So the market, created the largest claw back rally since 1933 in one quarter. Why is that information significant? Well are you thinking about it at all? How could the financial information be so weak, and so bleak globally, and the market makes this stellar recovery? Do you think the market is real people making real bets on long term wealth building, or do you think the market is rigged, speculative betting runs the market, and the upward move is a software construction an utter sham….like I believe.

Do you believe that the Fed Bubbles are enriching the Fed, depleting nations utterly and completely, and robbing generations of their futures? Like I believe?

Did you read my blogs since last summer about DEBT BOMBS OF MASS DESTRUCTION and how Debt would destroy the EU, Asia, and the world? This is not debt. This is three decades of NON PERFORMING BAD LOANS that will never be repaid, residing with investment banking firms and banks, all reporting these bad loans as solid performing assets, which we feel is a crime but no one else seems to agree.

Did you read that yesterday a enormous investment bank, defaulted on a 1.4 billion dollar bond payment? Did this send a shiver down your Chinese SPINE? Did you consider that this Chinese default signals insolvency?  And like Lehman  WILL ripple through the entire world order? Don’t agree?

Debt Bomb Defaults are going to ripple through Asia, India, Developing nations, the EU and USA.

Did you read that 73% of the USA counties have NOT RECOVERED FROM THE CRASH – they are not ok – they are not booming. THEY ARE NOT IN RECOVERY. Do you get then the reports your reading about are shallow – incomplete – and hey – lies. When you vote consider who will stop the lying. I say non of the above !

So in the USA how many cities and counties are about to go bankrupt? What is the ripple effect ? Their income is not rising. Their costs are. 43% of American’s can afford the median price of a home – and 57% can not and must rent. The massive % of new jobs are at minimum wage. The movement from 7.50 cents an hour Federal minimum wage to $ 15.00 ( a 100% labor cost increase in one quarter ) will force record numbers of small businesses out of business. Or prices will rise. But no one can afford the higher prices so it all becomes relative. If Hamburgers cost 10.00 to make 15 an hour, and everything else goes the same way, there is no real rise. Housing must crash if the average home owner CAN NOT AFFORD THE COST OF MORTGAGES.

In a deflation market this picks up steam.

In all mature economies after firing every bullet Central Banks ( Feds ) have – trillions in spending – untold trillions globally, what we have from the free money – is 100 Trillion of bad, non performing debt. As this is recognized either by discovery, defaults, and contagion, the financial system explodes under the DEBT BOMB. Unlike the 2008 crash this will be a ground zero hydrogen bomb event – nothing left standing.

What will nations do?

  1. Banks will close.
  2. Marshall law is declared.
  3. Riots are everywhere.
  4. People starve.
  5. Unemployment goes to 50%.
  6. Governments issue new money – sometimes over and and over – until trust is restored.
  7. One nation at a time restores stability – it takes 30 years. A generation is LOST as in the GREAT DEPRESSION.

Those are global – hard times. As the miscarry is not and is never equal – the worst effected nations – Asia – will move to print money for military and war as an employment reset. An economy reset tool. Reducing population is ok for them. The entire world will get sucked into it in yet another world war we could have afforded.

Why does this happen?

Because the SYSTEMS ARE FLAWED and DO NOT WORK economically.

  1. Competitive Capitalism is evil and creates elite classes
  2. Communism is evil and creates elite classes

What we all NEED ( as in all of us ) is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM as a new economic system model that works. That is transparent and self correcting and avoids abuse the others can’t fail to accelerate. To install integrity the others have none of. Its not hard it is just new. My Book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is a blue print for the economic COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Without a revolution of THOUGHT we will be stuck in the insanity of old obsolete economic systems that breed predictable system abuse to collapse. Never varies. Never fails.

The system leaders know how FLAWED the SYSTEM IS. But they musical chair dance to protect their fantasy islands inside that system. Why? They know the problems. They do not possess the solutions. The original economic theory contained in the work REDEMPTION is new fresh IP for an economic revolution. Until we get THERE the future is bleak …

My question if you read this blog for any back issues…is….do you believe in your gut that you make money by buying low and selling high and THAT never ever varies? Do you also agree it is harder to do that buy low and sell high when a market is rigged? Do you finally agree that you don’t buy in at all time record highs generally?

If you are in the market – may I ask the one question. WHY?

Berny Dohrmann

April Fools – are buying in today.


PS: I’ve been out of the market 100% from my first summer blog last year – to do that step – I did it before I told you. I”m not going back in until the SUPER CRASH and all its ripple waves have hit the shore lines. Thats me though. If your giddy over the claw back rally on rigged ridiculous math modeling – then you’ve got that pipe which is more potent than crack ever was.