They all say a crash is coming? Why? They all say because:

  1. The fed is a failed organization.
  2. The fed has created the bubbles and next fixed the problem.
  3. The Fed makes the problem WORSE ( always )
  4. The Fed has no plan to manage the issues
  5. The Fed MUST BE MERGED INTO the USA Treasury and retired

They all say the FED has not added any real back bone or jobs the economy. Rather the Fed has changed how the numbers are counted at whim which makes funny money – not real money – just accounting trick. Tricks on unemployment which is 25% in much of the nation – tricks on profits – which are not real profits – tricks on losses – the losses are trillions worse than the Fed says.

Worse the bankruptcy’s coming from Hedge Funds, Private Equity, from Pension funds, from Cities and states, is going to be a water shed for the system as the FED SYSTEM dies and a new system is born.


Runs on banks?

Well I don’t think like the olden days. Why? Well we all know the banks are bankrupt. We all have a new mind set. Money to us is an ATM item of plastic. We just want THAT SYSTEM to work. Why run on the bank? Its doesn’t help any of us. No I think we will let the gov figure it all out and we will just use our plastic. Keep that plastic working or we’ll riot.

There there – thats the ticket.

What do i call this mind set?

I call it abrogation of your citizenship.

But hey – thats me and everyone is hypnotized and I’m alone among the real walking dead waving their cards and getting a double whopper and a go large shake PO LEASE .


I’m alone in the world.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman