This blog space is for CEO’s who want to read the financial truth in news. The truth behind the news you are reading. With stats and data to back it all up.

This blog is my opinion. As a retired investment banker economist who ran a Wall Street Public global securities firm for years and for 30 years have run the world largest small business institution CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL my opinions matter to my regular readers and I always apologize to my tribe of investment professionals and economist who hold opposing views. I respect your views always. Mine are just my own shared in public. One of my most famous film sound bytes on my wife September…HONEY DO YOU REALLY THINK ANY ONE REALLY CARES WHAT I THINK OUT THERE I MEAN REALLY? I’m always laughing at myself and I hope you can as well. If I provide some perspective that is meaningful to you – I always am grateful to my readers for sharing and passing my site along. I do my best as a researcher to give out data as I see it. You can read the news with new eyes as you do – this Blog helps you read – between the lines of todays breaking financial news. In the end folks its all FINANCIAL

This blog began providing response to my newsletter in blog form – from our members in 140 countries all CEO’s who own their enterprise globally. As time passed Government Hedge Funds Wallstreet firms Journalist and institutional markets began subscribing and checking in.

Our goal is to profit owners of business to prosper in any and every market and to have more information to PLAN AHEAD. The future is coming in Super Change markets if we like it or not. Thinking outside the box with better information keeps business OWNERS safer. Safer in investing planning and making future choices.

We do not provide investment advice but opinions we do provide always suggest you bounce our ideas off your licensed professionals and always follow their advice not ours. Use our information as a backdrop for your planning.

Comments here are all answered by ME personally.

My goal is to create a SPACE of the best truth from my own global resources and research with is never ending. As a best selling author my objective is to tell the financial TRUTH in a market that offers shallow information far from it.

Better informed CEO’s make better business in any market.

Berny Dohrmann Blogging for you and your circles