So the market is at an all time high – again. In some categories but not all. Why?

Well lets see.

The IMF and World bank warn of complete system melt down twice in two weeks.

China comes in down bubble again – far worse than experts anticipated and thats their communist lie numbers its far worse than they say.

The UK may leave the EU.

Greece is going to default.

World growth is in deflation spiral. No growth.

Opec fell apart and could get no agreement. Everyone is pumping full out and trade war with one another to get market share.

Russia is photo bombing US maneuvers in the gulf raising tensions.

Energy stocks are soaring and no end in sight – and as reserves back up for a year ahead – the price goes UP?

Stocks go UP?

Earnings are down. Morgan is 50% off last year – and they all follow pattern and the price goes UP on 50% fall off in earnings?

Perhaps our note on rampant market manipulation – casino capitalism – wild west speculation controlling market prices – a fools rally – a suckers rally – falls on your deaf ears.

Buy at the highest because it will only go every higher against what – enormous stop in consumer buying and confidence – enormous fall off in manufacturing – entire price categories in free fall – everything crashing and we raise minimum labor rates by 150% in a month? Oh that will fly alright.

267 billion in taxes just flys out legal tax haven structure deals where the rich get fantastically richer and the middle class gets destroyed all at once.

Yeah that will fly.

Are you thinking things are ALRIGHT?

Folks – a blood bath is coming. Financial storms are coming. Get yourself behind sea walls and safe harbors. Buying in now – at the end of eight boom years – when normal booms are five years followed by YEARS OF CONTRATION – folks –

Japanese yen is devaluing in Deflation

China currency is devaluing in Deflation

World markets are in death spiral due to deflation.

The Debt bomb of 100 trillion will explode soon and then too big to fail will be too big to jail and then some. The crooks are still running the market space. Until you put the real crooks into prison – you will not change the system itself folks – if they can pay a fine to get out of jail – crime is just a cost of legal theft – and the criminals win. Your smart. You see it. You get it.

The French fought a revolution over this and invented that off with your head thing for the rich class.

That worked for hundreds of years. Perhaps we need a FRENCH leader to bring all that back?

Folks this is CLASS WAR FARE just as Warren Buffet said – years ago – when he shook his head with tears in his eye saying….and unfortunately …MY CLASS IS WINNING. My class IS WINNING.

See an upside down pyramid. 99% of the wealth is owned by the unbalanced tip upside down – 99% of the people at the top own less now that is LESS than 1% of all wealth – do you really think that upside down chart can be stable and will fail to topple as it always has throughout history? Folks?

Buy low sell high. Get out of the market and into diversified insurance time machines and early stage venture investing to get through what is coming. If you ostrich into the markets – you will have your little ass feathers blown off.

In my opinion…the SHOCK WAVE is coming and the next wave trumps all the prior waves by a long shot.

SHOCK WAVE get ready folks its is coming.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for the sucker rally –


PS: When all the news is bad and the market goes up – you are seeing manipulation folks not real market space – so the casino market is NOT REAL – keep that fact in your mind.