As you know the vote on whether you should remain in the EU or step out is coming up. CEO SPACE is the largest Entrepreneur Institution in the world. As Chairman Founder I also am a retired investment banker economist having run a large global publicly traded investment banking firm with offices in New York San Francisco and London. For decades. My Mother is British ( Roberts ).

I wish to go on record that we – encourage the vote to LEAVE THE EU. The reasons why are set forth below economically and without emotion in summary. We are confident this vote is in the best interest of the unborn generation your are on watch tower for in the UK today.

  1. The UK is actually the strongest nation in the EU.
  2. The EU is a failed economic structure by core design.
  3. The EU is on fire with no fire escapes.
  4. The Debt Bomb in the EU requires Germany and the UK primarily to pay the bad debt obligations of Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and others endlessly. Impossible anyway.
  5. There is no downside to leaving there is only prosperity and upside. For sure.

The EU is going to break up anyway as a failed economic model ill constructed from the start. The refugee issue has made the EU failure accelerated and there is no reversal possible. Germany with a new city of culture non adaptive’s passing 3 million in 2020 will lack resources already moving to recession – to support the coming Greece issues which will rise this year.

The IMF minutes show they are planning a Greece EXIT. Others will follow. The UK is well benefited financially to exit now – versus being dragged into the EU break up soon after the vote. There is no gain to stay there is pain in the extreme to stay and pay.

Stay and pay should be voted against.

The gain is to continue in the leadership role the world so requires, to advance the POUND as the optimal second strong currency to the US dollar for all the right reasons, and to expand the UK economic trade opportunities free of the yolk Brussels places upon EU members in a union of the many against the few that have any resources.

The UK can not fix the lack of fiscal discipline of real criminals, in office, all over the EU for decades, and pay off their horrific thefts in the forward years coming. The entire financial system of the world is shaken by DEFLATION and is unforgiving for error right now. Only the EU and the UK are making all the correct decisions with some occasional right choices from Germany. There is no reason to remain in the EU but there is every reason to exit when one places the unborn UK generation into the center of the VOTE.

Vote – EXIT for the UK and protect the unborn generation.