In financial speak, old George ( how long can he remain with us he looks like a mummy ) suggested – as he does – that China is FUCKED. You have to read the financial speak but that is what he said today. He suggested that:

  1. They are in a 2008 Bubble in Real Estate and Debt.
  2. That it is all unsustainable.
  3. That the EU is in its final desperate hour – which is why its debt machine is on full print.
  4. He suggested these totally desperate Debt Moves – almost 1 trillion in China first quarter
  5. Made it WORSE BY EXTENDING the Super Crash and that it would be bigger.

So the Billionaire everyone just LOVES to absolutely HATE has noted that being right all the time is a curse, and that he is right about the SUPER CRASH coming and it will commence with China and crush he EU utterly.

So have a nice day.

Berny Dohrmann ( CEO SPACE MAY 15th Anyone – I would for Safe Harbor )


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