For the coming decade the CEO SPACE Business Growth Conference will be hosted on the EAST Coast. CEO SPACE rotates hosting its program on the East and West Coast making the all fifty state access more appealing to our BI COASTAL and global community. The new location will be Tampa Bay from October forward.

The Lake Las Vegas Westin, home to CEO SPACE for the past decade, will host our last meeting on this fabulous West Coast property, in our ALL FAMILY PROGRAM. From Grandma’s to Young mom’s everyone is bringing all ages of children to CEO SPACE. Teens from ages 15 to ages 20 will enjoy the most advanced Entrepreneur skills training in the world today. My own Preston age 15 and Daniel age 18 ( my last two of nine at home ) will be joining their brothers and sisters as Parents ( like September and I ) wait an entire year to assure their CHILDREN ( all of our nine ) grow UP around the CEO SPACE skills that empower their later adult hood. For this reason so many CEO’s attend the SUMMER FAMILY VALUE FORUM and the teen YEP or YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR FORUM.

You will meet seven year old young ladies now in their Fourth Business as an Entrepreneur. They began their first CEO SPACE venture are age 2.5 during their first class program. Your children will be enriched forever at any age.

Family value pricing makes it easy to return and enjoy the experience. Special Staff packages for Grads wishing advanced leadership and team building skill upgrades are being offered for July.

A REUNION of all the graduates and CEO members since 1991 to today is being called for Income Builders International, IBI Global and CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL uniting all the CEO GRAD BASES into one effective cooperation income building “network”. This is a time for Grads to share with grads in the giant 140 nation community and reset your time box.

Opportunity is larger when there are more CEOs and families attending in a single event. The July 24th Forum is ideally timed to develop MID year acceleration for every business – so the second half the year explodes with new opportunity. Our objective for July is to deliver to CEO’s seeking to SUBSTANTIALLY accelerate second half of the year results with the following:


  1. Bringing CEO SKILLS and LEADERSHIP “current’ in the 2016 Super Change Markets ( the title of my new book ).
  2. Develop alliances and affiliations that create new business for CEO’s at the new model of a business trade show ranked the # 1 Conference in the world by Forbes.
  3. Develop new customers and business during the trade show week.
  4. Maximize private mentor time and access to resolve CEO challenges with superior mentor guidance – minimize lecture format.
  5. Provide more time to network and get deal making completed.

For families we are seeking to develop ENTREPRENEUR FAMILY CULTURE so the CEO provides improved balance to their family experience while the family support the CEO in higher regard to their entrepreneur duties and requirements. The July Forum provides some of the highest praise from CEO relationships and families  for the BREAK THROUGH skill set that assist in the home space as well as the work space.


Last time on the WEST COAST drive zone to thousands upon thousands of our graduates lifetime members. This is your EASY low cost chance to bump up your results, lower your taxes, and connect to the bigger richer network of our entire grad community all at one time. We so recommend members make the July mid year OPPORTUNITY RICH Forum your full week forum of 2016. I just would not miss it if I were  a member.  As it will be best hosted, best mentored best results including CROWD FUNDING and greater investor connective tissue – the OPTION is so HUGE for everyone to learn earn and return.

It is an All Member CEO REUNION program this July as we depart in October to the EAST coast first time in a decade….and last chance for Vegas and the west coast.

For a first time member you simply SHRINK the TIME and LOWER THE COST to reach goals you have set anyway. Other choices will always take longer and cost more – a reality we have proven over 30 years of global service to the CEO business owner.  CEO SPACE is the ladies and gentlemen club with about 50% of our guests CEO LADY LEADERS – in which the most fun make money faster occurs as a result. You put up a tax dollar you realize huge returns and immediate ( instant ) business accelerations. The intellectual property and challenge solutions CEO”s realize from their time with the Forum is priceless – by the CEOs own rating. Your tax dollars makes multiplier returns. Or we refund your money.

In the July Forum you get MORE. You pay LESS and you get more. If you bring your family your value opportunity absolutely  skyrockets in July. Every CEO who does not bring family members so regret’s they did not. The quality of your experience is from the arrival to departure LIKE NOTHING ELSE IN THE WORLD. Our films on line cover every possible industry and denote from very sophisticated multi million dollar CEO’s THAT – they have never experienced anything even remotely close to CEO Quality.

Graduates like Tony Robbins Les Brown Lisa Nichols Bob Proctor Greg Reid Jack Canfield Harv Adam Markel Sharon Lechter and so many others label CEO SPACE in our category of transactional trade programs – as THE SUPER BOWL presently offered on the planet. Number One.

If this blog reached you some one loved you to share it with you. If you received it – the words call to a DIVINE APPOINTMENT with a better way. All CEO’s want a better way. Let us show you a better way which is what we are famous for.

Finally you can run your entire operation from CEO SPACE. Engaging Proprietary CEO “PACING” available in NO OTHER PROGRAM on earth – the CEO SPACE program never has you away from your business more than one hour. You can put a full work week in on YOUR BUSINESS visually from the Westin Four Star Resort , while you gain the acceleration advantages we guarantee to deliver to each of you individually. CEO SPACE Is not a venue where CEO’s at the top spend a lot of time in a big room. Most of your time is one on one with Fortune Mentor’s too expensive for most to support and collectively too expensive for any to afford. You get them all as they tithe their expertise back to CEO’s from all over the world this July.

Consider you can never be hurt or have better use of time and resource when you acquire:

  1. A lifetime membership in the foremost CEO CLUB for a tax price set in 1988.
  2. You build a ten year network of CEO’s at the top in a week of time.
  3. You benefit from the RELATIONSHIP MIXER technology that forges deep personal relationships between CEO”s helping one another.
  4. Speeding up market and customer acquisition far more efficiently.
  5. Creating new alliances and affiliations and funding expansion as required or desired.

Legal teams are on site to help from global IP audits and protection enhancement to on line brand building to anti hacking technology. The IP alone is worth multiples of the membership fee which is one time for lifetime access the value of the market today at 1988 prices never changed in three decades.

CEO SPACE obsesses about our customers. CEO SPACE listens to our customers for after all you run the ventures of the world collectively. With access to 68,000 retail outlets in over 100 nations CEO SPACE is accelerating to market growth on the CEO’s pace and schedule from their county to the world.

Working with heads of state in growing numbers of nations we invite Governments to attend where rapid entrepreneur development in nation is desired. Side bar VIP meetings are taking place during each live CEO SPACE Conference.  Leaders in county, municiiplaity, State and nation are encouraged to join CEO SPACE JULY 24th – share with your community of contacts in government – they will thank you.

Inside the Space July 24th is known as THE BIG ONE. You just get more from the contact quality and quantity the mid year CORRECTION forum offers to CEO’s. CEO’s who wish to have a much more profitable second half the year KNOW that the higher profit pace is developed from:

  • Improved plans
  • Improved teams
  • Resources to fully execute

CEO SPACE delivers real bottom line measurable results not possible in other programs. The full money back warranty protects the CEO from risk in its entirety. Again CEO SPACE is # 1 in the world for a reason – and thats year after year everyone.

You deserve the TUNE UP. You deserve currency in Super Change. You deserve the CONTACTS you will now have for life. You deserve a sweeter home space as well as a work space. CEO SPACE JULY is the Family Value Forum CEO’s wait a year for.

If your opportunity clicked OPEN to this information – pause and think over seeing a film and getting to know us more fully. Allow us to offer you coaching where we invest in YOU before you invest in lifetime membership.

Full financing is available to worthy credit with no interest and half a year of no payments. Check that out with our Club Presidents. Just phone us for the name of a nearby Chapter account representative to your location anywhere in the world. Call our offices at 256 850 4700 ext 0 during Florida business hours for friendly help to any area of your explorations.

Serving You is our Pure Delight.

Serving  your family is our HONOR.

We hope this information is useful and creates decisions to accelerate your second half of the year. The tools and tactics you upgrade into at CEO SPACE will be a value that is lifetime for every CEO attending. CEO SPACE is CEO GRADE in every regard.

Thank You

Berny Dohrmann


PS: Yes please share this blog with those you feel will benefit from a life enriching experience.