1. Unemployment. Global Unemployment is near depression levels. Major Firms in the USA are laying off by the tens of thousands – Sears closing stores – Wal Mart Closing Stores – Intel Downsizing – everyone from Catapiller to Bob Evans – downsizing – and they are telling us employment is SOARING to all time record high’s. The manipulate the statistics so that the truth is now opaque. Do your own math. The unemployment numbers in the EU and in all nations are BIG LIES. It is so much worse than they report to the public.
  2. Oil. The earth is farting oil and gas. There is so much it is absence. So when there is more supply by 1,000,000 barrels A DAY than any demand – actually more than that like 1.5 million barrels A DAY – and they can’t even store it anymore – why is the price going UP? Due to price manipulations. In a rigged casino capitalism market space. Will oil crash ? You bet. is it possible to artificially keep prices high when demand is racing away from supply? No way. Is oil rebalancing and permeant reporting the long term reality. YES. Is a higher price long term justified because oil is scarce and limited. NO. Oil is plentiful and renewable. The earth FARTS OIL AND GAS daily. We can never use it up and the high price was a market manipulation – a tax that was absence on the rest of the world by a handful of greedy suppliers who now – are bankrupt from the market place only they are walking dead and have not fallen over yet. WATCH what happens to free market economy abusers – just watch. You’ll see as time corrects all booms.
  3. Currency – the currency wars are full on. Japan goes to zero interests and devalues its currency in the market and the Yen goes UP and soars? I don’t think so. Market manipulation is evil and alive and well. Nations competing just let it happen as everyone is out for their own currency in currency wars. Japan’s pay back to China will bankrupt China and the world – as counter party debt bombs of over 100 trillion in BAD NON PAYING LOANS will trigger ETF collapse and utter shutter to liquidity globally – or SUPER CRASH – all due to currency wars taking place at a nation near you today folks. Or are you not getting what is really going on out there?
  4. Deflation – all the kings men and all the Central Banks can not put humpty dumpty ( the old world order ) back together again. Speculation and legal theft are soaring. CYBER theft is soaring. The Bad Debt Bomb has reached its outside utter limit and will not implode economics. All asset classes are in death spiral of deflation and downward valuation and all the trillions invested to create inflation have failed since 1988 – for with years – and today the DEATH SPIRAL of DEFLATION is sinking every possible asset class. The bond market remains the only bright spot really. The rest – over time – are simply toast. Stay in those asset classes and you’ll see how right I have been all along – I”ll keep a light on just for you – a candle – your going to need to pray.
  5. Super Crash is what comes to end the mother of all bubbles. China. The China Real Estate – leverage – lending – investing – equity – bond – and related markets are SUPER BUBBLES that resolve inside SUPER CRASH that comes without warning. Instant insane collapse of value due to total loss of confidence. THAT DAY OF SUPER CRASH is getting closer and closer. You’ll see I”m right this – it is too late to save it now. Too late folks – far far too late. 100 Trillion dollars of bad debt to late…and ten years of failed policy by leadership.

So your thinking – buy at the all time historic high – and it will forever go higher? I say – buy low ( which is not now ) and sell HIGH ( which is now ). So SELL.

Thats what I say.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you from the Big Lies and insanity out there.