Last week and again this week the IMF has waved its large finger at China. This wagging finger did not suggest – I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH “THAT” WOMAN like the Clinton finger to a billion peeps. Nope. It was a strong finger though.

It stated that the CHINA DEBT PROBLEM reported for 9 months on this blog site – just like we reported SUB PRIME and the Bank Melt Down before anyone was wise up to it – in clear financial speak said:

  1. The debt strategy of China is NOT working.
  2. Piling on more and more debt will become a risk to the entire world system and order.
  3. That time is NOW.
  4. A massive new strategy must be created
  5. China’s policies are FAILING and have failed.

The IMF must have the same data I am looking at. The issue is counter party agreements, just as it was in Lehman and Bear Sterns. The issue is that when these giants go down – then the ripple waves bankrupt everyone. Only through funny money – printing enormous FREE MONEY and via funny accounting – ALLOWING BOOKS TO BE BOOKED WHERE YOU AND I WOULD GO TO PRISON FOR BOOKS LIKE THAT – THE LEGAL THIEVES HAVE “EXEMPTIONS” so they get to lie on their books and we do not get to lie on ours.

So in summary – China has 100 Trillion of Non Performing debt. The EU must have a 1.7 growth rate for FIVE YEARS with no financial blip or Spain, Italy, Portugal – well 14 of those at 167% of GNP borrowing for 30 years – are BANKRUPT. They are paying out too much in pensions and social services and there is NO MONEY to make those payments as in NONE. The bad debts that are piling up on these national banks is beyond any current plan to repay it. We have put for the ONE and the ONLY fresh ECONOMIC Idea that will work – as in WILL WORK – on this blog – but hey – no one listens in politics. Inspired leadership and real courage would be required to DO ANYTHING. Nothing happens until YOU DO SOMETHING.

So, the Debt is just soaring. China has added 9 Trillion this year and is skyrocketing up as we read these words. Think of TARP at 800 Billion. China makes Tarp a cake walk and thats just months of the NEW YEAR their machine can’t absorb this. They have around 2 trillion if that left in foreign reserves – their currency is worthless really- their trade account is dying because there is a RUN ON CHINA.

The RUN ON CHINA is all sectors all at once. Manufacturing is moving FOREVER to other areas in India and never not ever coming back. The demand for what they used to export is falling dramatically from IPHONES to hair combs – its OVER CHINA. No one trusts you. No one can rely on your quality. No one can do “Easy PROFITABLE Business” in China and China you do not respect your own customers or even begin to KNOW how to KEEP them with world class service.

Money is running out of investment and markets by trillions not billions and it is NOT COMING BACK anytime soon. So how does CHINA react? They massively print money to prop up their dying currency ( I Pity anyone holding China stocks or currency or real estate ).

The bubble in China is not going to come down easy. The crash is going to be so dramatic so hard that it will shake the foundations of the world system. Who says – THE IMF says last week and this week. So you are not paying attention to these tea leaves. Ok thats on YOU.

What should you do?

All spelled out here and no where else. Invest in your own business – invest in small business – invest in DIVERSIFIED INSURANCE investing the ONLY SAFE HARBOR in our opinion and invest to attend CEO SPACE May 17th so that you KNOW WHAT TO DO – register on line. Its a life insurance for your own LIFESTYLE. Use a tax dollar and protect EVERYTHING is what I would DO …but thats my opinion.

You keep yours though – keep yours.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you




  1. Unemployment. Global Unemployment is near depression levels. Major Firms in the USA are laying off by the tens of thousands – Sears closing stores – Wal Mart Closing Stores – Intel Downsizing – everyone from Catapiller to Bob Evans – downsizing – and they are telling us employment is SOARING to all time record high’s. The manipulate the statistics so that the truth is now opaque. Do your own math. The unemployment numbers in the EU and in all nations are BIG LIES. It is so much worse than they report to the public.
  2. Oil. The earth is farting oil and gas. There is so much it is absence. So when there is more supply by 1,000,000 barrels A DAY than any demand – actually more than that like 1.5 million barrels A DAY – and they can’t even store it anymore – why is the price going UP? Due to price manipulations. In a rigged casino capitalism market space. Will oil crash ? You bet. is it possible to artificially keep prices high when demand is racing away from supply? No way. Is oil rebalancing and permeant reporting the long term reality. YES. Is a higher price long term justified because oil is scarce and limited. NO. Oil is plentiful and renewable. The earth FARTS OIL AND GAS daily. We can never use it up and the high price was a market manipulation – a tax that was absence on the rest of the world by a handful of greedy suppliers who now – are bankrupt from the market place only they are walking dead and have not fallen over yet. WATCH what happens to free market economy abusers – just watch. You’ll see as time corrects all booms.
  3. Currency – the currency wars are full on. Japan goes to zero interests and devalues its currency in the market and the Yen goes UP and soars? I don’t think so. Market manipulation is evil and alive and well. Nations competing just let it happen as everyone is out for their own currency in currency wars. Japan’s pay back to China will bankrupt China and the world – as counter party debt bombs of over 100 trillion in BAD NON PAYING LOANS will trigger ETF collapse and utter shutter to liquidity globally – or SUPER CRASH – all due to currency wars taking place at a nation near you today folks. Or are you not getting what is really going on out there?
  4. Deflation – all the kings men and all the Central Banks can not put humpty dumpty ( the old world order ) back together again. Speculation and legal theft are soaring. CYBER theft is soaring. The Bad Debt Bomb has reached its outside utter limit and will not implode economics. All asset classes are in death spiral of deflation and downward valuation and all the trillions invested to create inflation have failed since 1988 – for with years – and today the DEATH SPIRAL of DEFLATION is sinking every possible asset class. The bond market remains the only bright spot really. The rest – over time – are simply toast. Stay in those asset classes and you’ll see how right I have been all along – I”ll keep a light on just for you – a candle – your going to need to pray.
  5. Super Crash is what comes to end the mother of all bubbles. China. The China Real Estate – leverage – lending – investing – equity – bond – and related markets are SUPER BUBBLES that resolve inside SUPER CRASH that comes without warning. Instant insane collapse of value due to total loss of confidence. THAT DAY OF SUPER CRASH is getting closer and closer. You’ll see I”m right this – it is too late to save it now. Too late folks – far far too late. 100 Trillion dollars of bad debt to late…and ten years of failed policy by leadership.

So your thinking – buy at the all time historic high – and it will forever go higher? I say – buy low ( which is not now ) and sell HIGH ( which is now ). So SELL.

Thats what I say.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you from the Big Lies and insanity out there.




I want you to think of China as a Super Sized Lehman Brothers. I want you to appreciate that the world banks – are invested in syndicates in China debt. I want you to appreciate the few word our leaders never fully appreciated economically – COUNTER PARTY AGREEMENTS – or participations in DEBT that can sink the world system.

The BIG LIE is important than the BIG SHORT. The BIG LIE is that the banks are bankrupt – and they are reporting bad unpaying debt that will never not ever be repaid – as good loans on their books. When these LOANS are written down to fair market accounting all banks are broke now. However when CHINA COUNTER PARTY AGREEMENTS ARE ADDED IN the recession word goes out the window and the DEPRESSION word flies in. It is historic. It is inevitable. It never varies. When you spend more than you make you go broke.

How hard is this to understand. When a man and woman spend more than they make long enough they go broke. When a nation spends more than they make long enough they go broke – bankrupt. Depressions follow.

Now then back to CHINA the HUGE LARGEST NATIONAL DOMINOE that when it falls knocks all the other dominoes DOWN.

Lets take a look at the arithmetic as President Bill Clinton asks us to always do. Its just arithmetic he says – so lets do the math together.

China in THE FIRST quarter of this year beat all nations globally and rose its DEBT to stimulate its sinking economy – to 237% of its GNP. This means it is borrowing two and half times it GNP. Keep in MIND how MUCH SMALLER China is in its economy to the EU or to say the USA.

Now consider its total debts are now passing 25 TRILLION DOLLARS. This is not possible to sustain folks. It is not.

Further the speed of the debt raise – to stimulate a death spiral in their communist failed economic model because communism is a FAILED ECONOMIC “SYSTEM” and it always destroys its people in a ¬†betrayed trust regardless how well intended at the start – always – the system economically fails. If the debt rise is like a shuttle launch to orbit – fast and unrelenting – the swiftness and utter SUPER CRASH to follow is WORSE far WORSE as you use debt to kick the SUPER CRASH down the road. Now NOTHING not ANYTHING can stop the Super Crash and the China debt machine is on full red alert warp drive with no stop button. None.

Debt was bad at only 147% of GNP in 2007 but now at 237% of GNP a few years later – I mean economists – REALLY. I mean come on REALLY? China added 25 TRILLION in New Debt fastest pace level yet in just the first quarter in full PANIC CITY as they faced a SUPER CRASH in January – and used massive 25 trillion debt – think of TARP at 800 Billion and now think of CHINA as one quarter at 25 TRILLION DOLLARS US in their tiny economy many times less than the USA. You getting IT now?

100% of nations who have ramped up this debt speed – without exception have experienced a SUPER CRASH or a Japanese multi decade stagnation and no growth whatsoever. Either case ripples across the world with chilling SUPER CRASH TSUNAMI on world markets.

Meanwhile speculators fiddle while Rome ( the actual system ) burns. To the ground.

We’ll keep a light on for you. CEO SPACE May 15th in August gives you a circle of wagons with COOPERATIVE CEO COMMUNITY that will help you THE ENTREPRENEURS to prosper in any market. Salaried employees – not so much.


How hard is this?

Berny Dohrmann – reading your tea leaves for you

PS: Financial Stocks will crash the market this week – watch…..




In financial speak, old George ( how long can he remain with us he looks like a mummy ) suggested – as he does – that China is FUCKED. You have to read the financial speak but that is what he said today. He suggested that:

  1. They are in a 2008 Bubble in Real Estate and Debt.
  2. That it is all unsustainable.
  3. That the EU is in its final desperate hour – which is why its debt machine is on full print.
  4. He suggested these totally desperate Debt Moves – almost 1 trillion in China first quarter
  5. Made it WORSE BY EXTENDING the Super Crash and that it would be bigger.

So the Billionaire everyone just LOVES to absolutely HATE has noted that being right all the time is a curse, and that he is right about the SUPER CRASH coming and it will commence with China and crush he EU utterly.

So have a nice day.

Berny Dohrmann ( CEO SPACE MAY 15th Anyone – I would for Safe Harbor )


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My personal economics, is NOT effected by what competition national economics at the systemic economic level create. I will prosper up to the moment of SUPER CRASH and I will not only prosper following SUPER CRASH ( the Super Crash “I” Predicted correctly ) but I will lead untold thousands of Entrepreneur CEO’s to prosper up to the moment of SUPER CRASH and then to prosper following SUPER CRASH.

For you see our PERSONAL ECONOMY makes money around the systemic economic environment. Entrepreneurs prosper in ANY climate or environment. We get rich in depressions. We get right in good times. WE GET RICH ALL THE TIMES.

I’ve said – the safe haven is not gold. The Safe Haven is own your own business. Invest in your own business. Invest in business that will prosper following a SUPER CRASH. THAT is better than gold silver or anything. Invest in coin – silver not gold and invest in food and water of course – but really I think you’ll have deliveries of food in any market in most nations.

So don’t WORRY ABOUT THE SYSTEM economic issues just always KNOW ABOUT THEM. Why? So you an react faster than those who don’t. So your not surprised. So your ready and prepared to take new actions. So you understand. So you have more information than the others. So you appreciate it was all avoidable and it was all stupid stupid stupid. Greed driven.

Vote. Vote different so you have a chance for REAL CHANGE. That is your vote model. As a business owner. Really get past media spin and hype and think through WHO WILL CREATE THE BEST TEAM – who is KNOWN FOR CREATING SUPER TEAMS – and WHO will create real change ? Vote that way because your informed. You have the information.

Celebrate your business as an Entrepreneur. That is SAFE HAVEN. Use all five CEO SPACE events every 12 months as you GROW YOUR COOPERATIVE TRADING COMMUNITY that is another safe haven. Get and stay current – another safe haven CEO SPACE provides. Invest in staying ahead – CEO SPACE assures you are leading and ahead and you stay there. Make that step important. When SUPER CRASH hits your COOPERATIVE CIRCLES that CEO SPACE builds and expands every 60 days is your LIFESTYLE LIFE INSURANCE. Your best SAFE HAVEN. Invest the time and money to be that much safer than the others. Your ahead already. WAY AHEAD.

How is your PERSONAL ECONOMY? It has zero effect from the systemic economy so STOP WORRYING. “YOU” can not change one policy of the SYSTEMIC ECONOMY . You can ‘t get Congress to merge the failed Fed ( the Super Crash CREATOR is the Fed ) into the US TREASURY and stop all the legal theft. YOU can make your personal economy prosper more.

Celebrate your personal economy, mine is booming, and I hope yours is as well.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE