Candidates are complaining there is WAY TOO MUCH money to run an honest election. The money works on EMOTIONAL SPIN whacking the emotions back and froth across the nation with zero what IS IMPORTANT to the lives of all voters. There is only ONE ISSUE  – it remains the ECONOMY stupid. The issue inside THAT ONE ISSUE is also one issue – 1% own more than 99% of the wealth because legally the financial system is hijacked corrupt and totally rigged. The market is not open fair and honest. Because of this we have corrupted AMERICA. We need the largest global RE-THINK OF FINANCIAL REGULATIONS because in a decade all the 100’s of trillions moved from the regulated space to DIGITAL SPACE where there IS NO LAW OR REGULATION. Financial Trading is now “the wild wild west of speculation” which is the CAUSE of all depressions and world wars. The CAUSE is not what they tell you. The cause is GREED – a break down of regulatory control – and rampant borrowing to invest in wild speculations at fantastic rates of leverage until the banks and financial wealth of nations is stolen – with legal theft – and the entire system is bankrupt. Which is where we are NOW. The system is past the point of no return but there is still time to come back from the brink. Without action on strategy to save the entire world order – the system will soon collapse into deflation and world war. The death spiral financially is GAME ON.


I believe the greatest field of American talent is running for office. I respect them all as GREAT AMERICAN’s even if if I disagree with their policies. I forgive them for they outrageous media shin digs as their polls and advisers manipulate their sound bites – while I totally respect how smart they are – how much sacrifice they are putting in – and while they fail to demonstrate cross respect for the offices FOR WHICH THEY RUN – I provide that common respect because I remain a proud AMERICAN. They are all GREAT AMERICAN’s every one. They are all so smart. Their policies are all so much closers when you read on the internet than hear the eight grade debate show for media – and they are all trying so hard. I cherish them. I Respect them. I honor them. I raise the bar for myself my family and my children and I keep those running for office in America on an island of respect an island of pure honor and an island of pride. The mud pond they tug of rope over – gets everyone dirty. My bleachers are high and dry and I am watching the field of play from the Holy Wild Flowers of AMERICA’s sea to shinning Sea and I honor all candidates who run for this hard and challenging office. How the next President will tackle the money and corruption of the total corruption of our process of law that has slowly crept in is an challenge I PITY THEM ON for whoever wins they all face the same enormous challenging job – to represent we the people versus we the wealthy. I PITY THOSE WHO TRY.

Can we all show more respect for the GREAT LEADERSHIP RUNNING and oppose policy not personality – we the people can higher ground the media on this can’t we?




In two weeks the head of the IMF and their full management committee has alarm bell rung out to world leaders. They have stated that the:

  1. Downsize risk including bank failure are greater on downsize moving forward than upside.
  2. They have for ( I’m loosing count ) times this year adjusted global output down down down.
  3. They have warned that nations must spend money to stimulate growth right now in an emergency without delay.
  4. They have warned that EU and Asia bank defaults could with other factors shock the system into system risk collapse – total failure.
  5. They have stated that the RISK OF GLOBAL DEFLATION (which means depression and world war ) is greater than anytime since the 1920’s.

They also warned that speculation is corrupting the system and precluding normal balances to develop – blocking in effect government policies. This counter weight of unregulated greed is sinking the world system. So far as nations lack money to stimulate anything – they have already gone into debt with central banks by 100 trillion they can not pay back and the deflation death spiral continues as if they never spent a nickel. We have laid out the ONE AND ONLY SANE COURSE OF ACTION to ECONOMICALLY REMEDY the problem. The solution is so cheap in time and so low cost in money – but we lack not the intellectual capital – we simply lack the WILL to stop taking money from the conveyor belt of unbridled greed. If we continue the belt will stop and our hands will be cut off from the consequence of greed economically. The IMF has sounded a FULL ON PANIC WARNING BELL TO WORLD LEADERS last week and again this week –






I don’t know. What do YOU think. So last summer I write about the coming SUPER CRASH. I tell you all to get OUT OF THE MARKET and to STAY OUT OF THE MARKET and to move into diversified insurance investing. Index products for growth like the market used to provide. Annuity for bond and monthly income. Whole life for banking and instant liquidity. DIVERSIFY across that platform that paid when the banks closed and make enough without the RISK. Talk to licensed professionals at top 50 firms and just explore – just ask them – and compare what your STOCK broker is telling you. See if it makes sense for  YOU.

I tell you the crash is coming and why.

Last week the leading Presidential candidates all said – there is a bubble ( the Fed said hey there is no bubble and we can always put humpty dumpty back together again – the great lie ) and the candidates all said a CRASH IS COMING. Almost a year after my blog and my 100 blogs on the SUPER CRASH. Folks you always get it first here but do YOU ACT. Because if you just scan and delete the future is going to be without a safe harbor for you and those you love. It cost nothing to act. It costs all you own to do nothing. Think about it. Gold is NOT the answer folks. IN my opinion. SUPER CRASH “is” coming folks. In the majority the past ten years folks almost 7 the bond market out performs the stock market. In today’s market bonds is the only market to remain in and stocks is the market to remain out of – because stocks lose principle and they don’t protect your hard earned money and you don’t make enough. The only exception is a small % in early stage VENTURE INVESTMENT where the reruns can be gigantic if you diversify and don’t concentrate in any one venture category. Join Entrepreneur Clubs like CEO SPACE and see more quality than you can review on your own with law firms helping you in choice making. Make sense? Don’t stay stuck in SUPER CRASH because folks – you know now you know.




The pure manipulation of getting the New York Catholic Vote – while Hillary works her ass off and so does the Republican tribe – winning elections the old fashion way – they EARN IT – versus going to Rome and making a calculated risk that the photo with the Pope – who says – I have to be CRAZY to think the visit is political – versus hand shaking in Rochester New York – leads me where.

I MUST BE A CRAZY CATHOLIC then because I think:

  1. The trip which press released on SOCIAL CAPITALISM “is” purely political and nothing to do with charity.
  2. The photo’s where all aimed at the New York Catholic and national Catholic VOTER.
  3. I’m totally CRAZY I guess. Pope.
  4. I think it is meddling.
  5. I think one can speak to issues religiously but not to personalities although the Church can and does endorse Candidates – but then don’t say its not political my pontiff – thats like saying to a child – but why mommy but why….ITS BECAUSE I SAID SO – which frankly Pope or not – no longer works when we are ADULTS.

So I’m crazy. And this will backfire for Sanders in my opinion. And I love you Catholics and the Pontiff – but when you make a mistake like President Obama on Lybia – ADMIT IT – great leaders do that. Don’t spin us – not from the Vatican or from anywhere. WE HATE SPIN and we all get spin.

So I’m crazy and I’m telling you…..I”m not.

Berny Dohrmann – Weektoids just for you