For 1200.oo one time INSURANCE plan – a home buyer can insure for 7 years – if they have to move they get their full downpayment of 20,000 dollars back even if the market crashes as it did in 2008 to 2010. Does anyone THINK …hey how does the insurance company IF the market tanks – which it will – pay off? Because they can’t.

THERE IS NO DISKLESS RISK folks and anyone who tells you there is is selling you legal theft and fraud policies.

Real Estate will deflate in value – crash. Why? 82% of first time home buyers can not afford the math to buy the AVERAGE PRICE of a home which is WAY WAY TOO BUBBLE HIGH anyway – the bubble has not crashed yet. SUPER CRASH is coming – the OTHER WAVE – the one behind the first – its historic folks and that wave is – no it IS – the tsunami all the KINGS horses are in full stampede from right now…because folks ….they KNOW believe me they know. They just can’t fix it because the G 100 will not cooperate to rewrite the world financial box top rules – which is the one and the only fix so well defined in our blogs. But who does common damn SENSE – while they are blinded by greed and stealing money legally by the trillions? Not your leadership with their crises in INTEGRITY. No not them.

Also, did any one notice oil inventory reserves soared in the USA – the back up – the we can’t even use it reserves? While pumping madness continues.

Folks 26 dollars a barrel is not the bottom of this barrel in 2016.

Do not be fooled by SUCKERS RALLIES or FOOLS RALLIES I’ve written about here on this blog site endlessly.

Last month retail sales TANKED in the USA due to deflation and insecurity fears. Folks are smart they know when their lying to them.

Berny Dohrmann – we’ll keep a light of truth on for ya