1. The bubbles. The bubbles in speculation ETF markets have become unsustainable and spell disaster and SUPER CRASH moving forward due to lack of global regulatory frame work.
  2. China’s Debt Bomb and free money bubble is sinking the world due to over capacity, price dumping, market rigging from every market to currency and must SUPER CRASH to moderate and rebalance accounts.
  3. The FED failed policy on monetary managements where the FED must be merged into the US Treasury for future oversight. Failure to do so leaves the world at risk for depression and world war. ADD in uncertainty with new President and leadership and policy in the USA – that will not settle down for two years.
  4. Brit Exit – which is absolutely GREAT for the British and Pound but removes a source to pay the EU DEBT BOMB now 100 trillion in bad loans and climbing – Germany and France can not pay off that debt – no matter what Brussels demands. BOOM.
  5. China calming territory over seas and skys in order to distract its population from REVOLUTION due the utter and complete failure of the communist form of economics and government. There model is no longer sustainable and to survive they must go to war. They are ramping up.
  6. Russia – unlikely to sit on the side lines as NATO expands, and before NATO gears up – expect some huge moves depreciating and further marginalizing America in the Obama lame duck final months. Why not?
  7. Terror shocks including massive digital attacks, rogue nation attacks, and war in the Middle East with Israel sovereignty called into question. Imagine the impact on financial markets.
  8. OPEC is no longer in control of the oil market and the world is drowning in oil. Rebalance of the rigged oil market to fair market pricing without gouging will take years and cause untold instability in world markets.
  9. Terror on American and EU soil as the new normal. Terror will move from train tracks and chemical plant explosions and fires into more serious cyber attacks and civilian sensational attacks drawing home the policy of today is an absolute failure globally. The Middle East may recorder and nations may be redrawn the growing pains will be challenging to world stability.
  10. Market Manipulation and Speculation – free money is creating more stock buy backs ( 2.7 trillion since 2010 in America alone ) than plant and job creating equipment investing. This market manipulation and speculation due to lack of global regulatory frame work will result in SUPER CRASH and global depression and world war if unchecked.

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Berny Dohrmann – founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL 1988