER DUPER debt pools. That is how the domino’s are staked up. So when the DEBT BOMB explodes in one nation it ripples instantly to the value of all the pools like Sub Prime Mortgage debt pools ( bigger now than in 2008 as nothing has been done to offset the banks and investment banks greed ).

Now consider the pools are lop sided. The biggest Pool is China today. It is running 145% of GNP in pure debt. That economically is not sustainable. Who says.

The IMF today in their greatest caution to date. The WARNING OF THE END GAME for the current order. They republished that the Debt Bomb is a risk to the entire world order do to spill over ( the Domino link via the Debt pools and Super Pools ) economist track as COUNTER PARTY AGREEMENTS.

Our blog has been reporting that Deflation – falling prices – no inflation – create economic inability to pay debt. As the Debt in China passes in bad non performing debt, 100 Trillion dollars of BAD DEBT in 2016, no one can stop the HYDROGEN DEBT BOMB when it explodes. In China. It will explode and sooner than you THINK. It happens without warning and spreads like an economic nightmare economists call CONTAGION.

The EU has 100 Trillion of bad debt which the British see and refuse to pay from the crooks that politically created it over decades. Hence the break up of the EU which like musical chairs will unwind the good nations from the bad leading the DEBT BOMBS to explode. Surplus profitable nations are leaving the EU because they can not pay off the bad non performing Debt which makes just Greece look like a child’s play ground. A dead canary in the mine shaft of the world system.

Who is first? The IMF says and warns CHINA. They say the fix must be instant. There is no more time. They warned today on Sunday – Monday in the EU. This is serious folks. Click the FINANCIAL TIMES OF LONDON and read all about that warning today. Remain informed as a CEO entrepreneur.

Communist central planners at the TOP have missing mechanisms to manage the fix. IF they don’t develop and install  these missing mechanisms economically now, they will be overwhelmed as the Debt Bomb explodes. The problem. They DO NOT KNOW HOW ?

What is the outcome?

A Super World Crash of all markets. It looks like this:

  1. Dow at 6000
  2. Real Estate moving down 60% at least
  3. Deflation for decades
  4. Depression no recession
  5. Possibility for world wars

Given all THAT the USA is still the place to BE and that is for sure. BUT all of us ARE going to suffer along with everyone else. With the USA with 127 trillion in its own DEBT BOMB ( highlighted on this blog )  this situation stretches our more mature mechanisms as banks and investment banks will fail one after another and no TARP will fix the outcome in the USA in the breaking up EU or in Asia. Banks in the USA may close. As they may globally to regroup from the BAD DEBT that has bankrupt them through the POOL approach which legally should have been banned globally.

We have reported in the new digital economy a G 100 new regulatory frame work is required to regulate abusive greed and speculation unwanted in the world system. Without that NEW FRAME WORK the outcome is relatively certain in our opinion and many others who join us. All Presidential candidates have said there is a dangerous BUBBLE. A DEBT BUBBLE. The Fed said – no there is not. Who do you believe?

We’ll regroup faster than the rest and lead the out comes for the future as we always do now. But the pain will be shared globally. All because China lacks experience and expertise. The solution is to have the Fed and IMF and China in a emergency policy planning summit in 2016 to install the missing mechanisms using expertise they lack but which can be provided to them –  to work the DEBT out of the system. Still painful. It will consume a lost decade. The longer they wait the longer the recovery time say decades upon decades as Japan knows so well.

Will CHINA do IT ?

We have reported what is coming and why. We have told you all what to DO to protect yourself. If you travel alone you are in for a wild ride. If you group up which is WHAT CEO SPACE offers to you – a community to make the ride less bumpy, as with numbers YOU do better than those who lack that larger trading community. In business.

Owning your own business and staying on top of all this is the answer. Being on salary is the worst place to ride this all out.

Domino’s. Any want to play?

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE

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