Folks, I’ve never seen anything like it. They just lie to you. You hear the lies and you think your hearing the truth. No one even knows the truth anymore. Its like the liars believe their own lies – now that is dangerous in the extreme. Lets review the facts:

  1. The market is crashing globally in a death spiral of deflation.
  2. The central banks failed – utterly – to prevent the bubble and crash – and created new bubbles and new crashes coming.
  3. The central banks infused 100’s of trillions globally and look ma – no inflation – just delation and negative interest rates.
  4. They can’t restart economies when they PAY YOU TO BORROW in negative interest rates and that last poker chip failed. Central banks failed. Merge them into their treasuries. Retire the failed model.
  5. The market is loaded up now with impossible debt and no growth and inflation to pay it all off with.
  6. Manufacturing globally is melting down – not slowing down – crashing – globally.
  7. Retail buying just went thud in March – so much worse than anyone ever predicted.
  8. China is worse by far than anyone predicted.
  9. Russia and the world is worse every single month than anyone expected.
  10. Currencies are being devalued in effect by the markets as nations say “oh no” and lie.

The IMF and World bank down grade global GNP for the fourth time in four months in 2016 – like breaking the graph chalk off to the floor and saying – ANYONE SEE THIS TREND LINE TODAY?

Warning the entire system may fail twice in two weeks in plain as the nose on your face financial speak and saying NO MORE LOANS TO GREECE. Without which they default.

Invasions of three million from the Gulf to the EU are creating a NEW YORK city of out fee’s to support the new moving city – without any way to grow their economies now as the sea anchor of an INVASION and economic SEA ANCHOR weighs down any recovery in debt bomb EU.

The UK   may leave the EU to avoid paying the debts of the bankrupt EU members – smart in our opinion – they only gain and there is no pain as the liars suggest – no pain no gain.

Greece will default and exit the EU.

The EU will break up.

OPEC has broken up. Its a thing of the past.

Every oil producer is in it for themselves today – trade war in oil for decades. THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and the right price is 25.00 a barrel – watch. Oil’s real crash is coming because the glut is worse than anyone knows and everyone is pumping more into an over supplied lake. The price damn will break.

The cost of everything is deflating while they lie to us.

Housing will fall 70% because the MEAN AVERAGE PRICE Of a home is way far above the mean average income qualified to buy that home – the market has in speculation lost touch with reality. See the BIG SHORT. They bid up the market in crazy speculation and its still taking place unchanged. Only today the ability to crash is a SUPER CRASH and it must come to rebalance credit and debt bomb’s until they explode and rebalance accounts.

There is 100 trillion of bad non paying loans being held by institutions as good and solid assets. As this lie – the bad debt – works its way out of the system major institutions will go bankrupt. Its the way of credit abuse over decades.

And the market goes up?

Folks there is a law of gravity. If you see water flowing up hills runnnnnnnn.

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You can’t be safe by following the herd.

Be the maverick that protects your tribe.



PS: All this is good for the market – as in how ? Lord give me a break from the liars please.