So this weekend David Stockman told the world it makes no difference if Trump or Hillary are President of the United States. Neither can stop a recession from coming. The various index this Presidential adviser tracks have the tea leaves in the tea cup read. Retail sales are dismal. Auto sales have exceeded their peak and now are as Stockman said – passed the point of every single person in America who could FOG A REAR VIEW MIRROR has a car loan already – there is no market left. iPhones are down as is Apple Stock by huge % and falling MORE. Macy – down – Disney Down – and the lay off ‘s will follow massive and consistent to recession. Macy Down. Retail down. Everywhere every sector. You reading these tea leaves too or is just me? Inventory’s at recession levels – no one is safe – the market is shifting you can feel it. The fed is dead – has no clue – and is so without any trust or confidence – our money supply will soon suffer because they are proven to be idiots with failed policy one after another – Yellin wears a necklace of failed policies – worst Fed Chairman since Greenspan caused and created the crash all by his little self. THE FED IS DEAD as a policy machine merge Fed into USA TREASURY and stop paying INTEREST to CROOKS to print our money. Think about THAT when you think about recession and its cause.

They have already started with 1,00,000 jobs shed since January.

Also the MARKET just had the FIRST THREE WEEK RED INK BLOOD BATH since January – so the total two year profit for investors IN THE MARKET – is upside down. On average you LOST MONEY. So WHY or WHY are you in THE MARKET again? Tell me? I told you to get OUT a year ago – and your still in? Now its on YOU when the floor falls out from SUPER CRASH. Long reported here as well.

There is a bubble . There is not one bubble.

There is a free money bubble inflating markets artificially due to speculations. Prices must rebalance.

There is a bad loan and super bubble in bad debt that has not floated its way through the system but it must and the longer this tasks takes the greater the damage. As every economists knows.

There is an Asian Real Estate Super Bubble that will add to the bad debt bubble.

There is a commodity bubble.

There is an oil bubble where price should be 25 dollars a barrel and only speculation has it up to double that price when demand is falling and production is soaring. As an investment banker economist HOW DOES THAT ALL WORK AGAIN?

You have trade war and currency wars.

But in the end it is down to retail sales – manufacturing – inventories and all at recession levels in May 2016. The Sinking sucking sound your hearing is economics 101 – that can never ever be denied.

So ask yourself – HOW WILL “YOU” PROSPER IN THE DEVELOPING RECESSION no new President can fix?

Have a clue? Have no clue?

Have no clue? You might need to invest a tax buck into CEO SPACE lifetime membership and join CEO SPACE at the WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT on May 17th – register at the door and build your SAFE HAROBR and SEA WALL to protect your entire game plan – against the financial storm clouds now thundering just out of vision. They are coming. They ARE coming. THEY ARE COMING.

So prepare your vessel.

If you do – you can and you will prosper in any and every market.

If you don’t.

You won’t.

IT is that simple. It IS that simple. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

Now you know.

Berny Dohrmann – I agree with David Stockman this weekend – I think he read my blog.