WEALTH AND THE FED: ( not so much ) 


More wealth is cycling up and down from the FED WHISPERS and failed policy than any factor but oil. Oil is linked to Fed Whispers. Why? Because oil is paid for in dollars. When the Fed raises rates so parking money in dollars MAKES MONEY a  negative return for the world holding dollars as it is RIGHT NOW and when rates raise the dollar becomes a POSITIVE return to hold money in dollars – and  – the dollar soars in value globally. This impacts global trade. Oil drops in value related to the dollar which is now higher in dollar value exchange  oil drops –   and inflation drops accordingly. Stock prices tend to go down because the perceived cost of money NOW FREE for ten years – rises to market rates and is a factor on earnings – already bleak. However this factor is insignificant to America –

What will be required is a massive PUBLIC WORKS investment to create massive jobs and industry repairing our infrastructure and securing our forward asset value against soaring population requirements for water – transportation and power – we are terrific at doing just that – and if the 14 trillion in covering casino bets of investment bankers – and 2.7 trillion in stock buy backs were invested in plan, equipment and back bone in the USA – the jobs we would have right now would be unimaginable. We don’t have it because the Fed is a never ending series of FAILED POLICIES which with FED WHISPERING are derailing any chance for stable recover. The Fed is killing the economy dead.

Japan growth this week at 1.7% GNP is the strongest showing in 25 years since the DEFLATION sunk into Japan. This growth comes with massive free money from their central banks. So its phony growth too. Rigged.

The Fed is suffering from:

  • Lack of control – they lost control of digital global management
  • Lack of Policy – they lack vision for forward policy to stabilize
  • Lack of relevancy – they must be merged into the US TREASURY

The markets are hostage to oil and the Fed and they are linked.

The stability of markets globally are just unable to manage growth with unstable Fed Policy which is all we have known since 2008.

The Fed provided 14 trillion dollars to their own tribe of banks and investment banks to cover their BAD loosing bets in the capitalism casino in 2008 to 2010 globally. This money is lost forever and we must pay it back to the fed as Debt as they never – not ever take a risk.

Congress is trying to audit the Fed as the Fed has zero accountability to Congress – no over sight – no supervision – none – they are beyond arrogant and when threatened bring on depressions and instability to safe guard their unique profits and franchise – the Fed is privately owned folks – it has never been audited. Who owns the Fed. No one in government knows. What is there real numbers. No one in the government knows. They can’t know. The owners won’t let them. Folks it is time to end this 80 page 100 year old bad act of congress and MERGE THE FED INTO THE USA TREASURY. Its the right thing to do for all of the right reasons. The US TREASURY is transparent and is accountable fully to congress and the President and is transparent to the MARKET they must always keep confidence and respect into. I TRUST THE TREASURY. I distrust the FED as a Dead agency. Failed agency. Why is the press not reporting on this the largest item in US history the one policy all Presidential runners should comment on as their policy.

This money never tickled down or created CIRCULATION it went 2.7 trillion into stock buy backs versus plant equipment and jobs creation. All lost money. All lost opportunity.

Continuing to trust failed policy leadership is on Congress versus the Fed.

It is time to revoke the 1901 80 page Fed Congressional charter and with an emergency act of Congress – keep all Fed Function systems – under the US TREASURY post merger, where the franchise to print money – control the money supply and charge tax payers interest on each dollar printed – is retired – as obsolete – and the US TREASURY regains their 300 year exclusive constitutional powers to alone print the money supply for the people of the country.

NOW That idea is he future of our unborn generations.

Fed Whisperer – Perhaps Michael Moore could make a MOVIE ?

Berny Dohrmann – CEO SPACE