Lets pretend my BLOG started all that. Because it did. As an investment banker economist you have to be able to under stand the under belly of the beast everything else – everything – is SPIN.

So you figure this out. The Fed was created in 1907 by a 80 page act of congress. A dog catcher act takes more paper. The Fed is a private exclusive license where the nation can NOT audit the FED ( to keep it autonomy so it can legally steal all your wealth ) and you can NOT AUDIT “WHO OWNS” The private shares in the Fed ( see banks and investment banks for starters than oil firms ) and then think – THEY REGULATE THE TOO BIG TO FAIL?

First the idea is a failed model. Lets do the 1 – 2 -3 – just google and research folks there is so much out there – they win because no one teaches it in school ( its banned ) and no one can really get in front of them or they kill em. Quick too.

See Kennedy trying to Merge them back into US TREASURY. Follow the under side of the BEAST FOLKS.


  1. We give an exclusive franchise to a bunch of crooks to print the money the Treasury was empowered to print. The Constitution precluded any paper money and authorized Federal Coinage – real money. The slapped the Constitution down as needed.
  2. So now the thugs can print the money and they control what interest we pay on the money when they print. Ah we used to print it FOR FREE for 100’s of years with solid controls and values. So why do we pay outside private contractors to print our money in a fully digital real time reporting 2016? Its so obsolete and always a TERRIBLE idea for AMERICA or any nation frankly.
  3. You have seen the Fed create every bubble – than profit from tax payers by running their own balance sheet up to the moon. In one two term President the USA has borrowed a MOUNT EVERESTT of Dead raising a speed bump from George Bush over the top of all 400 Presidents and State Debt since the nation was founded combined together – OR we have borrowed more deep depth in eight years than in 100s and 100s of years combined.
  4. Why. Because of the FED.
  5. The largest cost of the nation is now the interest on the national debt.

There is a way out folks. It is very simple. It takes however real leadership. See any?

The financial fix works like this:

  1. We merge the Fed in 90 days into the US TREASURY KEEPING all their functions and systems – now they audit new they are transparent – and no one owns them – the old stock firm is dissolved . We print money with no future interest cost under controls tied to a basket of asset pools as a ratio to GNP balances. A factor rates the word money supply and it slips into economics again.
  2. We issue a new category of BOND we call SUPER BONDS and they pay off national debt inserting sliding index rates of interest protected from opaque inflation ceilings – over time. Inserting TIME as SUPER BONDS mature in 200 years. These bonds pay off in future demographics with future larger populations with life extension and maximum performance making todays dollar a penny to pay off in the future. We go in the black ( now ) and we have no new short term debt to mange or pay nor the interest.
  3. We could negotiate  paying it off early with our Treasury now merged with the Fed -self dealing interest payments down in the early pay off. Bond markets would no longer speculate on wild moves on currency and Abes Yen would go DOWN.

If the Feds are alive we dive. Why? Debt. The Fed can not pay out the banks. The 100 Trillion bad loan debt is too large. The panic is rolling across the market space. For example Japan goes negative so you lose money to park money in Japan. They pay you money to borrow no cost. No one is borrowing. The cost of the yen should tumble as a value  they in just DEVALUED the YEN. Yet the Yen is going p 12 % and more. Why? Speculation. Meanwhile since January 5.7 TRILLION Of real Japanese investment has fled the island and that run on their bank is picking up. Japan is having a RUN on all financial institutions as a warm up act for the return show in China.

The run on deals, jobs, manufacturing, output, trust, dealing and deals in China is so hard to profit from everyone is running to easier markets all around. India is roaring like a LION against China as is Indonesia. These trends will continue from BALI and Vietnam from the Philippines to Thailand. The Sun also sets on China and it is sundown in 2016. The REAL CHINA SUPER CRASH IS COMING and their CENTRAL BANKS lying as they are can not influence that super crash or prevent it.

The IMF Today lowered all expectations. They suggest the LOW SIDE RISK are sky rocketing. They suggest the BANKING SYSTEM is not prepared to manage the bad debt coming to them. They want Bankrupty processes to unwind the world’s biggest banks and right now? Why? Thins are SPINNING OUT OF CONTROL faster than anyone every expected.

I expect the 265 billion in legal theft by double IRISH Tax Ploys robbing nations of tax to maintain their roads and communications – is going t sober earnings for the tax cheats. This is not social investing. This is RIP OFF and steal wherever possible for greed and profit over social contribution and social manners retired in the new business environment.

The meanest competitor out there is going to spend 25 years in prison setting a pot smoker free. Proper turn of events.

The ETF market the largest legal theft market on earth – making the Big Short look like a three old’s birthday party – trades 10′ of trillions with no underlying financials – there is no insurance on the insurance – there is reserves appropriate for risk – and the IMF has called for bank audits reviews and emergency system Bankruptcy rules. Folks what would all that take place this week?

PANIC. Panic that the UK will smartly and properly exit the utterly field EU system – that over folks there is no EU. There is a Russia Syria, A Russia Full Ukraine coming up and a Greek Exit into Russia influence – placing Russia in the heart of the EU – marginalizing Isreali policy. The new world order is coming can you not see it.

Russia will have massive ports and Military in Greece its new puppets The EU will shudder financially and go back to a sovereign nation currency – everyone for themselves – each to pay off their own bad debts. When nations are truly bankrupt as are their banks you can stitch in 12 million culturally obtuse enemies from other nations – who only wish to get back home. German has to have bathrooms, schools, food, shelter, water, power, jobs . education an activities for over 3 million by 2020. Where an german absorb the sheer utter cost burden to pay these staging costs for schools, transport – language – bathrooms, shelters, education think about the details. King Putin invaded the EU and that invasion is going on seeking to destabixe the little east. Puiin has his plan to jut step in.

Who will pay for this? Russia broke. The EU is broke and can’t work without new funds The EU is truly utterly bankrupt in the today.the Fed system and its banks are bankrupt . Try and follow the money.

Trillions are whipping around market like never in history.Casino capitalism is manipulating false markets. Its not illegal to trade in the crowd even when its immoral

This week we want to keep visa control on East of the = so the EU says fine we’ll make all American’s get a visa before they come to the EU as  tit for tat. One that TAT will costume EU 10 Billion Dollars bi annually in lost traffic.

China is easing new territory.

Oil is unable to stop RISING PROUCTION willl price war up and up and the price will crash and stay down cofounding markets To the is on problem- our top policy making body is an idea desert. We need to get ready for ever higher trading volatility.

When the IMF asks the world leadership of finance this week to PROP up the TOO BIG TO FAIL systems and prepare for MAJOR BANK BANKRUPTCIES to follow – when the Treasury tells the Banks YOUR TOO BIG TO FAIL BANKRUPT AND GO OUT OF BUSINESS PLAN – THEIR “LIVING WILLS” ( Why do they call criminal theft and speculation in markets with no regulation and no consequence save to pay a GET OUT OF JAIL billion dollar bail fine – a LIVING WILL again or is it me )? Labels. Exempt from FAIR MARKET ACCOUNTING – I call it license to legally steal deposits while the guy getting bread for his family goes to prison for life on California’s THREE STRIKES AND YOUR OUT law. Steal as much as you want as a financial institution go at it. Your stupid if you haven’t paid off a billion dollar “criminal” fine – hey good brand name lots of money – NO PROBLEM.

There was a great Senator who made a statement that defines the problem way way back in time:


…you know the real problem is a billion here and a billion there and pretty soon your talking about a LOT OF MONEY all of a sudden – serious money..Senator Dirkson…..remembering the TRUTH in Congress — a lot of years ago.

So ALL the Kings Horses and ALL The KINGS MEN have tried this week to call attention to that FACT that “they are in utter free fall panic” and they and their legions CAN NOT PUT HUMPTY DUMPTY ( your old world financial order ) back together again?

Why? Too much legal theft. Too much DEBT. The DEBT BOMB?

Why? Because The Central Banks are A FAILED SYSTEM MODEL but the largest financial lobby in all nations. The CENTRAL BANKS need to be REVISED AS A SYSTEM – merged into their treasuries and never again should folks PRINT PAPER MONEY and PAY INTEREST for doing it. Also never again should nations print money not TIED TO HARD ASSETS and never again should nations print money spending over their GNP. Nations need to balance their budget like all economics and those who do not – should and will have a day of reorganization.

This includes all of us. The Gulf – the EU – Russia – Asia – all of us. The leadership permitted legal theft for decades – never paid the bills – made promises they CAN NEVER NOT EVER PAY OFF and the misery the day of RESOLUTION will initiate will follow historic lines and make the tipping point for world war.

World War is a a BLAME GAME in which the blame for what is wrong shifts from those who did it to those who had nothing to do with the cause. The folks having everything to DO WITH THE CAUSE will be having warm meals in the Hamptons around the world. Some may fly to Miami to weather it out having zero consequence for their bad hair days.

So this week when the leadership across the world states in clear math modeling:

  1. The downside risks are greater than the upside risks.
  2. For the fourth time in four months they are lowering estimates for the future.
  3. They expect the EU to break up. Now.
  4. They expect Pension shortfalls to bankrupt cities municipalities – and States.
  5. They expect the ripple of bad unfunded liabilities to bankrupt the system.
  6. They expect in the ripple too big to fail institutions will fail and they are stating they have no GAME PLAN to unwind these toppling next Lehman’s.
  7. They are stating leaders failed to make the global cooperative adjustments needed to save the system.

The largest real estate structured asset pool approaching 1 trillion dollars was sold this week – all rated across the pool landscape for those too big to fails that bought it out – AAA grade securities. This folks is legal FRAUD and it is not regulated.

The IMF said this week the Electronic Transfer Market Space – the ETF market or another word – the CASINO FOR CAPITALISM where trillions upon trillions trade – not in buying anything useful – but in “side financial bets like a better parlor upon which way a market will go – which way Japanese currency will go or your fuel will go – etc – has no reserves for liquidity collapse. Said another way – the ETF market now essential to the casino – requires buyers and sellers. When the SUPER CRASH hits there will be no buyers. The entire ETF market will DEFAULT. This will be WORSE than Sub Prime in 2008 – far worse. And its coming. They told us. Why? So we can’t blame them they’ll remind us – we told the leaders they did nothing.

Bad Debt – there is over 100 trillion being reported on bank and financial audited financial statements that they are good paying loans that are bad loans that are not paying principle and paying interest and that will never be repaid to BANK OF CHINA or by Greece to the EU. Not now. Not ever. They are criminal thefts. Successful thieves too. As this must work its way into reality the TOO BIG TO FAILS actually “HAVE ALREADY FAILED” and are totally utter bankrupt. None of your money is in the bank. If a run started 99.99% of us would get any money and the rest would cause all banks to close. That is what they are really afraid of is that you discover the banks that hold your money do not have it and why? Because they are legal thieves and they lost it all many times over. THAT IS WHY. Eventually the house of cards will come crashing down – and congress world wide will say not me – leaders will say HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN – financial leaders will retire and hide in plain sight – no one that really did will be punished – because WE ALL DID IT. Like Drunk Sailors drinking Into the Night. The fair wind coming is a hurricane might as well drink up everyone. LAST CALL.

I’ve never seen folks so many leaders in so many nations all in a short time put in print they believe the entire system WILL FAIL and there is not a sufficient SAFTEY NET TO MANAGE THAT. I mean you can google the IMF the Fed and read it yourself. The financial tea leaves folks read that not Trump read the TEA LEAVES as who is President won’t matter much in this mess.

Finally I write about a word – DEFLATION but know one outside finance gets it. Right now speculators are re-inflating the market for oil. Do you know a market where an item is cheap, plentiful and everywhere – and its backed up – there is more coming into the market than the market can readily buy and in this market space everyone is not slowing down production they are all together SPEEDING UP PRODUCTION. In such a market how could prices go UP? Why easy. They must be fixed – rigged – manipulated. Why? Because the talk about controlling a freeze on the highest output – more than the world needs – like a red line in the sand ( remember Syria and weapons of mass destruction ) – are foolish. No one will hold production everyone is going to GET THEIR MONEY.

We are in Deflation where asset class values is plunging down and labor will plunge down as well. The Island USA against a global wage cost of 75 cents an hour raises their labor on their small island to 15.00 an hour – how can that nation sell its goods anywhere or have enough left over after that distance in labor cost to BUY ANYTHING really without borrowing to buy it? The answer they can’t. Financial tea leaves.

Deflation means every value is declining in value. There is no inflation at all. In oil consider:

  1. We are in a trade war for everything and every nation is on a go it alone basis all competition no cooperation.
  2. The trade war is picking up – and nations are getting tougher and tougher to protect their own legal theft as long as they can at least.
  3. Every nation is reacting to what the others DO not what they SAY.
  4. This spiral is creating wholes in distribution of goods services and flows of money.
  5. Massive defaults are coming and will ripple values down as each crash hits.
  6. Nations have tools to manage INFLATION and no tools to counter DEFLATION.
  7. World Deflation is the CAUSE of all world wars and depressions and we are IN WORLD DEFLATION NOW. It is a financial death spiral hence the full on panic by those that KNOW if you have to eyes to read financial speak….I do.

So what do YOU do. First you can not DO anything. The list of what to DO is explained in layman’s terms by Dallas Best Selling author and dear friend Kevin Freeman in GAME PLAN get and dog ear the book. GAME PLAN will tell you one important message


…make your own game plan and how because your leaders are not making one for you..or for us…any where in the world….


  1. Be an entrepreneur and be in business for yourself.
  2. Hook up with CEO SPACE or your choice for cooperation based community to get through together. You will.
  3. Have some cash at home. You will need liquidity.
  4. Buy silver not gold coins
  5. Have food and water at home – a bit more than you might normally think about.

You’ll be fine. We all will be fine. But it will be a mess what is coming. It will be a horrible preventable mess.

Thats my news and I’m sticking to it. Whats interesting you all know when you read the truth don’t you?

Berny Dohrmann – keeping the truth on just for you
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