I’ve written here that the largest regulatory re-think moving the regulations of paper trading forward to new regulations of global digital trading and wild wild west digital speculations – is required – to restore a fair and balanced market dynamic economy – speaking as an investment banker economist who knows what data means – against the RIGGED and PHONY markets of today.

For one kids – have you reviewed the MARKET PARTICIPATION INDEX globally? Do you KNOW that the number of players making up the total market is the lowest since records were kept in 1907? Then why is the trading volume so large? Because children the market is a limited number of fantastically wealthy pools of money – where one chaps software is trading against the software code of the other – in meaningless value less trading all up the rope and all down with stop loss and hedge positions on both sides of all market trades – using fantastic LEVERAGE and borrowing against other folks core asset base – putting the entire system at risk for implosion. Much has been written about this data. The IMF and the World Bank have warned for 18 months on systemic melt down and system implosion. No can fault them as the politicians refuse to conduct the required regulatory re-think.


No real market is sustainable when the participation by the wide base is on the sidelines – never going to avoid a crash – never.

We have written time and time again of solutions in our blogs. We have defined a template solution in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. World leaders have the book. The inaction is a crime and a sin against the unborn generation.

The Market Today is speculatively waiting for the next short term signal to violent trade up or down. The market is rigged. The only appetite is short term massive profit regardless of which way the market may trade. No one cares. Volatility is short term gain for the WILD WILD WEST SPECULATOR where fantastically wealthy players get even more terrifically enriched at the great expense of the masses.

For example every year since 2010 – the wealth estate of nations is siphoned off from capital investing that creates real economic growth, foundation and jobs. One avenue of such casino capitalistic rigging is STOCK BUY BACK INVESTING. Every year since 2010 a new record in the USA for stock buy back investing has taken place and this is just USA number the world is much more distorting. Never in history has so much wealth been diverted legally to RIG THE MARKT PRICE OF EQUITY STOCKS AND BONDS.

Today in 2016 a new record of over 600 BILLION will not go to factory durable goods and equipment t grow economies across all fifty states but rather to artificially prop up – stock prices – using FREE FED MONEY to make more profit SHORT TERM in the fully RIGGED unregulated casino of capitalism – versus economic investing to propel a nation forward. THATS ONE YEAR folks – imagine if that were invested in down payments on plant and building and hotels and jobs?

Nope its going to the casino roulette table.

Since 2010 the RIGGED CASINO has invested 2.7 trillion into STOCK BUY BACKS and phony stock price supports against a recession in earnings that will soon be a year long. As FREE MONEY IS NO LONGER ACCOMMODATED profits from these CASINO RIGGED investments will evaporate and stock prices will normalize. WE forecast a 6400 DOW and a 70% drop in real estate – a blood bath of deflation to rebalance against regulations that no longer work. Our regulator’s deserve the tools they require by the RE-THINK we advocate for.

So stock wealth is phony wealth about to moderate in SUPER CRASH.

The Bubble all Presidential candidates say is real – and all Fed policy makers paid by the RIGGED CASINO says is a myth – will burst in the short term. As David Stockman said on national news – no matter who is the next President they can not nor will they stop the next recession.

How are you prepared for that event? Are you in the market? Are you levering into real estate before the crash? Delation is no kidding folks. Ask Japan two decades later.

In 2008 did we spend massively to rebuild the nation infrastructure as we did in the Depression years? No. Did we spend massively to advance casino market speculators and bail out bad bets so banks would have ways to hide their real losses? What did plan number too add to our economy? Nada? Right Answer. Well 14 trillion in more debt. How is that working out without wages and jobs to pay it off?

The entire CASINO is insane right now. And in economics insanity is corrected by sanity always – when the insane asylum ( casino market ) burns down to the ground. Can’t you feel the heat? I can.

I’ve told you what is coming.

I’ve given you data to prove it historically.

I’ve given you guidance on what to DO to build a SAFE HARBOR.

None of your reading matters if you don’t SHARE this INFORMATION and if you fail to act yourself.

This July 24th – I’d be IN CEO SPACE so your cooperative safe harbor is larger than you can create yourself. The tax investment is LIFE INSURANCE FOR YOUR WALLET. I’d just do it.

But action is always the thing you wish in hindsight you could do over. You decide. Check it out folks. Check it all out.

I’ll keep a light on for you. The market is not net up in two years and todays 200 point drop is another sampling of the RIGGING. Your smart. You’ll figure it out.

Off to serve my Platinum Community – at their VIP lunch with me live where I’ll tell them what I”m telling all of you.

OUR REGULATORY SYSTEM WORLD WIDE HAS FAILED US ALL – can’t you feel the fire starting ? I can……….

Berny Dohrmann – A grandpa spitting into the wind