8.5 years is the longest boom expansion in 100 years. Triple the time of a normal expansion. A contraction must follow. The longer and higher the expansion the more serious and longer the correction. Do you want to invest at the all time high at the very end of the boom period? Is that your risk on? As it is super high risk.

Venture Space investing is your safe haven. With Crowd Funding it could not be easier to play that card.

Consider the worst job creation numbers took place last week in FIVE YEARS. In fact the unemployment numbers we not bad they are DISASTERS.

Consider 37,000 new jobs were reported when the market anticipated 300,000. Thats a little dip of 90% crash in new job creation. Then unemployment dropped to 4.7%. Thats a lie.

Almost 1,000,000 or 667,000 to be precise ended their LONG TERM UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS and were booted off and then are statistically and automatically counted as “no longer looking for work”. If the 34 million “no longer looking for work” were counted as they were pre Obama Math – we would have 18% unemployment or the real number.

The Crass of 2008 never recovered. The Fed is trapped. It can’t make policy. The market will not let it. Now FREE MONEY is required to avoid a Super Crash and a depression. We wrote Fed Chairman Yellen and asked her as CEO SPACE to raise interest rates unwaveringly through 2021 or for five years. Restore normalization to the world markets regardless of near term pain. The Fed’s are failed policy makers and cowards.

So 14 trillion went into the hands of super rich and never invested to build the national job strength. It was all legal theft. Too big to fail is now too big to jail. Legal criminals just make trillions and pay billions to regulator’s for their get out of jail card. It is a mess. The markets are rigged. The markets are funny money.

Free money is stimulating stock manipulation through 2.7 trillion in FREE MONEY stock buy backs where it is more profitable in 2016 to borrow free money and buy stock for the instant bump in price, than to invest in plant and equipment.

The world is out of control and until SUPER CRASH will reman so. But its heating up from ISIS to China and the Super Crash moment is going to hit shore. Don’t get caught in a fools rally thats your mission.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE