My personal economics, is NOT effected by what competition national economics at the systemic economic level create. I will prosper up to the moment of SUPER CRASH and I will not only prosper following SUPER CRASH ( the Super Crash “I” Predicted correctly ) but I will lead untold thousands of Entrepreneur CEO’s to prosper up to the moment of SUPER CRASH and then to prosper following SUPER CRASH.

For you see our PERSONAL ECONOMY makes money around the systemic economic environment. Entrepreneurs prosper in ANY climate or environment. We get rich in depressions. We get right in good times. WE GET RICH ALL THE TIMES.

I’ve said – the safe haven is not gold. The Safe Haven is own your own business. Invest in your own business. Invest in business that will prosper following a SUPER CRASH. THAT is better than gold silver or anything. Invest in coin – silver not gold and invest in food and water of course – but really I think you’ll have deliveries of food in any market in most nations.

So don’t WORRY ABOUT THE SYSTEM economic issues just always KNOW ABOUT THEM. Why? So you an react faster than those who don’t. So your not surprised. So your ready and prepared to take new actions. So you understand. So you have more information than the others. So you appreciate it was all avoidable and it was all stupid stupid stupid. Greed driven.

Vote. Vote different so you have a chance for REAL CHANGE. That is your vote model. As a business owner. Really get past media spin and hype and think through WHO WILL CREATE THE BEST TEAM – who is KNOWN FOR CREATING SUPER TEAMS – and WHO will create real change ? Vote that way because your informed. You have the information.

Celebrate your business as an Entrepreneur. That is SAFE HAVEN. Use all five CEO SPACE events every 12 months as you GROW YOUR COOPERATIVE TRADING COMMUNITY that is another safe haven. Get and stay current – another safe haven CEO SPACE provides. Invest in staying ahead – CEO SPACE assures you are leading and ahead and you stay there. Make that step important. When SUPER CRASH hits your COOPERATIVE CIRCLES that CEO SPACE builds and expands every 60 days is your LIFESTYLE LIFE INSURANCE. Your best SAFE HAVEN. Invest the time and money to be that much safer than the others. Your ahead already. WAY AHEAD.

How is your PERSONAL ECONOMY? It has zero effect from the systemic economy so STOP WORRYING. “YOU” can not change one policy of the SYSTEMIC ECONOMY . You can ‘t get Congress to merge the failed Fed ( the Super Crash CREATOR is the Fed ) into the US TREASURY and stop all the legal theft. YOU can make your personal economy prosper more.

Celebrate your personal economy, mine is booming, and I hope yours is as well.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE