The Central Bank fear mongering boils down to this:

  1. The bad debt in the EU must be managed by Germany France and the UK
  2. Increasingly France is out so that leaves the UK and Germany
  3. Neither can do this mission without bankrupting their countries
  4. Putin invaded the EU with millions of welfare state refugee’s sinking EU viability when they were bankrupt anyway
  5. UK exit releases the UK of the DEBT BOMB and there is NO DOWNSIDE – zero.

The UK will have preferred trade agreements and it will be financial end game for the EU to not FAST TRACK such trade agreements with the UK.

The EU is going to break up anyway – due to the DEBT BOMB. Any economist who does the math see’s there is no forward math model that works.

With a forward global recession – which is INEVITABLE – the rush of bad debt will swamp UK tax payers.

SAVING the people of the UK untold PAIN is the only safe plan for the voters of the UK.

The largest entrepreneur organization serving 140 nations and the entire EU for 30 years – endorses a UK EXIT on the first vote – delay is the only cost – the only pain – to great to PAY. DELAY.

Opt out and the UK will flourish. All the pundits will be wrong and the people of the UK will prosper for centuries.

The world needs a strong UK and a strong POUND STERLING.


Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economist keeping a light on for you