So the market hits a year to date record high. Don’t you buy low and SELL high? Or Did I miss the memo? So the EU is about to break up. There is no way to have Germany with France out to recession and the UK close behind pay off 14 countries debts totaling over  100 trillion as their DEBT BOMB. Just in the EU as there is another debt bomb of non performing bad loans that large in Asia.

China is in free fall deflation – riots – 50 million about to loose employment in 24 months not  the 10 million as they suggest – and they are already rioting with army troops coming in and arresting and jailing out of work protestors. One way to gain employment is prison work camps when your starving. The state in utter panic and facing runs on every bank, trillions of deposits POOF trillions in corporate funds POOF trillions in investor runs out of nation POOF and no relief in sight – with cities vacant and a real estate bubble bomb about to go off and 100 trillion in bad non performing State Run Organizations SRO’s about to bankrupt in mass – well folks China is simply toast not about to rebound.  The 2.7 trillion in currency reserves are going down 100 Billion a month to cover the run and prop up their phony baloney worthless currency. That reserve is spit in the wind agains the 100 TRILLION of bad loans their state owned organizations tally up to and thats not counting the private bad debt and bank bad non performing corporate pension and related short falls. There is no math to recovery china. Every larger % of clients are moving to other nations and out of China forever. China is done folks. It had its day in the sun. The SUN ALSO SETS and it has set on China and Japan. Read the tea leaves. Their constant megaphone WE WILL NEVER HAVE A HARD LANDING to their  economy ( recent press over and over ) means – the communist lost control and no one believes them and they are about to have an enormous hard landing as communist nations always do when they implode. Communism is a failed economic system folks. IT DOES NOT WORK. Th CHINA HARD LANDING IS COMING and remember we told you. Whats sad is with correctie policy even now it could be avoided but they chose the only WRONG PATH down the rabbit hole economically. No way back up folks. Not now.

Asia stocks are up. Fools rally? We keep telling you watch out for the SUCKERS RALLY because your in one.

Stocks are not cheap.

Stocks are not bargains.

Today we have a FREE MONEY EFFECT from the FED still offering FREE MONEY and unable risk taking the world off FREE MONEY while the insane the big guys that brought you structured asset hell, now  borrow for zero cost  and then leverage at 50 to one  off shore in the cloud – and speculate on pricing in the side bet markets for enormous profits – which will soon wipe out all the banks. Do the math folks. When this riskiness risk market of ETF structured asset implodes the banks and central banks fail folks – as they have in 1907 and 1920’s – from the same precise behavior – debt bombs – set in speculation versus real market investing. CASINO CAPITALISM kills free markets and creates SUPER CRASH and world war. Its historic folks. Why? Because law makers are insane and bow to greed. THAT IS WHY.

Free money was insane.

Failure to return the market to a real economy is insane.

The Central Banks are insane and panicked. NO ONE TRUSTS THEM ANYMORE and for solid reasons.

Central Banks are failed models and must be merged into national treasuries. Until we do that the system is at total risk of implosion. It is historic. Kids on national news who know nothing about economics or market source dynamics are idiots reporting data that is distortional. Watching it is a circus of greed and those investment bankers and economist who know better have long been out of the market in all forms. WE SEE THE HANDWRITING ON THE WALL that the idiots say is invisible ink and not on the wall at all. Who you going to believe? Who you going to trust? It must be right – its on national news. Right? ( There you GO AGAIN ) .

So our money bet is on SUPER CRASH due to contagion from DEBT BOMBS exploding in Asia first and rippling across the world to tear the EU into shreds. It will take a total time of a week. 72 hours for the SUPER CRASH to be irreversible. The result will be global depression not recession and then world war. How long can bandied economics hold the world order to together given the pressures to destroy the system going on in World War III which is financial and digital? How long can ONE TRILLION EACH YEAR IN DIGITAL THEFT continue where the world holds together? How long can price manipulation continue before the world economies are unable to absorb the cost any longer and deflation moderates it all back to real market price levels?

The greed machine is a merry go round no one wishes to depart from until the music stops. How long will it be to till the music stops. Its soon folks not long at all looking back. Consider the blog prophecy for those with eyes to read and ears to hear.

Just same oh same oh financial history – nothing new – other than we never not ever learn from the past and change the future to protect the unborn. Which is kind of insane.

As we watch everyone say we HAVE TURNED SOME FINANCIAL CORNER as over 100 trillion in bad debt has not worked through the system – we just report…my God the market is up again everything is all right……isn’t it?


Berny Dohrmann – We’ll keep a light on for ya……