As I summarize the financial economics that the market is bracing for – I want you to understand the facts the data the trends the reports are all appearing OFF SHORE in Financial Press all over the world and almost NONE Of it is appearing in the United States . Its fact and not my facts. THE IMF the WORLD BANKS facts. The truth.



In the depression of 1907 and in 1929 the FIRST WAVE was not the killer. The banks closed on the SECOND WAVE. What created the wave? Two and only two items. Massive bad debts that could and would never be repaid bankrupting bank liquidity. Wild Speculation where financial institutions ( all of them ) borrowed to invest at leverage you can not appreciate – side betting on which way a market in “anything” would go in the future – versus stake holder trading into ownership of real assets.

As the speculation trading became many 100’s of times greater than the real market of asset buying the price of everything became manipulated by the speculative trading. At this point the entire market must collapse as there is no real market foundation remaining there is only CASINO CAPITALISM. The second wave will wash away all corrupt bankrupt and immoral unethical financial and capital institutions of the world like they were never even there. The security those ICON’s believe they possess is as much an illussion as their 264 billion in tax avoidance to the people of the USA just last year alone in one year. Balance your budget with all that legal theft going on. Folks – the SECOND WAVE is a clean sweep to start over.

But…its a huge but….will we learn – ah and ….we will actually learn?



In the last session of three hours before the Christmas break of the lame duck administration of the Untied States Bill Clinton ( yes I said Clinton ) we have the last UNANIMOUS all 100% of them on major financial legislation in your lifetime. UNANIMOUS all republicans all democrats passion the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT of 1999 – quickly signed into law and every went home to Holiday parties and got drunk.

The nation just had the sea wall of 800 laws to safe guard financial markets from speculation reoccurrence that created the Depression of 1907 and so quickly after the GREAT DEPRESSION ( two decades and world war I and world war II ) to get out in the 1930’s. The cause was WILD SIDE BET SPECULATIONS A TSUNAMI OF GREED TILTING THE REAL ASSET MARKET OF VALUE.

Why did Congress unanimously unwind the one box top rule set designed to keep financial concentration from taking place – to force real investment into assets for jobs and employment and real economic growth – versus phony leverage investing in side bets that have no value of any kind to economic growth and foundations? It was wrong minded and has taken us back to the future. Sixty Minutes did a wonderful Crash Special I wish they would repeat and update as BIG SHORT II – RUNNNNNN.

I don’t blame Clinton or anyone for what happened – but the congress rip of depression laws looking back was the worst mistake in congressional history over our entire time line as a nation bar none – by a landslide. The Congress of pure SHAME for the unborn American generations to come. I believe THAT. Who is responsible. Our elected officials are responsible and no one else. They have sold us out to financial lobbies and betrayed their trust on duty.

I believe THAT but really who am I and who cares what “I” think really. Its just my opinion.



Competition is insane. The financial systems of competition are insane. Cooperative capitalism is sane. Competitive capitalism dooms us all to world war and is insane. Its that simple. But insanity is catching like ebola and feeds on emotions and primal greeds and fears. Cooperation is our higher purpose.

We can host the largest Global all G 100 nations are in and the rest follow or financially they perish. We can forge a Hawaii Big Island THREE YEAR global constitutional congress to write a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION for the new box top trading rules – that make speculations a crime ( as they all were prior to 1999 ) and we can punish financial criminals not with billion dollar fines but with large long prison sentences. Globally. All nations the same.

We can lay out fair trade rules that are equal playing field for all – permit free flow of capital into real asset markets – and prelude all forms of unregulated insurance and fraud – and diskless risk. We can preclude structured assets as a speculation asset class and reduce insane profit for sane profits for economic growth and risk that are sane versus insane.

SOCIAL CAPITAL and SOCIAL INVESTMENT double lines so we never again hit the world war curb as we all pick up speed together. If we create the LARGEST REGULATORY RE-THINK since the telegraph and the last crash – we can still turn insanity to sanity. If we play musical chairs to the end – we SUPER CRASH into world war and its very close now as a financial abuse of the system has stretched the world into DEFLATION the Breeder reactor of all prior depressions. Economics folks doesn’t care what Wall Street THINKS. Economics is sane and ultimately will crush the insane with sanity. Cooperative and we thrive compete and we perish. My book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION LAYS IT ALL OUT FOR YOUR TRIBE – get ten copies and spread the word to your inside circles. What to do. Its all in side those pages.




If we continue greed as the need – there is no social capital and the insane move off the financial cliff is inevitable. Today the regulations are all local. The trade and free flow of capital is all occurring in the cloud – without supervision or regulation – increasingly in shadow banking and dark pool trading – which was a crime but is now legal. This trend is doom for the financial world oder. As we know it.




Sure you’l be alright. Your a consumer. If you own a business you in the best space. If you don’t start one or get on an ownership with a team who is doing so. Entrepreneur space makes money in any and in every market. Job space contracts and there are no new jobs save with entrepreneur firms growing. Governments will do there thing. There will be huge changes. Marshal law. Loss of freedom. New money orders and systems as one nation tries to preserve its order against others – within the on going insanity. If everyone cooperated it would be so much easier. But you’ll be alright you will all be alright. Change just is painful is all. There will be enough pain to go around.



All out world end is not taking place. Will terrible weapons be used in the next war. You bet. Will 100’s of millions die – you bet. If your one you won’t care you’ll be dead. If your alive you’ll be happy your alive. You can’t do anything about it so live your own life and be kind to one another. Focus on how good it is right now. Bask in how it is and once was. Rent movies. Buy popcorn. Barbecue. Enjoy the Spring. If you want to invest in SOCIAL CAPITAL and a larger cooperative community to get through more easily join CEO SPACE and attend often in these times. Advance your circle is the best protection for what is coming soon and next.



Not one chance in hell. Do you see any global regulatory reform? Did you see the movie the Big short – before you ask me? Do you see cooperation between nations or increasing competition and trade war?




Invest in your home and pay down debt. Save and keep food water ammo handy. Others will try and take it all away anyway. The new money will be ammo. Buy 22 rounds the widest most used round on earth. People will trade food for ammo. Diamonds are terrific as you can hide em. After a bit of silver coins you can’t hide or move them freely. Just enjoy your life and we’ll tell you step by step how to prosper in the growing SUPER CRASH at such time as it takes place. Children it is NOT HAPPENING TO YOU “NOW”. Enjoy today as long as it last. Game Plan by Kevin freedman fund manager tells you WHAT to Invest in buy his book GAME PLAN.




I think nothing will occur until the New President is in office. Although they could test the lame duck Obama out the door this fall to year end – would he do anything in transition of Russia took over Ukraine and Greece then? Who would stop him? NATO? Anyone? If Iran took over Iraq who would stop them? Out going Obama?

Once the new administration gets the financial tea leaves – they have limited tools to fight the developing panic. As financial institutions domino fail outside the nation the counter party agreements between them all topple like land minds going off Credit Swiss Bank of London to Chase and City Corp. One will not stop this fire cracker chain and all the tarp money and all the tarp idiots will not put the TOO BIG TO FAIL back together again. The banks of the world will close.

When is the only unknown.

Consider we spent 100 Billion of Trillions upon Trillions in TARP money from tax payers to create jobs in cities. All this money was borrowed by the Fed who pays itself interest for the service of printing money -in competition with we the people – insane as a system. In LA they granted 1 billion to create jobs. ┬áIn only 90 days. When that was spent they had created 13 jobs. Folks you and I could walk down any LA Street with a pick up with one billion dollars in it and create more than 13 jobs every 60 minutes – thats just you and I folks just you and I. I mean come on. Are you not getting what is going on?

This is too much too long too late – there is no future when the DEBT BOMB GOES OFF. How can the USA pay 35 trillion in unfunded total liabilities adding to it by the trillion a year and it never goes down. Folks? Are you near a calculator or do you have this?




A good old wake singing Danny boy – than bang your in the ground.

Or we sing and dance all the way to the cliff – THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN?

I’m for the second way. Lets PART TEEEEE all the way to the door.

Then we’ll lick our wounds – pick our powder and keep it dry – and live to fight another day.

So really don’t be depressed. Maybe they will keep it together for 20 years. Do you think so?

I don’t but I sure hope for the miracle.

Maybe they will read my blog and hire me to be the CONSTITUTIONAL ECONOMIC CONGRESSIONAL CZAR and put the fix together. Do you think so.

I don’t but I sure hope for the miracle.

Meanwhile – I”m singing another round OF WHEN THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN carrying the Funeral casket of the world order onward to its final burial place.

Thats Me though.

I expect you …I hope that you …WILL VOTE.

That IS my one MIRACLE I”m sure of.


Berny Dohrmann Keeping the truth on for you

PS: I Can not make all this shit up folks…I just can’t. Are you sharing my blog?