CEO SPACE WILL host its Spring Forward Financially – most popular CEO conference of the year May 17th. Bonus class programs including the first CROWD EQUITY FUNDING Skills lesson for the boss – with all the new options for infusing capital into venture space in 2016, is being offered FREE for enrolled members May 13th at 4.00 pm at world famous Westin LAKE LAS VEGAS Nevada – near Las Vegas – register on line or at the desk – financing is available for credit qualified CEO’s at no interest no payments for 180 days – amortizing the LIFE TIME membership asset for infinite returns when tax benefits are applied. For more affluent members you may wish to explore PLATINUM COMMUNITY MEMBERSHIPS as your tax secured high ground for participation.


All capital laws changed this last November. CEO’s who obtain this  master Leadership advanced  skill set of options and opportunities – vast new capital options on the new law capital infusion for any business division or new product launch – authors – speakers – professionals in practice – have acquired “THE”  MASTER CEO “C” SUITE  SKILL SET on a weekend in three days   with the new law capital training behind them – worth 50,000 DOLLARS US our members report to us Free to CEO SPACE lifetime members May 13th – I’d pay at the door and get this if you have to wait for your full class until later – as the MASTER SKILL In THIS AREA IS URGENT – and places you ahead of the market space.

CEO SPACE is featured for years in Entrepreneur Magazine – Inc. – Fortune – Wall Street Journal – and ranked the # 1 Conference CEO’s CAN NOT “AFFORD” TO MISS IN THE WORLD TODAY in both 2015 and again in 2016. CEO SPACE provides benefits that include:

  1. We deliver new customer base and markets including affiliates and alliance partners.
  2. We deliver access to investors and capital lowering cost and time in those missions.
  3. We deliver superior mentors over coaches to resolve business challenge faster
  4. We transfer enormous skill upgrades to the Boss – the ax sharper # 1 program in leadership for Fortune Firms to venture development space
  5. We deliver the worlds most complete SUPER STORE with every possible acceleration to lower cost and time to effect deliverables you must acquire anyway.

IF WE FAIL TO REDUCE YOUR TIME AND COST TO GOAL ATTAINMENT we refund your life time membership “asset” for your business – in full – before you leave the host hotel. We successfully serve CEO’s since the 1980’s with 30 years of performance track record featured on line for every profession and industry – via our video library on our web site google ceospace international and all 30 years of PROOF’s become yours. There are 2000 hours of testimonials on line ….from CEO’s just like yourself.

CEO SPACE is the worlds # 1  business accelerator. There are 1100 programs that give you your money’s worth from Tony Robins to Peak Potential and we recommend many of them like Secret Knock.

There is ONLY ONE program – just one – that guarantee’s your money BACK – versus your money’s worth.

There is only ONE Value proposition where you invest a tax dollar – fully 100% financing with no interest or payments for 180 days or three programs – where you make a return in your first program and if CEO SPACE is not a “fit” ideal for you – if we do not deliver MORE than we PROMISED to you – at CEO LEVEL of analytics – and we did not accelerate your goal attainment dramatically – WE REFUND YOUR FULL LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ( which is unchanged since 1988 ) to you – before you depart the hosting hotel. PERIOD. WHO ELSE DOES “THAT” ? How respectful of a CEO at the top is that policy over 30 years? 

CEO SPACE has not changed its PRICE to members since 1988. We have however added FOUR DAYS of added member values networking and education in advanced leadership for the boss without raising the PRICE in 30 years. WHO ELSE CAN SAY “THAT” as a member value protection? We keep adding VALUE but we never change our price. Our Spring Class is so exciting and larger you get $ 1000.00 OFF THE LIFE TIME asset price – how solid is THAT ?

CEO SPACE includes in your price all meals Monday to Friday – and all breaks with food Monday to Friday. Plus all print and gift and audio materials including free slides on all programs without added cost to you with no add on’s.

THERE IS NO up-selling by faculty or by  CEO SPACE at the conference – you will not be sold offered specials or  offered additional programs – advanced programs or anything like that – in fact to be on the FORBES TOP TEN LIST you qualify not to sell to the audience as a qualification – which for so many CEO’s is refreshing as another guarantee. You all LOVE and appreciate CEO SPACE is all about your time and value with exclusion to any other agenda – PEOPLE VS PROFITS – read that best seller which defines us.

CEO SPACE hosts billionaires walking around with millionaires – millianls – seniors – in betweens – 50% lady leaders – 50% singles – we start in prayer and end in prayer – pass if that sets you off – we help one another without condition in COOPERATIVE SYSTEMS management versus competitive systemic models – pass if that offends you – 30% CEO upgrade on skills and 70% advanced networking to make sure your NET WORKS at the CEO to CEO feel – as your NET WORKING IS YOUR NETWORTH today. Social Capital is the value exchange for time and money assuring your accelerating by a decade your SOCIAL CAPITAL ACCOUNT global at a single CEO SPACE.

CATCH  ? Oh yeah. CEO mind sets. You must be willing to cross mentor and CONTRIBUTE AS MUCH AS YOU CONSUME – not your style – then pass on CEO SPACE as THAT is our style and defines our community of CEO’s – kind generous social integrity driven without condition to helping one another – not your game or tribe – not a fit and you know NOW. If you are seeking this tribe your already one of US come lets change the WORLD TOGETHER.

Every CEO says – “if I only had known I would have been here sooner” – or “WHY DID YOU NOT MAKE ME ENROLL SOONER” ? You invest a tax dollar – you get a return on investment and you have a five time a year potential to profit from the trade show of the century – that really works.

Today you reside in SUPER CHANGE. CEO’s need to be brought current – and and remain current to secure their accelerations in an ever changing SUPER CHANGE Market. Successive financial storms are taking place. The best investment banking economists advise CEO’s on market trends. You are completing the longest financial expansion in modern times – 8 years now. Typical expansions are 5 years and recession to follow. Todays 8 year expansion must close off soon and a contraction is likely. CEO SPACE creates safe harbor with superior plans imposed teams and resources to PROSPER IN ANY AND EVERY MARKET missing when the CEO’s go it alone.

One bad consultant – one mistake in advertising – one mistake on any basis and you lost many times what the small low cost 1988 membership price for a LIFETIME ASSET into CEO SPACE represents.

CEO SPACE is the only program that picks up where BNI and VISTAGE and WPO leave off – as a program designed for regular consistent use by CEO’s to accelerate profit accounts and bottom line measured results. CEO SPACE is complete. CEO SPACE if CEO’s allow assists with exit planning and execution working to secure higher value via M&A or IPO we will help CEO’s frame in at that right time and valuation. CEO SPACE is the on going process CEO’s have been seeking but did not know existed to hyper grow their business world wide in stages and phases that suit their game not ours.

CEO SPACE works like the ideal 50/50 partner you never have to pay for and dream of having support at that level. True for Fortune CEO’s to those in development space.

We help all levels of professionals and CEO’s in the worlds most exclusive prestigious high performance high return exchange with proven results raved about by those who know world wide.

If you are seeking:

  1. Skill upgrades in your own core game at the best quality exchange for time and value
  2. Superior mentors who make millions you can not afford – best of the best
  3. Improved association CEO to CEO globally – enormous network asset value
  4. Acceleration in profits and bottom line measureless
  5. Access to solutions from systemic hyper growth to dynamic market expansions

Yesterday was already to late for your membership as a business asset if you are seeking 1 to 5 on this list. This May you will have better plans better teams and massive resource acquisition to a accelerate bottom lines. Delay is the one single cost item too expensive to pay – never pay for delay.

How do I run my agenda AT CEO SPACE? CEO SPACE engages CEO PACING allowing YOU to operate your agenda and business from CEO SPACE – every hour back home by email – skype – face time – calls and direction. CEO’s at the top run their empire FROM CEO SPACE using Westin Lake Las Vegas as their VIRTUAL OFFICE – never missing a contract or contact. Higher level CEO’s fly guests into the resort to cement critical deals at CEO SPACE using the mentor resume and power and the attorney power – such as former DEPUTY DIRECTOR SEC or SEC COMMISSIONER or team that broke HP into two entities or CONOCO OIL into two entities – a lead strategist adviser to the Federal Reserve Board and NASA – and too many to report here – to compliment those critical meetings WHILE CEO SPACE is under way – enormous business is underway without missing a beat. CEO’s plan on it and around it. They make it happen after all they are the CEO or professional running their own game.

This MAY you can dramatically alter your 2016 result path. If this message finds you from a lucky friend who reads this blog and shared the information with you – you will experience a safer harbor in the financial sea storms which historically will arrive into the market soon – you’ll be safe high and dry – and you will make better goal results in 2016 than if you miss CEO SPACE this May. Family plans to include the entire family are available. Also share this message with CEO’s in your tribe need to discover and explore CEO SPACE we make that so low pressure in the ultimate ladies and gentlemen CEO club on the planet today.

Endorsed in 140  nations CEO SPACE is the leading Leadership development skills program in the world today for the discerning management teams at the top. Our slogan is simple – WE WILL NOT QUIT UNTIL “YOU” WIN…..our mission revolves around the best seller right now PEOPLE VS PROFITS and HOW MAY WE SERVE “YOU” BETTER.

If immediate improvements in use of time – options – opportunity – and 2016 profits are priorities to you and your team – we’ll see you in a week at the # 1 CEO conference in the world. This message must have crossed your path for a reason.

As founder I promise you the best of our offerings is coming to YOU directly – in only days and your decision to join is superior in results to what you would otherwise be undertaking. On that you can trust our warranty and all 30 years and FORBES when they report year after year…CEO SPACE IS THE ONE GLOBAL CEO CONFERENCE THE BOSS “CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS” IN THE WORLD TODAY… that ranking the highest in our industry. May is the time to play as you SPRING FORWARD in 2016 Financially – lets make SURE together.

Come and lets change the world together……….

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman – keeping a light on just for YOU today