SAFE HARBOR FOR SMALL CRAFT ( your business & lifestyle ) 


CEO SPACE May 17 IS  “safe harbor” for YOUR  business. Better plans, larger cooperative social capital ( trading communities ) and alliances, protect your life style as nothing else can or will. Better information helps the CEO small business owner. As you exchange a small tax dollar to own a lifetime peir inside the SEA WALL of CEO SPACE “safe harbor” you are protected from the worst effects of the financial storms that are coming. The best mentors are on site next week that if you paid for it would be a value of 200,000 dollars in pure consulting for your core business. Come get that value for a tax dollar. Lifetime Membership is an asset for any business and accelerates your bottom line – impossible to match outside this NETWORK of CEO’s. The worlds leading most prestigious and exclusive CEO SPACE membership club – serving 140 nations ranked # 1 by Forbes – you can trust the 30 years of proven history.

Data really never lies. You KNOW “THAT” and  you are in the longest bull recovery on record at eight years – and always – in all ways – recessions and contractions follow such periods of growth – that data never varies. ITS TIME and you KNOW that it is time. You know THAT. You know IT.

The storm clouds include common sense data: THAT NEVER LIES:


  1. International issues from the EU to South America to Asia roared upon the markets in 2015. The first quarter of the new year was a blood bath as a result. Everything rocked to a decline and all momentum stopped cold. You saw it. You are still reading about it. Its all reported here. This stopped growth globally. IMF and World bank are in their 5th revision downward on Global GNP. You know THAT.
  2. THEN commodities deflated – all of them – and trillions upon trillions were lost by speculators and enormous defaults and lay off’s globally began and are now picking up speed. Demand for the commodities is falling and the stock pile is so large from “wild speculation on price” those who hoarded now have lost so much money – they try to MANIPULATE Prices back up as in oil – but these are FOOLS RALLY’s against supply and demand and as Newton suggested so many years ago – what goes UP must and WILL come back down with a velocity one can predict. Its called financial gravity. You know THAT.
  3. Next and the main event folks – just in – jobs cooled and consumer demand stopped dead. Consumers drive the economy. As consumers pull back which they are have and its already in play – the market contracts and moves into recession. The indicators are the same as 2011 – 2007 and 2008 – and they just do not vary folks 1999. Its data. You can’t read the data and anticipate a DIFFERENT outcome. You just can not. OUTCOME is driven by the data. Consumer tipping point are now breaching the boats and all nations are moving into RECESSION – no one is escaping. Wages are flat. Nothing is rising to offset the declining. There is no place or space for a wealth effect to drive consumers who feel more poor not more rich in these markets. Volatility makes consumers feel UNSAFE and they do not spend the same when they feel – FEEL – unsafe – there is no poll for that feeling.

Read the CEO SPACE overview on this blog – written last week – just scroll. Share that with entrepreneur business owners you know need a SAFE HARBOR. To steer your boat out of the head winds and into safe harbor you must TURN AROUND and make for the SEA WALL and safer waters. IF you keep sailing the way you are sailing before the data – your likely risk in the high seas and storms coming – is far greater than getting into SAFE HARBOR. That means joining CEO SPACE and the ocean of CEO’s who own business’s who are arriving from all over the world May 15th to May 17th for a week at CEO SPACE through Sunday – Tuesday to Sunday for the main event. Use a tax dollar to protect EVERY DOLLAR.

Make sense?

Share with those you know – need safe harbor. There is so much silly information out there. The truth? You are getting financial details data and truth right year. Become a regular reader. Comment and share with one another on this board in the comment section – takes a comment to leave your perspective for other CEO’s who read this blog regularly. The list of subscribers is soaring – I can’t keep up on the notifications actually.

Business owners need the TRUTH. if you want to be safer in your sail through the coming recession – be ahead of the ostrich’s who have their head down in hidie holes looking for worms – as they get their ass blown off in the financial winds about to come upon them.


Why you will be tied to your peir in safe harbor behind the sea wall with CEO SPACE. That is a choice …..

Better information and a larger community – protects you.

Nothing else will.

Make the investment for life insurance for your life style and allow safe Harbor to work FOR YOU – while you have time to create MOMENTUM before the seas get too choppy to do so.

Berny Dohrmann – keeping a light on just for you