The Debt Clock provided on this site, is economic data, real data. It can not lie. It has no spin. It exists beyond politics although it is created by politicians. Politicians who spend more than they earn because the money is public not their own. The result is legal theft of nations.

The largest Thief is the Federal Reserve board. Who must be merged into the US Treasury to stop the legal theft going on – as it is the single largest theif. First the debt clock as “knowing you owe $ 1,000,000” and you can not pay that sum back in your lifetime or your children’ after paying taxes lets you see the generational bankruptcy.


Please make a favorite as you study the real as President Clinton said, arithmetic. It is all math folks.

Then click the the biggest SCAM in UNITED STATES HISTORY –


Learn that the Fed IS:

  1. A private stock firm owned by criminal bankers.
  2. The USA does not know who owns the Fed.
  3. The Fed has a congressional contract from 1910 to print our money. The Fed has never been audited. We have no clue what they make really.
  4. The Fed is not an agency of government IT is a criminal bank.
  5. The Fed charges money to print our money we can print at Treasury for free – why pay the criminals one day further?

See the film and learn a bit of the scam operates  so you appreciate the truth I’ve written about for 30 years now starting with SUPER ACHIEVER MIND SETS and ending with REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Make a favorite of this film as you will wish to share the truth folks. Like having blinders removed from your eyes. Folks economics pardon the pun TRUMPS – POLITICS. For you always need to follow the money to discover the truth. Data is real. Politics is lies.

Get my books. Become informed. See the solution. If we don’t all join a revolution to save America – we will see America in World War III and there may be no saving US.

Economics is not political – has no spin – is brutal truth – numbers never lie the truth can never be spun.

The REAL HOUSE of CARDS is coming down folks. You know it. You can feel it. SUPER CRASH is coming. Due to debt. Its all spelled out on this blog side if you scroll over a beverage. You’ll have the data. The truth. Then join CEO SPACE with others who have the truth and all wish to DO SOMETHING.

First build a safe harbor for their circle.

Second work together to save our nation and other nations whose debt is far worse than even our staggering true debts. Join the revolution folks become active versus passive. You’ll be so far ahead.

We can fix this folks but  time is running out. Read my blog for the fix read my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION for the FIX. If you want to join the revolution to fix it by making one decision – yes I will  join CEO SPACE. There is safety in numbers everyone. I will become part of the revolution to save America.

Its all economic folks not political. Once you see that your step to the front of the line of real leadership. WE the PEOPLE are the United States OF America – not a handful of politicians and elites. US we own this nation. We can save it and we should. THERE IS STILL TIME. Action is required as passivity will not save America.

Berny Dohrmann – Bringing you the truth of the DEBT BOMB – spread the word. July 24th NEXT CEO SPACE gathering for the leaders of the revolution. It is bigger than any of “US” – for many are called but YOU have been chosen.