Required film – the BIG SHORT – you appreciate this data so much more IF you have SEEN it – hope you rent it soon.

THE REAL CRASH by Peter D Schiff my hero economist – just out – GET YOUR COPIES NOW. You will see proof for everything I’ve been writing to you since 2013. Documented. Done.

His sub title – how to save yourself and your county pretty well sums it up. Fully revised and updated. I have my copy. You?

Now then: latest


  1. THE IMF and Germany are in public black mail. If Germany does not forgive enormous debt, now a good loan, and claim it as a write off and just blow billions in loans trusted to Greece as debt’s forgiven – and if Germany does not write off those 1,000’s of millions of dollars – its big money – the IMF will bow out of any further Greece support and the EU will go it alone. In fact the IMF may bow out anyway.
  2. The EU lacks the CASH to bail out Greece ultimately. Greece must exit the EU when the money stops.
  3. The UK must exit the EU to stop their money drain into the EU. They have zero benefits and zero economic downsize to exit. They have prosperity to exit and risk of utter depression to remain in the EU.
  4. The EU is going to break up. Utterly. Financial disintermediation will result until rebalancing takes place.
  5. Global SUPER CRASH and world war is likely. It is the ONLY pattern up until 2016.

We are calling for a global economic summit to debate and pass a G 100 economic constitution to provide a rule book to:


  1. Rules to govern world wide trade as a level playing field.
  2. Rules to criminalized security speculations
  3. Rules to regulated a digital trading market without borders

The biggest RETHINK of financial regulation is required, or,the patterns so familiar to economist an investment banker ( I”m both ) will in my opinion be repeated. Peter Schiff and THE REAL CRASH agrees as he reports on America and the worlds coming bankruptcy. See the BIG SHORT and then READ PETER’s book – then lets talk.

Berny Dohrmann –

Red Eye to Tampa following speaking on these topics at LAUGHLIN USA


PS: Peter’s research confirms the data you have been reading here FIRST always – on this blog – from 2013 to right now. Ahead is a mind set YOU Possess because you click back here often.