So the Feds of the world – private contract firms to nations using a fancy name like Federal Reserve Board – when they are really Tony Sapprano’s bank. A central bank owned by the other banks they regulate. How stupid is that idea? Letting the Wolves guard the chickens?

So THEY ( the central banks ) by an 80 page act of congress – Obama Care was 2800 pages – control our money. Not the nation and its people. THEM.

So “they” issue FREE MONEY – by say 14 trillion. We have to pay that off in debt because they charge tax payers on a loan to issue our own money – that should be a crime by the 80 page act of Congress makes legal.

The trillions do not add anything to the economy. These dollars do not create jobs or long term growth. What they have done is save their inside tribe from collapse from making bad bets on wild speculations – gambling – in the global financial casino.

Today if they stop the free money, the market crashes. No one is investing in real assets. Everyone is speculating and leveraging – borrowing – to speculate. This pattern is well known in financial history and has been the cause of all world wide depressions and financial utter melt down.

The spiral of values – say oil – going up when supplies are way over what the world needs – and the world is collapsing its demand for oil LONG TERM – is a feature of speculative manipulation of market prices. The manipulation of market prices can no longer be REGULATED nor can the wild speculation because the CASINO is now digital and global. The rules and laws are all local but the trades are all in the unregulated cloud. The nations the world have LOST CONTROL. They don’t want to tell you THAT but THAT is the truth.

Japan devalues its currency and the currency goes up.

Demand for so many items is falling but the price goes UP.

Can this spiral and manipulation continue?


Eventually two things happen. One the world experiences a contagion event which creates a default dominos effect to outstanding margin calls. The second contagion event – financial wild fire – is that defaults by nations like Puerto Rico tip bank after bank into default – a debt default wave that creates SUPER CRASH and decades of deflation and deleveraging while the law makers that made the laws that CREATED THE HORROR -blame everyone else but themselves and then pass new laws to try and regulate a world that has no regulatory frame work without a G 100 cooperative capitalism to replace the FAILED ECONOMIC MODELING of competitive capitalism or elitist capitalism.

We need new box top rules for the world order. Without them the future is volatility – ups and downs – no real foundation to the betting in equities – or commodities – or FourX – as all markets are manipulated -one chaps computer software against another with the small players caught inside those waves – nope no real market at all – bonds and insurance investing might be an acceptation.

We have been crying for:

  1. Merging Feds into their nations treasuries
  2. Creating a G 100 Three Year Economic Constitutional Convention to set up a global financial frame work that defines cooperative capitalism. ( Read Redemption the Cooperation Revolution ).
  3. Returning interest rates to normalization and stop free money economics which is making the end game so much more like world war than just depression and pain for a generation.

Folks here is the truth. The 100 Trillion dollars of bad debt and trillions on top of that – have to work their way out of the system. It is an inconvenient truth. It is the TOXIC POLLUTION of the global financial order.

Until that bad and growing debt is accommodated the system can set itself on even keel.

Then the speculation that is legal must be made a CRIME globally as it was in 1999. Banks can not take deposited money into investment level risk taking. Of course. As in DUH?

Short selling and speculative manipulative practices in the market need to be outlawed – and the crooks put into jail. A real market versus a phony casino market space must be returned to the people of the world. Today an elite class is adding nothing to the economy and zero to our futures while they legally steal and become fantastically more wealthy bankrupting all of us. THAT IS THE TRUTH. The system is rigged – all our leaders running for office tell you that.


Vote accordingly folks – its your time.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE