1. A debt Bomb world wide exceeding 100 Trillion in non paying bad loans, banks and institutions and nations carry as good assets, exempt from REAL MARKETING ACCOUNTING you and I would go to prison for using – as this rising mount everest of DEBT the DEBT “BUBBLE” burst, no fed no tax ¬†payer no bail outs can save the system itself. There is one solution as an investment banker economist I can think of and I have written about it over and over. It is up to YOU to become INFORMED and to share this information with your lists. For the world. Get the solution to world leadership.
  2. The PENSION UNFUNDED LIABILITY BOMB. Forgetting Social security where the pay in money has been “borrowed” by the USA and the USA debt not counting social security exceeds 19 TRILLION DOLLARS rising like a rocket into orbit – the last administration provided the highest debt raise upon the USA citizen in its single term than all 400 year prior presidents combined into one – keep your eye on the money folks. They spent 100 Billion to create Jobs under TARP in LA and created 13 jobs according to the GSA. The unfunded city and state and county pensions owed with no money to pay it is much higher than thought – over 3 TRILLION IN RED INK. This DEBT BUBBLE will burst and city after city failing to raise taxes and cut costs – will move into DETROIT modeled bankruptcy and just break their trust with the pension holder. Meanwhile the communities will lose bond and related funding and take a century to rebuild. As the DEBT BOMB spirals out of control the old world order perishes as you know it today.
  3. WARS – against the rising DEBTS and the lower economic activity the nations in war can’t afford WAR not Russia not the USA not China not anyone. Yet here we go again.
  4. Russia – Putin has reshaped the old world order. The USA is asking for 3.5 trillion in new money to FUND NATO in Europe to be ready to go to WAR with RUSSIA. This new world order under PUTIN is planned to bankrupt Nato and the USA coupled to his defect migrant invasion planned when Russia went into EUROPE to DESTABILIZE Nato which is successful. Putin is playing CHESS while the world is playing checker. Saying KING ME under the old model Putin moved into CHECK MATE marginalizing the USA even more. Why? Failed policy failed brains failed plans failure is why. Bad Iran deal assuring Nuclear Iran and exporting terror world wide. Game ON for Putin and his plan and his allies. The King has been castled on the chess board.
  5. DEFLATION – I have written a lot about this. The Feds and Nations are in panic. It is utter sheer BUBBLE PANIC. When they role out their last cannons, as Trump is telling the truth why lie – there IS A BUBBLE and he knows economics folks – and the bubble is crashing. They are moving tens of trillions around but the market is speculating with even more – raising Japan Currency ( they say it is a mystery why it is going up ) not to me. It is legal theft by criminal speculation led by Sovereign Nations. Folks the Crash was a DIGITAL ATTACK on the western worlds – WORLD WAR III began in 2008 with digital weapons. Read GAME PLAN BY KEVIN FREEMAN your President has it. You will see the data the CIA and the NSA know so well. Every institution in the West has been hacked and is being hacked. All our military secrets weapons and more are being HACKED. Snowdon helped them speed it up and still is. The AXIS of evil is winning all the first battles of WORLD WAR III. The primary killing zone in 2016 is financial markets – currency wars – trade wars – and global failed policy to cooperate and stop it. Eventually it moves into a real shooting war and then an all out war. FOLKS we are AT WAR. A world war. It has stated financially. We are so behind in tools and power methods to win this war. We work within a RULE OF LAW. They work within a RULE OF WAR CRIMES. Terrorism is state sponsored its state war fare through proxy. But they can not kill all of us forever without our moving to fight them directly at the source – WORLD WAR. There is no cloak. The history lesson is appeasement and talk delay things so they are worse. They are slitting our financial belly as long as they can then toppling us into BANKRUPTCY. One wild card exits. DEFLATION. Why? Deflation effects everyone. The CRIMINALS AT WAR can get the money to do their plan executions. Riots and social unrest come upon the criminals with their AXIS of EVIL economics of failed communism the worst organizational system for humanity ever connived. Tribes are better. Corrupt and bankrupt. DEFLATION is their tipping point in North Korea and in every nations. They can not fight there way out of the box. Deflation tips America as ROME and all American’s and Western Citizens are ROMAN – into the united most powerful military force the world has ever imagined. The ability of the NEW ROME to destroy the entire world and come out the other side has tipped against PUTIN and his new world order and has him on economic and humanity suicide paths. Why? Errors. Errors in policy. Failed policy.

There is only one policy – humanity – must cooperate and celebrate all diversity that is human and cease punishing it. We need a SINGLE WORLD financial structure that is fair for all nations to play within – as box top rules for how the world money pool works – Public firms report even 180 days not every three weeks – Trade rules are level and uniform – tariff’s are removed – dumping is precluded – legal systems are consistent and global – a super body regulates the world system – and all currency exchange respecting soverienity play by the rules. Debt in sovereign nations is reset with SUPER BONDS over 200 year time frames when population and industry can easily retire the new schedules and everyone has prosperity right this minute.

The New President faces a world embracing insanity as a thought form we call competition. Competition is pure evil and the only virus on the human software code. Cooperation IS the virus removal tool. If we have a SUPER MONEY ELITE box top rule setting up the future – we all will lose and billions will die in world wars now progressing and incredible speed. If you have not read DOD consultant Kevin Freeman’s GAME PLAN you lack the box top rules to know whats up and make your own game plan.

Nations are not making a game plan. They are reacting to chess moves with checker pieces. Setting us closer and closer to the bring. Failed policy failed plans.

The FED in the USA rolled out all the kings horses and all the kings men to secure statements in media – hey we are NOT IN A BUBBLE. When the children asked why the Fed said – because WE SAY SO now go to bed children and sleep well. That is actually a form of adult panic. There is no more to say. Trump and so many others running are RIGHT there IS the largest bubble in history and its all spelled out right here.

The FEDS and NATIONS are in PANIC. They can’t print money fast enough to manage Putins invasion of the EU. The Smart EU nations UK – Greece – others – will get what they can then pull out. None of them is paying the DEBT BILL. When Greece exercises their safety net deal with Russia picking up their DEBT Russia will have invaded the EU without firing a shot and secure the largest port base for its WORLD WAR III change the GULF entirely routine including wipe our Israel and it happens so fast. The UK staying in the EU is financial suicide. The UK leaving the EU makes the POUND the premier currency – advances UK jobs, trade and secures a century. They can secure superior trade deals outside the EU and they stop – STOP once and for all having to pay for 10’s of trillions in bad debts from 17 EU members who are utterly totally bankrupt. Folks you can’t spend 160 % of your GNP not in the EU not in Russia for 30 years – three decades so upside down only Debt saving you where cost of debt explodes and dries up utterly as it is in RUSSIA now – what follows is always – ALL WAYS – SUPER CRASH and WORLD DEPRESSION AND WAR. Why? Failed thinking. failed policy. Insanity of competitive thinking and competitive thought impulse on human consciousness – a pure insanity – a virus on human software above our necks. READ THE WAY OUT AND THE WAY UP entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION by ME. Your President has it. Quoted from it.

Folks – we are in the biggest bubble in the history of the world makes Rome look like a candy store. The bubble IS crashing upon the incoming President whoever that is. The team that President puts together is more important than any leader. TODAY we all need to VOTE based on who would put the most serious top tier fresh REAL MANAGERS on top of nation administration cabinet State and all agencies? Who will stop legal theft? Vote for that person. Who will institute Justice reform? Who will ROLL BACK FREEDOM and place TSA in baggage check in and move two air marshals on every flight – allowing grandma’s to stop being treated like convicts and move to the gate to see their little ones arrive in the beacon of freedom upon the earth. This has become not temporary but insane. We can be safe and we can be FREE.

Don’t get caught up in the SUPER MONEY SPIN. Super MONEY is spinning you so they can win the election for their own selfish interest to continue the LEGAL THEFT of your tax money. Find the best person to stop the LEGAL THEFT to ROLL BACK FREEDOM and to secure our prosperity and our safety with a GREAT VISION for the future of all of us.

A president who can define from the youngest and the oldest everyone upon the earth precisely what it means in the future ….TO “BE” AMERICAN. To restore our pride in our destiny as a people. Folks America should be in RENEWING “IDEA” – the IDEA that bites us all upon the ass and hangs on – an idea that is THE LIGHTHOUSE OF HOPE AND INSPIRATION to the entire world – as we once where and we no longer are. The LEADERSHIP OF SHAME needs to be replaced. Want a way in and a way back up.



Never not for 50 years – not once not ever – vote for any incumbent in office. As you rotate just rotate your best favorite NEW BRAINS into office you will break the pack hold the super money hold and you will get public servants for short terms and honorable service in office. Just that. Its the key for you all. Also they count on 13% of us voting. If you all massively registered and voted you would get your nation back. Show the world America is SWITCHED ON AND TURNED ON and vote.

If you think your vote does not matter….your so wrong.

If you think this is not a world war election…your so wrong.

If you think this is an election to block a world depression or cause one your so right.

This IS the MOST IMPORTANT election since the CIVIL WAR.

America my request as Chairman of the largest entrepreneur business institution in 140 nations and all 50 states in America – is – my fellow AMERICAN”s actively get your church your community your clubs engaged to VOTE no matter WHO THEY VOTE FOR all we need is ALL OF US ….US….WE THE PEOPLE to stand in line and show them. Let them see US.


Just do THAT.

I hope this helps you and I’m always keeping a light of truth on for my readers. Reading the financial tea leaves is the under belly of the beast and I have amazing glasses as retired Chairman of a Public Global investment banking firm that spanned the world for 22 years on Wall Street and running CEO SPACE for 30 years – to KNOW THOSE TEA LEAVES.

Vote for leadership that knows how to read the bottom of the cup.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE – May 15th join our Convention for business owners. Vegas.