The market is rigged. The market is controlled by illegal speculations the Congress made legal – when it was a crime – in the last three hours of the lame duck Clinton Administration prior to Christmas before they left office – unanimous vote of congress by the way – tragic for America. 1999. Merry Christmas 2008 – and now. Merry Christmas as in NOT !!!!!

Sixty Minutes did such a great show on the cause of the crash – THIS VOTE OF CONGRESS – wish they would reply it and update it. NOW.

Today the Fed, a private company owned by the banks, the first Non Government Organization with an exclusive contract to control and print USA money – via an 80 page act of congress in 1910 – tragic for America – offers the market FREE MONEY.

The Free Money policy was the wrong policy to save the financial system. Now the Fed has created from terrible bubbles new SUPER BUBBLES even it can no longer control. Their policies failed. They have bankrupt the world. They have zero responsibility for their failed policy. And they now are the tail of the dog and under control of the ROBBER BARONS of modern times.

Fueled with FREE MONEY from the Fed, and facing dismal consumer, retail and growth numbers in America, the way stock prices have been held up – is free money.

The Free Money has not gone into plants, equipment, jobs and growth for business or for America. If FREE MONEY will not do it what will. Answer – nothing the Fed has in mind.

So the Robber Barons use the FREE MONEY to buy back their own stock – manipulating the stock price in the market. The share value of stock prices is an illussion not built on earnings. We have been in an earning recession – a contraction – since last year – three quarters in a row.

We are in the FOURTH LONGEST expansion period – in HISTORY – reaching the end of its life – eight years later when most are 30 months max. Its data folks. History. Never lies.

So the FREE MONEY bubble has now reached its last wealth support life support system – stock buy backs. This year they plan to buy back 600 billion in shares. Since 2010 they have brought back 2.7 TRILLION IN SHARE WEALTH to prop up share price – taking short term SPECULATION and MANIPULATION PROFITS – ungodly phony profits – built on NOTHING BUT FREE MONEY – ( the bubble ) – and they plan this year to invest 600 billion more in rigging the capitalism casino? RIGGING the markets?

No one says anything.

They make MORE PROFIT short term than investing in growth long term – creating jobs – expanding the economy.

If such stock repurchases were illegal what would happen to the money – the 1.7 trillion American business holds and is not investing in anything real? Would we then see the cash have to profit from planning out GROWTH in AMERICA? Answer – yes.

Why doesn’t congress do something? Because the financial lobby is now the largest lobby – the worst problem for America. Why? Because the bubble will burst and the landing will be very hard.

We should have bitten our bullet in 2008. So much easier. Now it is going to create so much more pain. No one thinks a SUPER CRASH is coming.

So I’m telling you – SUPER CRASH “IS” COMING and you better create your own safe harbor.

As Kevin Freeman’s famous book talking about SUPER CRASH suggests – in GAME PLAN – you better have your own safe harbor ready because the market does not have a game plan nor does your nation. Be self reliant and know whats coming.

You can hear the ICE CRACKING can you not ? Its all I’m hearing. Its all I’m reporting. Its all I’m seeing. Financial IRREPONSONSABILITY ……the FED IS FINANCIAL ISIS to the world. Unless we merge the Fed into the US treasury and soon, we face the worst form of SUPER CRASH.

Lets just see if I’m right…shall we.

Berny Dohrmann – Creating Game Plans for the CEO’s of the world.