After the BRITT EXIT which we correctly predicted for our members world wide – we told you – this was a FOOLS crash and it was NOT REAL. Nothing had changed. We noted this was the STORM before the CALM. The Calm is now returning. Right once again.

Yes 3 Trillion of wealth was wiped out. For say 24 hours. Than the Wealth was wiped back in – or – the CALM. Sanity versus insanity. I mean really folks. Follow the money which is of course the only bouncing ball. When I listen to financial news and the kids reporting I think – gosh they do not have a clue to what is going on really.

Anyway wealth wiped out – wealth wiped back – while your second hand swept around your watch face. None of it was real. Just computers trading against computers making money on calls and puts all the way down all the way up. Casino capitalism at its best folks. Welcome to the Global CASINO.

Earnings are up.

Housing Sales are UP.

Auto sales are UP.

Consumer spending is UP.

Profits are coming in better than others expected.

Some retail is soft moving to ON LINE.


The global markets are unchanged.

The real issue moving forward is MISMANAGED DEBT. It is not that Debt is not managed. It is rather Debt is mis managed. Non performing debt say Puerto Rico – is Friday at 70 Billion that can not be paid. Congress voted the creditors could not sue on default until February where a default tomorrow will take place. That will ripple. But there is 100 Trillion of this stuff moving into the system. The domino’s as they lie up and topple in series will become too much.

Already nations are not dealing with the problem, rather they continue to try to let politics lead economics. So the creditors who invested in good faith in Puerto Rico ( but says its Italy or Spain ) and now can’t be paid back – are told they do not have legal recourse. Congress set up a BOARD to NEGOTIATE with Creditors – to say – hey you guys have to wait and wait a ton more time.

So hows that going to work? The creditors have folks they have to pay. The ripple gets out of control folks.

It is economics not political.

So eventually the calm before the storm applies but right now it is the storm we just went through before the calm we have returning now as I wrote to you in my Blog after BRITT EXIT. I said – don’t panic just hold.

The calm is spreading everywhere just like I told you.

Economics – it is so predictable if you just know the landscape. That is what I like about economics – the predictability.

However political tampering always produces unintended consequences in economics which remain unforgiving for mistakes.

So the NEW NORMAL is back.

Get used to it.

Hope to see you at CEO SPACE July 24th – we’ll all be there for you.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman





Merrily Merrily Merrily Merrily Life is but a dream? Isn’t that how the child nursery rhyme went? Isn’t it? Now with economics when you loose money parking capital in a location – the world is upside down and things are going south in a handbag ( that was a saying was it not ) fast.

So July Fourth ECONOMIC NON INDEPENANCE Day celebrates:

  1. The treasury no longer controls the printing of money in soverign nations.
  2. Non Goverment contractors – crooks – do money printing – called Central Banks.
  3. They have 11 Trillion in loosing investments now – and it is soaring – where negative interest – loss to park money – is skyrocketing.
  4. How long can this take place?
  5. Not long?

What is wrong? The market is controlled by structured assets and greedy elites – in a casino form of capitalism. For example as soon as banks got through stress tests did they finally – after NINE YEARS of free money – invest back into business – plants equipment jobs and real economics.?

No sir ree bob. Thats a saying right?

Nope . They are rushing to move the 2.7 trillion casino side bets on STOCK BUY BACKS ( mostly their own stock ) so they the elites make fortunes manipualting their own stock price. Totally illegal in 1999. Made legal in 2000. How is this working?

Free money.

Manipulated rigged markets.

All built on free money – being leveraged fifty to one – with side bets in ETF markets within layered leveraging now passing 450 trillion dollars. The Central banks are failed NON GOV CONTRACTORS – not part of the nation’s they serve – owned by the banks they regulate – and elites that legally steal the wealth of nations.

This casino system must stop and be replaced by the LARGEST REGULATORY FRAME WORK RETHINK IN 100 YEARS. The digital decades have made earlier regulations obsolete. We suggest the format include these items:

  1. A G 100 three year CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMIC CONVENTION for world trade and regulation.
  2. Short selling be a crime.
  3. Non reporting market assets be a crime.
  4. Public firms report every 180 days bi annually versus monthly.
  5. Central banks be merged back into their TREASURY’s.
  6. National Debt be paid off by SUPER BONDS with 200 year maturity.
  7. World trade be uniform – fair – and apply to all 100 participants with the rest signing on by stipulation alliance to the CONSTITUTION – adopt it world wide.

National sovereignty and global diversity are fully celebrated not punished. Sovereign currency remains the auspice of national treasury. Constitution subscribers balance budgets and do not spend more than they make. Credit ratings are provided by G 100 CREDIT BODIES versus private paid by the crooks system of today.

The economics run the politics versus the politics run the economics in the new WORLD ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION. One set of uniform regulatory laws apply to security markets and trading and banking regulation with full separation of banking and investment banking. Too BIG TO FAIL never becomes TOO BIG TO JAIL. No one buys off crimes.

All nations jail their crooks.

Speculation and casino market manipulation – and its profits for elites is removed. Global tax systems create uniformity versus trade wars. Transparency in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is applied within the convention.

Without this form of cooperation reconomic history repeats. We move into Trade War which is accelerating with Britt Exit – then contagion and Super Crash- currency crash – commodity total crash – 60% wipe out of wealth in real estate and all markets – 6000 DOW – and a world depression. Then world war full on. That is the RISK if we don’t move from INSANE ( competition ) to SANE ( cooperation ) with TRUST AND INTEGRITY driving the process.

We can rise above greed to NOBILITY. Our finest hour. WE can shed insanity.

But will we?

11 Trillion of investment in loss parking spots?

That form of “easing” is INSANE.

So the insanity continues.


Berny Dohrmann

The Fed should RAISE RATES NOT and EVERY MEETING for FIVE YEARS. That is sane. Meanwhile I say to you – row row row your boat gently down the steam…………




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Folks placed bets on the wrong side of the ledger. They did side bets at 50 to one margin on which way Britt would go. If you were on the wrong side of that bet you have margin calls and you must call in enormous sums of stocks and bonds to pay the loss cost. You were on the wrong side of the bet as a bank or big fund.

Computers are adjusting balances at speeds never before possible in a totally rigged phony baloney market space.

Those holding long term value see this as the STORM BEFORE the CALM the title of my Blog on BLACK FRIDAY George Soro’s and I predicted together.

Nothing has changed in the UK or Europe. Nothing. Everyone is doing just what was done last week and on going. It is like a fools spiral. The computers have run amock because HUMAN’s need to be calm in such markets and computers are not when they are facing rebalancing portfolio loss from huge 50 to 1 borrowing to place side bets on which way things will go if Britt stayed or Britt exited. Being on the wrong side of the BET as most big funds were – has a rebalancing issue going on and margin calls are next today and tomorrow watch for THAT shoe to fall in the news.

Folks – go play golf. Stop. The loss is on paper. In a point of time. Look forward at value as the market rebalances and it will from these unregulated sinful leverages – a digital market without national controls in a digital world where regulations are lOCAL and the trades are in the CLOUD. Folks it will all get back to sanity.

In a point in time soon enough you won’t recall this happened except as a joke we tell one another about BRITT EXIT black friday.

Just ignore the computer against computer on the largest financial bets since the BIG SHORT in which those on the wrong side of the transaction lost and those on the right side – already fantastically wealthy got even more enormously wealthy on a click bet. It should not be possible in a regulated market but this is the wild digital frontier folks. A new era the world has never seen before.

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Safe Harbor?

Yes that IS – CEO SPACE July.

Berny Dohrmann – we’ll keep a light on for you


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The Britt Exit has this week – changed nothing. Business all over the UK is business as usual. Politics given it is after all Britain -is business as usual. Nothing has changed. Not one 1% of GNP. In fact as Great Britain moves into traditional historic support for the EU as an ALLIANCE PARTNER versus a MEMBER “in” the EU the result will be better for the EU and better for Britain. BETTER not worse.

Britain may pay a bit more for trade – as this economist reminds you – that Britain IMPORTS far more than it EXPORTS to the EU – so that any offset in its cost will be returned by its import tax – or a quid pro. In fact little will change. Except Britain will not suffer under the enormous growing cost of non elected elites passing endless laws with no ceiling to their execution cost to the nation and business – from Brussels. Britain will no longer pay its unfair share of over 100 TRILLION in accumulated bad non paying non performing Debt that the EU has forged in its member nations and the Central Banks ignore – for decades. That day of balance sheet math is coming fast. Brtain has a firewall from paying those costs – which is well worth its slight cost increase to do business with the EU as an alliance partner versus a member.

The tipping point was reached – it costs more to be an EU member than to be out. The unborn generation free of BRUSSEL MADNESS will be so welcoming to the historic vote of today.

Now then the markets are performing how. The largest SUPER CRASH since 1929. Greater wealth loss over 2 trillion in 48 hours than in 2008. Or is it? As in 2008 it took years to return to 2008 highs we see a return to those highs all too soon. Why? Nothing has changed. The market is doing what?

There is a famous You Tube video that went viral. A couple is sitting on a coach. They are fighting as all couples do over “nothing”. The woman has a large NAIL in her fore head. During the debates of who is right and who is wrong the off camera voice keeps reminding them both – it is NOT THE NAIL Both try and remove the nail. THE PROBLEM IS NOT THE NAIL.

Ah then. This is much like the Britt Exit. The Financial SUPER CRASH is not the NAIL of the Britt Exit. No. The market is anything if not smart.

The money issue is that if you follow the money:

  1. Billions are rushing out of China.
  2. Billions more are rushing out of Japan.
  3. Billions more are rushing out of the EU disproportionate to EU debt.
  4. Record global imablance is mounting
  5. Fed Central Banks – all non gov organixations or NGO’s under contract – are failed models and are failing at any plan to coordinate and rebalance.

The Nail is TRADE WAR. We are in a full on trade war. It is taking place with currency. The USA TREASURY ( Not the failed FED ) and the US DOLLAR are the winners and the rest of the national currencies are the losers. Here we are speaking of TRILLIONS UPON TRILLIONS. Follow the money. Follow the money.

The world is rebalancing. Trading and all accounts. Computers are trading against computers reblancing values to risk where central banks are not obsolete, reactive, without a clue, and useless truly. Only national TREASURY POLICY is working at any level which is why we suggest for fiscal stablility NGO – Central Bank contracts be termianted by legislature and merged into their treasury – keep all functions let transparent TREASURY of STATE manage the money supply not a third party contractor. Make sense.

The cause of this enormous volatility so frequent now – wiping all gains in ten years in ten hours – over and over – IS THE FAILED POLICY OF CENTRAL BANKS. A consequence for this much failure is required. Namely – MERGE THEIR CONTINOUS 20 YEAR FAILURE back into the nation TREASURIES. Get this on radar and you have a far more stable global economic village folks. Without it you are held hostage to criminal bankers stealing from you at every possible turn.

The elites own more wealth 99% of all wealth and we the people of the world who create all the wealth own less than 1% of all wealth. This is an economic model that always leads to world war. Lets fix this broken insane form of capitalism and socailism and move into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM fully transparent, fully reporting – fully auditable – and without any secrets the market place. WE CAN DO BETTER.

Meanwhile, I’d register to CEO SPACE and acquire your magic crystal ball into future events. There is saftey in two things:

  1. Better information and skills to navigate super change markets
  2. Larger trading communities – social capital – as foundation

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As I said the market will move around like a drunken sailor until the Debt bomb goes off in defaults round the world. This contagion will create 6000 DOW – be mindful of that prediction.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a Light on just for you today – 300 Points down at noon in the market after 2 trillion lost on Friday – death spiral of the markets follow the money – and know as you read back – we told you – we predicted this precisely – and we told you WHAT ACTION TO TAKE to be FREE OF ANY AND ALL PAIN. Just read back a bit in our blogs. NOW watch for news on MARGIN CALL on big funds and banks as your next FOLLOW THE MONEY TIP…..