We told you the DOW would be volatile. We also told you the SUPER CRASH is a result of FAILED POLICY by the ultimate failed policy – THE FED itself. This link: will show you the problem – the biggest legal theft on all peoples on earth. THE FED’s of the world. Lets consider this as we await the other shoe dropping YOU ALL KNOW “IS” COMING – which is:

  1. We pay a private contractor using a name The Fed to make policy and print money – when until 1907 the US TREASURY DID THAT.
  2. The Fed created the Great Depression. And profited from it.
  3. The Fed created the DOT.BOMB bubble and profited from it.
  4. The Fed profited from 9/11.
  5. The Fed has trillions upon trillions in its balance sheet from the Sub Prime BUBBLE IT CREATED – and profited from to this minute.

The solution of ending the FAILED POLICY OF THE FED as an idea – merge the FED into the US Treasury – keep all Fed processes and controls and allow transparency audits and management by US TREASURY – and oh yeah the concept of charging all of US the USA huge  interest to print our own money – THAT – that LEGAL THEFT – that goes away – by an emergency act of congress. If we are not bought and paid for the FED MUST BE DEAD as policy. Or we go bankrupt as a nation as do all nations with their Feds. WAKE UP to the legal theft. See the video its the truth folks:

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I have spent years painting a solution to SUPER CRASH while there is still time. But TIME itself is running out. With inspired leadership and the ideas that appear in my BLOG as an investment banker economist I have presented the ONE and the ONLY WAY out of all this – a reset for the world that rebalances all accounts – although the LEGAL THEFT must stop to do it.

Meanwhile, as I said, correctly when others were saying I was wrong and silly – THAT CHINA is in a death spiral of deflation that the world can not fix. That we are all now sinking into GLOBAL DEFLATION right when the Feds have fired their last bullet. They have no bullets left. Debt never will fix debt. DEBT will never fix debt. Not now not ever. More debt as this time pours fuel on the SUPER CRASH – makes everything worse tomorrow.

China manufacturing is spiraling down. There is a RUN ON CHINA at every level. They have used up MORE THAN HALF THEIR FOREIGN RESERVES OF 30 years in five months since January trying to turn DEFLATION around. They can not. Japan can not. In fact China is in a speculation bubble where their currency is being bid up by China to protect its own trade against Japan. Japan is being bitch slapped by China in pure nation to nation TRADE WAR …..just as I predicted here so often to you. Trade war is game on – all over the world – fourth step in the cycle that never varies in FINANCIAL HISTORY folks set forth here again. And in my BOOK REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION where the solutions are all …spelled out. Write your law makers – MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY – just write them – your voice matters folks your voice matters – copy Senator Orin Hatch and let them know you own a business.

Full on trade war is here. Now. Spreading. Getting more dangerous. Causing SUPER CRASH. As debts can not be paid with trade war contracting revenue.

The US is saying it has dropped the hammer on Trade WAR this week – by doing what? By keeping a list. Like Santa Clause. By keeping a list and telling the world who is naughty and who is nice? Yes you can spank the naughty on the list but how. Screaming at them you are putting another RED LINE down. No one believes in America any more. What red line? The fifth? The Tenth? Syria and Daesh as still using gas weapons in Syria. Then we scream – hey bad buys we will SANCTION YOU for the 32nd time…oh we are not kidding we will do more sanctions there are more sanctions coming. Really? Are you Kidding ME? This is United States Policy? Knowing an utter and full collapse of the financial system is about to occur ( and they know believe me – they well know ). Billions will be effected not millions. Millions will strive to death or be killed in civil unrest. You are executing pretend impotent policy – with no teeth? Really? Making the USA once a lion a global pussy? Really? Thats IT ?

Finally the pussy FED is not returning to normal market rates for economic markets. They are offering their bank tribe free money to fuel debt that is a bubble in all markets. They fly around the market like the wind and everyone knows the truth. They are in panic mode. They have no weapons of mass solutions. They are toothless. THEY DON”T KNOW WHAT TO DO they have lost the confidence of the world. They have no policy. They do not act – and create policy they REACT and don’t know WHAT TO DO. We all know that now. Don’t you know that now? Don’t you? The market confidence is SHATTERED BY THE FED – its time for them to GO as Al Core said – it is an inconvenient TRUTH the FED needs to MERGE into US TREASURY – write your law makes folks write them today – just go on line and write them – MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY.

Riots and revolutions will rise up everywhere after Super Crash. Marshal law is not going to work.

They know. Trust me they know.

So the US “drops the paper hammer” to jaw bone down DEFLATION and trade war between nations. Meanwhile the trade was is accelerating – currency manipulation – tariff’s – barriers – isolation – every nation for themselves. ITS GAME ON as we told you – which is always the 4th step to SUPER CRASH:

  1. Consolidation of Wealth – 99% own more than 1% – unsustainable
  2. Melt Down – see 2008
  3. Trade War – markets of distrust and negotiation
  4. Contagion spark and Global SUPER CRASH
  5. World War

This is financial history folks – from Rome to today. It never not ever varies as economic history – as sure as on  a map that mountains do not relocate. This history is sad – because we never have to repeat it. Political manipulation by the SUPER MONEY creates inaction to fix it. Period.

So what do YOU do. You do the following:

  1. Invest in food water and ammunition to protect the food and water. Ammunition is the new currency not GOLD. Hoard Ammunition. Trust me on this item. You always trade it always.
  2. Invest in motor cycles and fuel to run them for a few months at home.
  3. Invest in your business – be able to run it from home if need be.
  4. Entrepreneurs will prosper in any market – invest in momentum NOW while the market is holding on – build up faster.
  5. USE CEO SPACE to create larger cooperative circles – and grow your business faster until it cracks then use CEO SPACE to remain out front to prosper in the new market space of world depression.

Why they will not learn is beyond me – GREED IS INSANE – so I just believe the SUPER MONEY is blind and insane and doesn’t see it. Blinded by greed.

They self justify with arguments that are spit in the winds.

Take your blinders off and SEE folks…Super Crash – well its coming.

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TIME IS SHORT and decisions are best made with better information.

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Berny Dohrmann – keeping a light on for you

PS: Expect more market volatility than you are used to and make that volatility your new normal. Diversified insurance investing is in my opinion the best safe haven investment and Gold is a fools run.