If you read THE SECRET WEAPON by Kevin Freeman ( faculty at CEO SPACE ) you will discover the financial crash was a financial Pearl Harbor. The first major DIGITAL WEAPON fired at the West. And frankly our enemies made a trillion dollars on our being unprepared. It took two years to stop them.

Today the DIGITAL WARS are on going. In MY BOOK entitled REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION I documented Competitive Capitalistic history, that defines the system always defaults into:


  1. 99% own more wealth than 1%  or consolidation which is not economically sustainable
  2. Melt Down due to the instability – moving to distrust and negotiation in trade markets
  3. Trade war – that uses Digital weapons today and currency devaluations
  4. Super Crash ( which is coming ) due to 100 Trillion in Bad Debts in the system
  5. World War to rebalance the system as CENTRAL BANKS are a failed model period

Japan started the Trade War and is now joined by nations all over the globe including China. Currency devaluation is often called other things. In Japan its called NEGATIVE INTEREST RATES but in effect the currency of Japan is steadily dropping in value. Making Japan goods cheaper and everyone else goods more costly.

Our Fed thinking they live in an alternative Universe moved away from free money which made the dollar rise and oil prices ( paid in dollars ) sink backwards. In real terms Oil didn’t fall so far because the dollar rose so much. Now the Fed Cowards engage in the currency war and fail to raise rates from almost free money – so that a pause letting this impossibly low cost debt continues to drive nothing.

IF the world is drowning in 100 trillion dollars of bad debt you don’t pile on more debt.

This is third grade stuff folks. President Clinton suggested – do the math.

It does not add up.

So the world is now in the final TRADE WAR PHASE. With only slightly higher than free money February housing in existing home sales plunged to a staggering low level. Positioning very serious head winds for the USA economy as it steps backward toward the recession we reported in inevitable – due to central bank failed policy – we argue the FED should be merged into TREASURY as soon as possible.

Economically we are screwed.

We are joining the world in a lock step toward SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR. Now that will defeat terror as we will kill them all – all of them.

How many will die? Oh 3 billion I should think in this one. Then we will rebuilt by polluting the world and debt riding into the future having learned nothing.

Human economics. We seem to be incapable of doing things differently.

Its odd really. When so much is at stake. The only place I would wish to be to get through all this is a self owned business as an Entrepreneur ideally a member of CEO SPACE your safe harbor for whats coming.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE