What does FED PANIC look like? When you see Yellen bring back Bernake and Volker and even Paulson to say – “oh we are not in a bubble economy not really and here is why “. You KNOW you just KNOW we are IN A HUGE BUBBLE and they are in panic over SUPER CRASH as now they can’t save the banks. They can’t.

The Fed is a private stock firm under a contract from Congress in an 80 page act in the early 1900’s to print money charge us all interest and to bankrupt us as they regulate the banks that own the stock in the Fed in the first place. It is like the WOLVES guarding the chicken coup. How insane is that idea? We have argued that the way to reset all nations is to print money for free – to tie money to national GNP – no more interest – and to merge the FEDS world wide into the state treasury were the people have audits and oversight – and pay off their debt bomb inserting TIME as the missing math model – on 200 year bonds. All debt is paid now with payments to nation that drop by 80%. Nations in the red go into the black. EVERY NATION WINS. One idea and you save the world folks.

Add in a Global three year based in Hawaii with limited influence contamination under a fixed CHARTER of Box Top Rules for the G 100 nations – to complete the larges RETHINK of global fair trade no abuse – every nation cooperates and collaborates – no more competing – and speculation stealing our wealth and as legal theft bankrupting all nations – is made a crime as it was in 1999 – the last real economy – and RE REGULATE THE DIGITAL global market – back to the future with real investing – no side bets on which way something may go – none – or you go to jail. Once the 100 nation or majority sign on to this and all agree majority wins – the world new frame work gives all nations 500 years of prosperity.

Versus what?

Well the First Quarter is bleak. The US Economy appears to be IN RECESSION just like I said last year and this year – over and over in my blog – we are not heading into a recession – as Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur organization in the world – we see what is what in our membership. In our May 15th Conference in Vegas business owner CEO and professionals are coming in record number to learn how to PROSPER IN THE NEW MARKET REALITY facing us and build SAFE HARBOR around their customer base and income while THERE IS STILL TIME. Yesterdays thinking will drown you in the coming SUPER CRASH.

So profit are dropping like stones. The real unemployment in the USA is so much higher than they report to us. And you all know they are lying.

We need to vote for a new team that will not lie to us nor continue the way its always been. This is a once in a century chance to change things so vote.

Oil goes up while the glut is not fixed from temporary one off late winter inventory draw downs. The supply end with prices up will soar over demand. The WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL and prices above 25.00 a barrel – the new floor following SUPER CASH – or less – is the right profit making price – everything else like prices for cereal coffee – steel – everything to gas – is MANIPULATED with zero regulation – zero price gauging hearings by any law making body world wide – and speculators with the KING OF SAUDI and world leaders are talking about from ABE in Japan raping their currency – are MANIPULATING MONEY ITSELF in legal theft to nations and all of us.

UNLESS we re- regulate the world G 100 trade rules and make criminal again investing in side bets creating casino capitalism versus cooperative capitalism ( new box top rules of the game ) regulators can no longer regulate, and the system abuse will bankrupt us all in the worst depression human kind has ever known leading to all our world war. This is our pattern. Why? Because the one virus on human thought is COMPETITION a pure evil – a total thinking error itself – having no value and no good none – COOPERATION AND COLLABORATION is the rightful virus free thought form for immortal spirit beings to play together – any competition is pure evil like Nazis and Isis thought forms. Direct from the dark matter. Wake up.

If we fail to deal with the source problem and only deal with symptoms the great liar will deceive nations and blindly not seeing or hearing they will in false gospel destroy one another versus co create the future with one another. Cooperation . Cooperate or perish. We have reached the tipping point.

Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION my book on Amazon will give YOU the virus removal tool for your life partner and home space, our parent space, your work space, and all space. The TRUTH will set YOU Free if you chose the master the truth.

Forgive them their ignorances for they know not how much they are loved.

Folks we kill one another an spend endless on competitive military and war build up to endless suffer over punishing one another competitively over how we worship or vote – minor diversification’s. Evil punishes all diversity of God’s creation. Cooperation or awake virus free brains CELEBRATE all diversity and collaborate in harmony.

Imagine if we G 100 defense forced together, dropped budget by 80% – fed the world and built a system to protect our planet from the 100% extinction occurrence of an incoming strike which will FOR SURE wipe us all out – while virus infected brains kill each other over being Sheltie Whabbi or Sunni. Are you kidding me? Celebrate your diversity and lets build the future together – that is OF GOD and the other is of the dark side. Wake up. God is laughing when we celebrate diversity and cares less HOW we worship together. God is yawning while we kill one another over worship of the parent n any form. How stupid and in error is that software on brains. The source is COMPETITION as a thought form the solution is COOPERATION. Competition IS Satan. The real name is FIRST COMPETITION WITH GOD. Cooperation IS THE HOLY SPIRIT and pure unconditional love. If your idea of heaven is competition free and your idea of hell is competition in perfect misery and violence, why would we model earthly systems on one over the other. If heaven is unconditional cooperation and collaboration of souls why would we not use THOSE BOX TOP RULES DOWN HERE?

Can you see it.

Financial markets in competition have no future.

Competitive capitalism is dead dead dead and dying.

Competitive communism and socialism is already buried and those inside it ARE the walking Dead. They lie worse.

Cooperative Capitalism ( three years of the ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION in Hawaii ) present the box top rules to save the world. Cooperative capitalism is:

  1. Totally reportable
  2. Totally audited
  3. Totally transparent
  4. Ruled by integrity
  5. Has no secrets

This is the system we can hand to the unborn generation and preclude Super Crash and World War but if we fail to create the SOLUTION dynamically, as time is running out my forecasts all come through and will never fail. Economics is unforgiving for error and abuse.

Humanity must grow or they rot. To grow we must resolve three crises:

  1. The crises of removing competition as a thought form.
  2. The crises of INTEGRITY that competition fosters and maintains.
  3. The crises of LEADERSHIP that integrity lacking leaders in competition manifest.

The panama papers and all social elite players are bankrupt in integrity. Putin caught with his buddy broker ( a musician ) with billions tip of ice berg of his robbery of state funds globally placed – goes on press and says its all a US plot ( we call that in competition THE BIG LIE  ) and those who live in fear in competition believe these lies. In cooperation as you illuminate all truth and you illuminate all lies, you delete the liars. By revolution versus complacency.

If you understand the SOLUTION economics of the new world order presented within these commanding ideas, you will appreciate this may be the most important blog in history and in the world today. So share it widely with your lists.

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You are a GENERAL in the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. There is no side line here. As watch tower awake leaders for integrity and cooperation – you must LEAD. Others will follow. Lead a revolution and subscribe the awake by the millions to JOIN US.

Together we can change the world.

I’m all in for 30 years folks.

I’m all in.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Forbes ranked

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