When leadership fails to tell the TRUTH to its people. It is a shameful thing. The unemployment numbers are a lie. The real unemployment in the USA is more like 27%.

There are 44 million on Food Stamps. Thats a huge shame in America.

10 Billion is being paid by state and federal subsidies to millions working now in the PART TIME – Temp Sector. Computers manage the deal terms so the workers never make any over time and never get any benefits. At a top pay averaging 9.50 cents single moms need food stamps and can’t get off medicare. They feel like bums but there are working their ass off in hard labor in tough jobs that once paid above the minimum wage of 15.00 an hour which less than 10% of all workers earn now. The trend of EXPLOITATION of labor is a shame in America.

Ford said – if I don’t pay my workers enough to buy their own Ford automobile whats the point? Paying labor proudly provides circulation third world exploitive nations never experience.


So the billions spent to lock up and warehouse millions upon millions of pot users – is an unaffordable shame. But they can’t get jobs. The folks reading their mail call can’t get jobs either – most can’t read that well either.

If you want to see the real dregs of the earth move down to watch shift change at any Federal or State Prison and I”m not talking about the INMATES.

We see ten million in cash, stolen every day in Afghanistan foreign aide every single day. We caught em doing it. The general catching them was transferred. Folks Foreign Aide starts in DETROIT – in Flint – In the Bronx in WATTS. Foreign aide of the old days – we have to:

  1. Invest in America first
  2. Foreign aide – bring it home folks we can’t save the world while we have 44 million on FOOD STAMPS now can we
  3. Empty our prisons of non violent offenders and justice reform returning sentence discretion to JUDGES not to lap tops
  4. Pay proud wages versus exploitive wages to labor
  5. Flat tax consumption and end income tax and its fraud to benefit the rich at the cost of the poor and middle class.

The leadership of SHAME is bought and paid for by the super rich and therefore the capacity to LEAD is without integrity. Without integrity we must have a revolution to re-invent our nation. Perhaps at the polls and voting booths we are seeing one begin….I hope so.

For all our sakes.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you – 44 million of them