What is new in the market. Answer. Nothing.  Side bets add zero to economic capacity. Side bets are Structured Assets – now Electronic Transfer Funds or ETF’s – which are just “agreements” as are all securities. THE IMF WARNED IN THE PAST 30 DAYS THE ETF SPECULATED BUBBLE MAY BE A SYSTEMIC RISK TO THE ENTIRE WORLD ORDER. The agreement in this space is a side bet on which way something will go in price a pure bet a speculation win or loose – a side bet . One does not buy assets and invest in economic capacity and output. The market that does THAT the equity and the bond markets are trading at around 2.7 trillion annually or up a bit from 2008. The side bet market has gone from 800 billion in 1999 Dec to 440 Trillion at leverage that is unregulated and morally bankrupt facilitating the worst financial future crash in global history. Nothing like it ever. Why?

Because the G 100 have lost regulatory control over speculation. The public has no clue how the market works. Today the DNA pool at the top has lost sufficient intelligence to have drank the LSD that there IS IN FACT DISKLESS RISK. That digital tools and digital tactics can moderate speculative profit making on both sides – up and down – to the trading rope. Also the profits in the speculative sector – say 4.5 trillion dollar BLACKROCK has almost half their assets now in the casino – ETF trading as if that is safe and bed rock – it is not – it is SUPER HIGH RISK and the returns never offset the losses about to materialize – and that tribe is the largest lobby in all nations to preclude regulations to bridle in the horrible speculation taking place in the side bet market space – manipulating everything and a hidden tax on everything – so that a few fantastically wealthy tribe members can further and even more fantastically enrich themselves only. Is this the way to run the world rodeo? It is truly insane folks and the notion of RISKLESS RISK investing is also insane and should be a felony. It was in 1999. But the DNA of law makers gets dumber faster than the rest of us.


Think if Blackrock and tribe with 100 trillion under management invested in land – development – mining – environment – new fuels – new power grids  – new technology – new factories – with the 50% of their funds now in SIDE BET ECONOMICS CASINO CAPITALISM and structured asset pools- WHAT WOULD WORLD GROWTH BE LIKE REALLY.

Unless the G 100 make side bets a FELONY world wide – as it was in 1999 – the entire world will suffer repeating past history in todays global DELATION SPIRAL – via SUPER CRASH and world wide depression. Know what – its almost here as the defaults on debt begin the dominoes of destruction to DISKLESS RISK THEORETICAL MODELING and the ETF market crashes locks up liquidity and entire trade just stops – no circulation and liquidity – not anywhere. POOF the system is gone just like the IMF and WORLD bank have been screaming about to regulators who compete versus cooperate. Is that insane? I think so.

As with the last SUPER CRASH no one has tables studies or deflation data on what takes place if all values crash and keep on crashing. I do. What happens is the system locks up locks down and liquidity is gone instantly and the entire system folds in panic contagion and banks simply go bankrupt. Nations go bankrupt. The world balances its books and goes bankrupt. No one can pay their bills and everyone starts over. This typically resets ultimately with world war.

This pattern never ever economically speaking changes. Why do we repeat failed modeling? Because the DNA at the top thinks THIS TIME they have out smarted gravity and basic laws of prudent economics. Plus the GREED. The GREED just creates what I call the global BLIND HERD. The Blind herd is mindless and chases the next competitive profit taking at zero social consideration for the value risk to the world economic whole. No one has tables or what IF games to figure – wait just a minute. What if deflation is unstoppable and what if this now happens as asset prices in all classes decline with no recovery for decades.What happens? THAT IS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT and DEFLATION is here – and they have lost trying to beat it down with 100 trillion in investment globally to no effect on inflation and growth NONE. In fact they have made it worse. A G 100 Global Economic Constitutional Congress is the ONLY Possible solution but they won’t even explore having one called into order. Without the LARGEST RE THINK OF GLOBAL FINANCIAL REGULATION the power of economics 101 will deflate economics and rebalance the accounts. THAT IS SANITY.

The theories are long strings of calculous that work in some conditions. There are more one conditions where those long strings of numbers do not work and we are coming now to those conditions specifically. Creating in fact by those same long strings of numbers. When you ask them WHAT IF they look at you as if you are from Mars because what IF has not happened since the last depression in 1929.  and before than in 1907. But they did happen. And they did happen because of these same side bets.

For the lay person – when the side bet market is many times the real market of stake holder buy in that makes an economy work, what happens is you have:

  1. Casino capitalism – one persons software is working trading against another software
  2. The market is rigged by software side bet trading there is no real market value anymore
  3. There is no real market any more – it sank into the casino
  4. The leverage is so fantastic it can not sustain itself in the upward spiral
  5. Deflation takes hold globally and the entire whirl wind up collapses and everyone is blown to dust inside the crashes as there is no real economic pillar under the foundation – which was eaten away by decades of debt and speculation.

People get so upset when I forecast 50% drop in real estate prices ( at least ) and real unemployment in the USA of 40% and in other nations 60% within a global depression worse than any society has ever known. In the last depression the bulk of economic activity was production of hard goods and services. Today the bulk of the economy is service and soft goods that have no value in a depression – there is no recovery – no one has spare money for anything but life essentials.

The quality of life we have known since world WAR II – 50 years or so – is the only period of this level of global social rise in the history of the world. It is a tiny time capsule unforgiving for abuse and we have so abused the global opportunity. The result is that the world, lacking a G 100 Economic Constitution to reset speculation trade and economics globally – must move back to the future in the most challenging suffering for masses of people due to system abuse in mankind history. America will be like a third world. All nations will equally suffer from the elite class who abused their station and trust for blind herd greed economics in asset classes that are casino side bets and add no value to economics really. INSANE ECONOMICS. I think so.

Given the weapons of this next war one would expect the massive population reduction world war would bring to reset economics planet wide. Is this the way? It is certainly the INSANE Way and we are following it. Does that mean we are insane. I think so.

Don’t you?

Berny Dohrmann – Thinking through the future for you – 440 trillion side bet dollars to 2.7 trillion real market dollars – is that insane. I think so.




Folks, I’ve never seen anything like it. They just lie to you. You hear the lies and you think your hearing the truth. No one even knows the truth anymore. Its like the liars believe their own lies – now that is dangerous in the extreme. Lets review the facts:

  1. The market is crashing globally in a death spiral of deflation.
  2. The central banks failed – utterly – to prevent the bubble and crash – and created new bubbles and new crashes coming.
  3. The central banks infused 100’s of trillions globally and look ma – no inflation – just delation and negative interest rates.
  4. They can’t restart economies when they PAY YOU TO BORROW in negative interest rates and that last poker chip failed. Central banks failed. Merge them into their treasuries. Retire the failed model.
  5. The market is loaded up now with impossible debt and no growth and inflation to pay it all off with.
  6. Manufacturing globally is melting down – not slowing down – crashing – globally.
  7. Retail buying just went thud in March – so much worse than anyone ever predicted.
  8. China is worse by far than anyone predicted.
  9. Russia and the world is worse every single month than anyone expected.
  10. Currencies are being devalued in effect by the markets as nations say “oh no” and lie.

The IMF and World bank down grade global GNP for the fourth time in four months in 2016 – like breaking the graph chalk off to the floor and saying – ANYONE SEE THIS TREND LINE TODAY?

Warning the entire system may fail twice in two weeks in plain as the nose on your face financial speak and saying NO MORE LOANS TO GREECE. Without which they default.

Invasions of three million from the Gulf to the EU are creating a NEW YORK city of out fee’s to support the new moving city – without any way to grow their economies now as the sea anchor of an INVASION and economic SEA ANCHOR weighs down any recovery in debt bomb EU.

The UK   may leave the EU to avoid paying the debts of the bankrupt EU members – smart in our opinion – they only gain and there is no pain as the liars suggest – no pain no gain.

Greece will default and exit the EU.

The EU will break up.

OPEC has broken up. Its a thing of the past.

Every oil producer is in it for themselves today – trade war in oil for decades. THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and the right price is 25.00 a barrel – watch. Oil’s real crash is coming because the glut is worse than anyone knows and everyone is pumping more into an over supplied lake. The price damn will break.

The cost of everything is deflating while they lie to us.

Housing will fall 70% because the MEAN AVERAGE PRICE Of a home is way far above the mean average income qualified to buy that home – the market has in speculation lost touch with reality. See the BIG SHORT. They bid up the market in crazy speculation and its still taking place unchanged. Only today the ability to crash is a SUPER CRASH and it must come to rebalance credit and debt bomb’s until they explode and rebalance accounts.

There is 100 trillion of bad non paying loans being held by institutions as good and solid assets. As this lie – the bad debt – works its way out of the system major institutions will go bankrupt. Its the way of credit abuse over decades.

And the market goes up?

Folks there is a law of gravity. If you see water flowing up hills runnnnnnnn.

Protect yourself by joining CEO SPACE and attending May 15th so you have the current information. We’ll prove the premise of what to DO to be SAFE.

You can’t be safe by following the herd.

Be the maverick that protects your tribe.



PS: All this is good for the market – as in how ? Lord give me a break from the liars please.






So the market is at an all time high – again. In some categories but not all. Why?

Well lets see.

The IMF and World bank warn of complete system melt down twice in two weeks.

China comes in down bubble again – far worse than experts anticipated and thats their communist lie numbers its far worse than they say.

The UK may leave the EU.

Greece is going to default.

World growth is in deflation spiral. No growth.

Opec fell apart and could get no agreement. Everyone is pumping full out and trade war with one another to get market share.

Russia is photo bombing US maneuvers in the gulf raising tensions.

Energy stocks are soaring and no end in sight – and as reserves back up for a year ahead – the price goes UP?

Stocks go UP?

Earnings are down. Morgan is 50% off last year – and they all follow pattern and the price goes UP on 50% fall off in earnings?

Perhaps our note on rampant market manipulation – casino capitalism – wild west speculation controlling market prices – a fools rally – a suckers rally – falls on your deaf ears.

Buy at the highest because it will only go every higher against what – enormous stop in consumer buying and confidence – enormous fall off in manufacturing – entire price categories in free fall – everything crashing and we raise minimum labor rates by 150% in a month? Oh that will fly alright.

267 billion in taxes just flys out legal tax haven structure deals where the rich get fantastically richer and the middle class gets destroyed all at once.

Yeah that will fly.

Are you thinking things are ALRIGHT?

Folks – a blood bath is coming. Financial storms are coming. Get yourself behind sea walls and safe harbors. Buying in now – at the end of eight boom years – when normal booms are five years followed by YEARS OF CONTRATION – folks –

Japanese yen is devaluing in Deflation

China currency is devaluing in Deflation

World markets are in death spiral due to deflation.

The Debt bomb of 100 trillion will explode soon and then too big to fail will be too big to jail and then some. The crooks are still running the market space. Until you put the real crooks into prison – you will not change the system itself folks – if they can pay a fine to get out of jail – crime is just a cost of legal theft – and the criminals win. Your smart. You see it. You get it.

The French fought a revolution over this and invented that off with your head thing for the rich class.

That worked for hundreds of years. Perhaps we need a FRENCH leader to bring all that back?

Folks this is CLASS WAR FARE just as Warren Buffet said – years ago – when he shook his head with tears in his eye saying….and unfortunately …MY CLASS IS WINNING. My class IS WINNING.

See an upside down pyramid. 99% of the wealth is owned by the unbalanced tip upside down – 99% of the people at the top own less now that is LESS than 1% of all wealth – do you really think that upside down chart can be stable and will fail to topple as it always has throughout history? Folks?

Buy low sell high. Get out of the market and into diversified insurance time machines and early stage venture investing to get through what is coming. If you ostrich into the markets – you will have your little ass feathers blown off.

In my opinion…the SHOCK WAVE is coming and the next wave trumps all the prior waves by a long shot.

SHOCK WAVE get ready folks its is coming.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for the sucker rally –


PS: When all the news is bad and the market goes up – you are seeing manipulation folks not real market space – so the casino market is NOT REAL – keep that fact in your mind.






Candidates are complaining there is WAY TOO MUCH money to run an honest election. The money works on EMOTIONAL SPIN whacking the emotions back and froth across the nation with zero what IS IMPORTANT to the lives of all voters. There is only ONE ISSUE  – it remains the ECONOMY stupid. The issue inside THAT ONE ISSUE is also one issue – 1% own more than 99% of the wealth because legally the financial system is hijacked corrupt and totally rigged. The market is not open fair and honest. Because of this we have corrupted AMERICA. We need the largest global RE-THINK OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS because in a decade all the 100’s of trillions moved from the regulated space to DIGITAL SPACE where there IS NO LAW OR REGULATION. Financial Trading is now “the wild wild west of speculation” which is the CAUSE of all depressions and world wars. The CAUSE is not what they tell you. The cause is GREED – a break down of regulatory control – and rampant borrowing to invest in wild speculations at fantastic rates of leverage until the banks and financial wealth of nations is stolen – with legal theft – and the entire system is bankrupt. Which is where we are NOW. The system is past the point of no return but there is still time to come back from the brink. Without action on strategy to save the entire world order – the system will soon collapse into deflation and world war. The death spiral financially is GAME ON.


I believe the greatest field of American talent is running for office. I respect them all as GREAT AMERICAN’s even if if I disagree with their policies. I forgive them for they outrageous media shin digs as their polls and advisers manipulate their sound bites – while I totally respect how smart they are – how much sacrifice they are putting in – and while they fail to demonstrate cross respect for the offices FOR WHICH THEY RUN – I provide that common respect because I remain a proud AMERICAN. They are all GREAT AMERICAN’s every one. They are all so smart. Their policies are all so much closers when you read on the internet than hear the eight grade debate show for media – and they are all trying so hard. I cherish them. I Respect them. I honor them. I raise the bar for myself my family and my children and I keep those running for office in America on an island of respect an island of pure honor and an island of pride. The mud pond they tug of rope over – gets everyone dirty. My bleachers are high and dry and I am watching the field of play from the Holy Wild Flowers of AMERICA’s sea to shinning Sea and I honor all candidates who run for this hard and challenging office. How the next President will tackle the money and corruption of the total corruption of our process of law that has slowly crept in is an challenge I PITY THEM ON for whoever wins they all face the same enormous challenging job – to represent we the people versus we the wealthy. I PITY THOSE WHO TRY.

Can we all show more respect for the GREAT LEADERSHIP RUNNING and oppose policy not personality – we the people can higher ground the media on this can’t we?




In two weeks the head of the IMF and their full management committee has alarm bell rung out to world leaders. They have stated that the:

  1. Downsize risk including bank failure are greater on downsize moving forward than upside.
  2. They have for ( I’m loosing count ) times this year adjusted global output down down down.
  3. They have warned that nations must spend money to stimulate growth right now in an emergency without delay.
  4. They have warned that EU and Asia bank defaults could with other factors shock the system into system risk collapse – total failure.
  5. They have stated that the RISK OF GLOBAL DEFLATION (which means depression and world war ) is greater than anytime since the 1920’s.

They also warned that speculation is corrupting the system and precluding normal balances to develop – blocking in effect government policies. This counter weight of unregulated greed is sinking the world system. So far as nations lack money to stimulate anything – they have already gone into debt with central banks by 100 trillion they can not pay back and the deflation death spiral continues as if they never spent a nickel. We have laid out the ONE AND ONLY SANE COURSE OF ACTION to ECONOMICALLY REMEDY the problem. The solution is so cheap in time and so low cost in money – but we lack not the intellectual capital – we simply lack the WILL to stop taking money from the conveyor belt of unbridled greed. If we continue the belt will stop and our hands will be cut off from the consequence of greed economically. The IMF has sounded a FULL ON PANIC WARNING BELL TO WORLD LEADERS last week and again this week –






I don’t know. What do YOU think. So last summer I write about the coming SUPER CRASH. I tell you all to get OUT OF THE MARKET and to STAY OUT OF THE MARKET and to move into diversified insurance investing. Index products for growth like the market used to provide. Annuity for bond and monthly income. Whole life for banking and instant liquidity. DIVERSIFY across that platform that paid when the banks closed and make enough without the RISK. Talk to licensed professionals at top 50 firms and just explore – just ask them – and compare what your STOCK broker is telling you. See if it makes sense for  YOU.

I tell you the crash is coming and why.

Last week the leading Presidential candidates all said – there is a bubble ( the Fed said hey there is no bubble and we can always put humpty dumpty back together again – the great lie ) and the candidates all said a CRASH IS COMING. Almost a year after my blog and my 100 blogs on the SUPER CRASH. Folks you always get it first here but do YOU ACT. Because if you just scan and delete the future is going to be without a safe harbor for you and those you love. It cost nothing to act. It costs all you own to do nothing. Think about it. Gold is NOT the answer folks. IN my opinion. SUPER CRASH “is” coming folks. In the majority the past ten years folks almost 7 the bond market out performs the stock market. In today’s market bonds is the only market to remain in and stocks is the market to remain out of – because stocks lose principle and they don’t protect your hard earned money and you don’t make enough. The only exception is a small % in early stage VENTURE INVESTMENT where the reruns can be gigantic if you diversify and don’t concentrate in any one venture category. Join Entrepreneur Clubs like CEO SPACE and see more quality than you can review on your own with law firms helping you in choice making. Make sense? Don’t stay stuck in SUPER CRASH because folks – you know now you know.




The pure manipulation of getting the New York Catholic Vote – while Hillary works her ass off and so does the Republican tribe – winning elections the old fashion way – they EARN IT – versus going to Rome and making a calculated risk that the photo with the Pope – who says – I have to be CRAZY to think the visit is political – versus hand shaking in Rochester New York – leads me where.

I MUST BE A CRAZY CATHOLIC then because I think:

  1. The trip which press released on SOCIAL CAPITALISM “is” purely political and nothing to do with charity.
  2. The photo’s where all aimed at the New York Catholic and national Catholic VOTER.
  3. I’m totally CRAZY I guess. Pope.
  4. I think it is meddling.
  5. I think one can speak to issues religiously but not to personalities although the Church can and does endorse Candidates – but then don’t say its not political my pontiff – thats like saying to a child – but why mommy but why….ITS BECAUSE I SAID SO – which frankly Pope or not – no longer works when we are ADULTS.

So I’m crazy. And this will backfire for Sanders in my opinion. And I love you Catholics and the Pontiff – but when you make a mistake like President Obama on Lybia – ADMIT IT – great leaders do that. Don’t spin us – not from the Vatican or from anywhere. WE HATE SPIN and we all get spin.

So I’m crazy and I’m telling you…..I”m not.

Berny Dohrmann – Weektoids just for you








They all say a crash is coming? Why? They all say because:

  1. The fed is a failed organization.
  2. The fed has created the bubbles and next fixed the problem.
  3. The Fed makes the problem WORSE ( always )
  4. The Fed has no plan to manage the issues
  5. The Fed MUST BE MERGED INTO the USA Treasury and retired

They all say the FED has not added any real back bone or jobs the economy. Rather the Fed has changed how the numbers are counted at whim which makes funny money – not real money – just accounting trick. Tricks on unemployment which is 25% in much of the nation – tricks on profits – which are not real profits – tricks on losses – the losses are trillions worse than the Fed says.

Worse the bankruptcy’s coming from Hedge Funds, Private Equity, from Pension funds, from Cities and states, is going to be a water shed for the system as the FED SYSTEM dies and a new system is born.


Runs on banks?

Well I don’t think like the olden days. Why? Well we all know the banks are bankrupt. We all have a new mind set. Money to us is an ATM item of plastic. We just want THAT SYSTEM to work. Why run on the bank? Its doesn’t help any of us. No I think we will let the gov figure it all out and we will just use our plastic. Keep that plastic working or we’ll riot.

There there – thats the ticket.

What do i call this mind set?

I call it abrogation of your citizenship.

But hey – thats me and everyone is hypnotized and I’m alone among the real walking dead waving their cards and getting a double whopper and a go large shake PO LEASE .


I’m alone in the world.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman