Retail has been trading at 16 t0 18 times earnings. Gosh it would take 20 years to “earn your money back” without a profit. Is THAT a bubble on ratio to earnings? I think SO.

Disney is down in earnings for the first time in NINE years folks. If folks are not going to DISNEYLAND what does THAT tell you? AND folks – they have made such bad bad calls on almost everything. IGER needs to GO. Not only did they not go UP they went DOWN DOWN DOWN that rabbit hole. Its DISNEY FOLKS. Its APPLE FOLKS.

Then we have Macy sales reporting in and all retail really. DOWN. Macy is like 2011. I mean give me a recession break. Consumers ARE NOT BUYING FOLKS and they are the engine of the economy.

Then we have Drawn Down of oil this week and oil goes UP. Why? Because Canada had a fire. They are still producing almost 2 million barrels over demand – and demand is falling like Nigeria Falls. Saudi announces they will pump MORE OIL and the price goes UP. Folks the oil bubble is not going to re-inflate. It will be speculator volatile but real math a break up of OPEC ( they are OUT in the price control biz folks ) and now its the FREE MARKET – and that makes oil almost FREE. There is no long term future in a commodity the world is rushing out of due to polluting the earth and cost. Really? I mean REALLY? Idiots talk about a stable oil price of 78 dollars next year – REALLY? Why because the Gulf needs that price? Its a FREE MARKET FOLKS and nations like Nigeria and others are going to pump and that pumping is going soar and no one will stop anyone from pumping oil. As demand sinks into world wide depression and SUPER CRASH there is no profit in oil.

There is no profit in the market. It is first half of year – in the red. YOU LOST MONEY INVESTING IN THE MARKET this year- just like we told you all LAST YEAR. We told you it would be volatile up and down like you have never seen – cycles that are extraordinary – no trends from the past explain the future.

China – the DEBT BOMB with its DEBT STIMULUS will SUPER CRASH. The Crash from China will be so large so swift so far reaching the entire world will shudder on its financial axis. Contagion from the 800 billion ( thats one trillion of the 100 trillion in bad debts we have been writing to you about ) flowing from little Puerto Rico will effect Chase City Corp Credit Swiss and Bank of China. But these defaults are going to dominos. As they do the TOO BIG TO FAIL will need to be JUST RIGHT TO JAIL for their criminal use of bank core deposits for wild speculative investments – and Congress world wide – needs to GO TO JAIL WITH THEM. They passed the laws in 1999 that made crimes legal – that made 70 years of firewall where banks could not take bets in investment banking risk taking with YOUR and with MY deposits – but they have – now – as what was a felony is now legal theft of your cash in banks.

The truth. There is no cash in Governments – just IOU’s of what they have borrowed – there is no cash in banks – not your cash or my cash – there is just paper entries that if you balance the books ( really  ) the banks and the nations are bankrupt. Here’s some math for you – click this: ( do as Bill Clinton Says – the ARITHMETIC:

Check out ( scroll to get it all too ) how much your babies owe – how much you owe – how fast it is rising. Thats just the USA there is a EU debt clock and a CHINA and Japan Debt Clock and together they now underwrite over 100 TRILLION of BAD NON PAYING DEBT still shown on balance sheets in financial reports ( legally  ) as good debts as good assets. Folks this is LEGAL FRAUD. It is what is keeping the SYSTEM GOING – everything looks to be in the black if shaky – but its – far from in the black – its all bankrupt. Investors who are loosing money investing for TWO YEARS in the market are going to MOVE – they are going to invest in VENTURES – BONDS – HARD ASSETS AND INSURANCE.

The Feds are holding interest down to free money – to permit insurance firms to go broke as they pay out 3% and earn 1% how long can THAT GO ON – then the investment banks ( THE TWO BIG TO JAIL ) will bail out the TOO BIG TO FAIL and legally steal these last assets – unless the FEDS raise interest rates back to market levels.

The policy to stimulate when it is highways bridges and infrastructure like power and water and national retooling – creates jobs and lifts the economy. When trillions in stimulus are bail outs for the rich who lost money by taking terrible bets – we all lose and have no future. SEE THAT CLICK AGAIN.

You tell me – there is a comment section here folks – you TELL ME? Are you sharing this blog? Folks what is coming is SUPER CRASH global DEPRESSION this time and a 20 year window to get out of it. Are you ready for THAT.

THAT is the THAT my blog is writing about……

Berny Dohrmann – we’ll keep a light on just for you…….